SPOTTED: Entenmann’s Little Bites Girl Scouts Toast-Yay! Muffins

Entenmann’s Little Bites Girl Scouts Toast-Yay! Muffins.

Apparently, I’ve been living under a rock because I didn’t know about Girl Scout Toast-Yay! Cookies until I saw this product. (Spotted by David P at Walmart.)

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2 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Entenmann’s Little Bites Girl Scouts Toast-Yay! Muffins”

  1. That’s because there are two different companies that supply Girl Scout cookies, depending on region! The Toast Yays are unique to ABC bakery. The other provider is Little Brownie Bakers. Some cookies are almost identical between them, like Trefoils. Some are basically the same with different names, like Samoas vs Caramel Delights. And then there are some other completely unique or very different.

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