SPOTTED: Dr Pepper Creamy Coconut

Dr Pepper Creamy Coconut.

It’s also available in bottles and there’s a Zero Sugar version. Happy Sippin’ Summer! (Spotted by Matthew A at Food Lion.)

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5 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Dr Pepper Creamy Coconut”

    1. I still can’t find that stuff. Someone said it wasn’t in the usual fridge section where the rest of them are, but on some end-tab. Walmart for me doesn’t have it, nor is it listed on their site.

      1. Yes, it’s shelf-stable not refrigerated. I found mine at Kroger on a super random end cap nearish to the coffee aisle, if that helps.

  1. I found it at Target on the coffee aisle if that’s any help. I also found it at one Kroger in my area that was on a display with the sodas. I didn’t realize it’d be that big of a deal but it is in my area (north Alabama).

  2. I love coconut but this was ok. The mix was not my favorite which is ok because I have strayed away from carbonated drinks, especially sugar ones. I had the sugar free one but still not my thing.

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