SPOTTED: Mott’s Soft Baked Bars

Mott's Banana Streusel Soft Baked Bars.

Mott's Apple Strudel Soft Bake Bars.

Mott's Very Soft Baked Bars.

Of course, Mott’s Soft Baked Bars are made with applesauce. I would be surprised if they weren’t. (Spotted by Robbie at Walmart.)

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3 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Mott’s Soft Baked Bars”

  1. I bought Mott’s apple streusel bars. They aren’t very good. If you’ve tried Nature Valley’s soft baked muffin bars, they’re basically the same as Nature Valley except without a coarse sugar topping. I didn’t even realize there was a streusel topping until I saw your post, the lack of flavor is that muted. Mott’s bars are rather dry & unappetizing. I’ve been crumbling up the Mott’s bars as a yogurt topping, just for the sake of not wasting food. I won’t buy another box. I can’t even imagine toddlers enjoying this product.

  2. Stats for curious: 1 bar / 110 cal / 5g fat / 17g carb / 3g fiber / 5g added sugar / 130mg sodium / 1g protein / 0.4mg Iron. No calcium, Vit D or potassium.

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