SPOTTED: Jello Delicious Churro and Tasty Mango Pudding Snacks

Jell-O Delicious Churro Pudding Snack.

Jell-O Tasty Mango Pudding Snack.

Zero sugar so these won’t be delicioso or sabroso to everyone. (Spotted by Amanda Y at Kroger.)

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5 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Jello Delicious Churro and Tasty Mango Pudding Snacks”

    1. I know, right?! I was SO disappointed when I say that these were sugar free! Mango pudding sounds awesome!

  1. You got that right Marvo. Hard pass! I hate it when a flavor I really want to try comes out and it’s only available in zero sugar. But I’m sure the zero sugar folks feel the same way when a flavor comes out only in full sugar lol. It just seems like more of the exotic or unique flavors only come out in zero sugar.

    1. I’m curious who really *needs* to be zero sugar though. Even if you’re diabetic, you’re allowed to have sugar; you just have to count your carbs and watch your blood sugar. The no sugar trend lately is so frustrating. Sugar isn’t harmful to you or as addictive as cocaine, which is a claim based on a study done on rats that can’t be proven as causation.

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