ANNOUNCEMENT: Meet Our First Canadian Reviewer, Michael

Hi, my name is Michael, and I’m a junk-food-oholic.

Sorry, isn’t this the Junk Food Anonymous meeting? No? It’s the exact opposite of that? Well, okay, that’ll work too.

I hail from the frigid tundra known as Canada; our junk/fast food selection is largely the same as in the States, with the occasional difference. I think the most hilarious example of this is when Domino’s had their very high-profile campaign of changing their recipe and admitting that their pizzas used to be terrible. The only hitch: they never bothered to bring the new recipe here. So they were basically telling Canadians, “Hey, you know our pizzas? They’re garbage. Enjoy!”

But I digress. I’m a junk food obsessive who will eat anything served at a fast food joint or contained within a wrapper, sometimes (okay, frequently) to my own detriment. I write about my gastronomic adventures (and misadventures) at my own blogs: Tasty Burgers, Michael Eats, and the now-defunct Candyrageous. I also occasionally write for Serious Eats.

Why do I spend so much time writing about food? Mostly, I do it so I can unironically use the word “mouthfeel.”