ANNOUNCEMENT: Meet Our First Canadian Reviewer, Michael

Hi, my name is Michael, and I’m a junk-food-oholic.

Sorry, isn’t this the Junk Food Anonymous meeting? No? It’s the exact opposite of that? Well, okay, that’ll work too.

I hail from the frigid tundra known as Canada; our junk/fast food selection is largely the same as in the States, with the occasional difference. I think the most hilarious example of this is when Domino’s had their very high-profile campaign of changing their recipe and admitting that their pizzas used to be terrible. The only hitch: they never bothered to bring the new recipe here. So they were basically telling Canadians, “Hey, you know our pizzas? They’re garbage. Enjoy!”

But I digress. I’m a junk food obsessive who will eat anything served at a fast food joint or contained within a wrapper, sometimes (okay, frequently) to my own detriment. I write about my gastronomic adventures (and misadventures) at my own blogs: Tasty Burgers, Michael Eats, and the now-defunct Candyrageous. I also occasionally write for Serious Eats.

Why do I spend so much time writing about food? Mostly, I do it so I can unironically use the word “mouthfeel.”

9 thoughts to “ANNOUNCEMENT: Meet Our First Canadian Reviewer, Michael”

  1. Howdy Michael. Should you ever want any hard to find USA product, I will gladly send you it in exchange for obscene amounts of French Toast Crunch!

    1. Adam, I know its not the same, but Waffle Crisp has the maple syrup flavor of French Toast Crunch. Maybe mix it with Cinnamon Toast Crunch?

  2. Where in Canada are you from Michael. I’m a Canadian living in the US and totally stoked that from your reviews I’ll have a good source for Canadian products to put on my “to try when back home” list!

      1. I lived in Kitchener way back in the day and Winterpeg too. I’m all a-boot you and your Canuk finds!

  3. Michael, as a Michigander I am definitely looking forward to your reviews. (It’s not Canada, but it’s close. We have Tim Horton’s here, but no readily-available poutine.)

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