REVIEW: Coke With Lime

Coke With Lime

(Editor’s Note: Today’s review subject was suggested by another resident on this rock in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, Lakitu. At first, I wasn’t going to review it, because Lakitu actually likes sparkling water. This made me think she was crazy…or has no taste buds. But she likes to lick sparkling water off of hot bodies, so I figured she couldn’t be so bad. So here’s the review. Enjoy.)

Hey! Hey! You two stop it!

Don’t make me pull over, because if I do, you two will regret it.

Why can’t you two just get along, Coke and Pepsi?

Coke, stop messing with Pepsi’s cap! I said stop!

If you two can’t play nice, I’m going to make the two of you walk home.

What did you say, Coke? Don’t you fizz at me!

I said cool it!

I swear you two are going to drive me insane. See all the white hair and the fillings? I got them from you two.

You just wait until we get home. I’m going to put one of you in the vegetable drawer and one of you in the freezer for a timeout session.

No, Pepsi, I don’t care if you explode in the freezer, I can always get another one of you.

Oh, come on! Quit it or else I’m going to cancel our trip to Disneyland!

This cola fight has to stop. Can’t the both of you be happy with being multibillion dollar companies? It’s not like either of you are RC Cola.

You may not realize this, but the only people you’re hurting are your consumers.

Coke, I didn’t hear you apologize for New Coke. All you did was slowly sweep New Coke under the rug, bring back the old Coke, and call it Classic Coke. You didn’t think I saw that, but I did.

Oh, don’t laugh Pepsi, you’re guilty, too. Remember Pepsi AM? Don’t act like you don’t remember, because I know you do.

Now what’s this I hear about Coke with Lime. Now Coke, you just can’t keep sticking stuff in you. You did lemons, cherries, and vanilla. What’s next? Chocolate? Strawberries? Pomegranate? You’re gonna get sick, and if you get sick, you’re going to make other people sick.

Remember the time you stuck Pop Rocks in you? What happened? You threw up. And who had to clean that mess? I did.

But I did try Coke with Lime and thought it wasn’t bad. The lime taste was really weak, unlike the vanilla taste in Vanilla Coke and the cherry taste in Cherry Coke. Also, I think the lime took out some of the bite that you usually have, Coke. I have to say I’m very disappointed in you.

See this is what happens when you don’t think before you act.

The same goes for you, Pepsi. You can’t play mad scientist, like Coke. I know what you’re up to, Mister. I’m sure you’re working on your own version of Coke with Lime in your room and you’re probably going to call it Pepsi Splash, Pepsi Squirt, or Pepsi Squeeze.

Just to let you know, nobody likes a copycat.

Also, I found the issues of Playboy under your mattress. You know, every time you masturbate, God kills a kitten.

But that’s besides the point. See you two made me lose focus.

All you two do is go back and forth.

Diet Coke. Diet Pepsi. Vanilla Coke. Pepsi Vanilla. Cherry Coke. Wild Cherry Pepsi. Coke with Lemon. Pepsi Twist. C2. Pepsi Edge. Pepsi One. Coke Zero.

Enough is enough.

Eventually you two are going to take it too far and someone’s really going to get hurt.

When will it all end?

Coke Infinity? Then Pepsi Infinity Plus One?

Look, I love you both, but if this keeps going on, I’m going to send one of you back.

Item: Coke With Lime
Purchase Price: $1.29
Rating: 6 out of 10
Pros: Not bad tasting. It comes in a bottle. Coke thought of adding lime first.
Cons: Very light lime taste. Nothing special. Never-ending cola fight. Whiny multibillion dollar companies.

34 thoughts to “REVIEW: Coke With Lime”

  1. Toni/Damon – Chocolate Coke? Sounds really bad for me. I like. I must try it. I’ll try it after I cleanse my body from eating all that McDonald’s food.

    Chuck – Mmmm…Bacardi Limon.

    birdwoman – I’ve never tried the diet version, because I usually avoid diet sodas like I do boy bands.

    Aymie’s Mom – I’m the kitten Grim Reaper.

    macOtto – Here in the US, we have Shasta soda. There are a few dozen flavors, but I’ve only seen eight of them. The good thing about them is that they come in larger than normal bottles and are cheaper than most sodas.

    lakitu – You know, that’s stalker talk. 🙂

  2. Here’ The Deal

    Cherry Pepsi – Like
    Cherry Coke – Ehh
    Pepsi With Lemon – Makes Me Barf (really)
    Coke With Lemon – Makes me barf (really – must be the lemon)
    Vanilla Coke – Don’t Like
    Vanilla Pepsi – I like
    Coke With Lime – Like – Doesn’t make me barf.

    Regular Pepsi is Eh,
    Regular Coke i like a lot.
    Diet anything tastes like Hudson River (as in NYC) dredge.

  3. Buyer Beware!
    “Coke with Lime” is being marketed as a exciting, sweet-but-slightly tangy beverage, but this “Product” has neither:
    –> Lime (“Natural Flavor” – means naturally derived chemical compound)
    –> Sugar (High Fructose Corn Syrup – C&H watch your ass)
    –> Coke (only Caffiene waste by-product from the Yuban factory)

    Tastes OK though . . .

    My recommendation for full flavor? Get a real Pepsi with lime from Mexico:
    –> Pepsi made with sugar = Pepsi (con azucar)
    –> Lime = Limon
    –> Coke = Cocaina
    All ingredients readily available in any US border town except for those with “Denny’s” or “Village Inn’s” (pesky “minutemen”).

  4. – the german fanta site, lists Orange, Mandarin, Splash Orange, Tropical Orange, Splash Orange plus Lemon, Tropical Orange plus Peach, Fanta Citrel Blood Orange (my favorite), Fanta Citrel Lemon, and Fanta Citrel Passionfruit with Blood Orange.

    but, like MacOtto said, there are many more not listed. I think those are the German Exclusives but we get to try other countries flavors too. at least that is how i picture it working. i just know that we have more Fanta here than there is Shasta back home. (and it tastes MUCH better)

  5. Evildude – Most things diet make me grimace or gag. This also happens when I see Clay Aiken.

    Thumper – I wish they’d bring back Coke with Cocaine.

    Tymo – Holy crap! C&H sugar reference!

    Megan – Shasta has some funky flavors too: Manzana (the preferred drink of crossdressers), Horchata (the preferred drink of whores), Zazz (the preferred drink of those who snore).

  6. “Pepsi AM”? What was that? I must have missed it. An effort to make soda socially acceptable for breakfast? Some kind of coffee thing? A Frappi-cola?

  7. Jay Nickola – Pepsi AM was a product from the late 1980s. It was described as a breakfast cola. It had twice the caffeine as regular Pepsi. It wasn’t out for very long and I didn’t get the chance to try it.

    Aurelia – Here in the US, they call it Pepsi Twist, too. They probably named it that so they don’t seem like they’re copying Coke.

  8. you know, i’ve tried it and Coke/Pepsi/arsenic really does clean the toilet bowl really well. imagine what it does to your insides. no wonder i never drink it.

  9. I couldn’t help but think when I read this post:

    “Put de lime in de Coke you nut and drink it all up”

    I can also sympathize with your Jalapeno Pringles review and the whole Wal-Mart experience. I can NOT leave that place without spending a minimum of $30-40 or more…NEVER. I hate myself everytime I leave for supporting that store. But it’s just so dang CHEAP!!!

  10. Aurelia – It’s been proven that if you put a tooth in Coke for 24-48 hours, it will totally dissolve.

    Christina – Yeah, I found myself skanking to that commercial. Damn reggae!

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