REVIEW: Jalapeno Pringles

Jalapeno Pringles

A couple weeks ago Impulsive Buy reader, James, emailed me to tell me about the Limited Edition Jalapeno Pringles. After I read his email, I really wanted to find them, because I’m a sucker for limited edition items.

So far with these Limited Edition Pringles, it’s been hit or miss. I’ve tried two Limited Edition flavors: Ketchup Pringles (which were pretty dang good) and Salt & Pepper Pringles (which were pretty dang bad).

If I was going to find these Jalapeno Pringles, I knew there was only one place I would find them: The gigantic, small-business destroying, rollback-price-advertising behemoth, known as Walmart.

I don’t really like going to Walmart, because I heard that every time someone shops at Walmart, a part of their soul leaves them. Also, I heard that every time someone shops at Walmart, the eyes of a Walton family member spin like a slot machine and when they stop, dollar signs appear and they yell “Ka-ching!”

Anyway, I went into Walmart with only the Jalapeno Pringles on my shopping list and I wasn’t going to buy anything else. I headed to the snack aisle and, fortunately, they had them in stock. Plus, they were only 99 cents. I found what I was looking for and I tried to head towards the cashiers, but something suddenly came over me.

“Oooh, Star Wars cereal! I have to buy that,” I said to myself.

“Oooh, Limited Edition Southwestern Salsa Pringles! It’s only 99 cents!”

“Clorox Toilet Wand? Hey, it’s on sale!”

“36 count box of lubricated Trojan condoms? I’ll never get the chance to use them, but they’re so cheap.”

It was like a quasi-product review blog editor’s wet dream, except it was real and I didn’t want it to happen.

When I finally got to the cashier, my total turned out to be over fifty dollars.

DAMMIT! Damn you, Walmart! Damn you!

Anyway, I was looking forward to trying the Jalapeno Pringles because I like spicy foods and I was hoping these Pringles would be as spicy as the Fiery Hot Pringles. There are many ways to determine how spicy something is, but the best way come from a wise man who once said, “The true test of spicy food is if it goes in spicy and it comes out spicy.”

Well the Jalapeno Pringles were spicy going in, but not as spicy hot as the Fiery Hot Pringles and it didn’t come out spicy. However, the artificial Jalapeno flavor was pretty good and somewhat authentic.

(Note to the Pringles Gods: Please make habanero-flavored Pringles.)

So are the Jalapeno Pringles worth going back to Walmart for?

Yeah, I would go back and pick up more, but only if I bring the exact amount in my wallet and leave all my credit or debit cards at home.

Item: Jalapeno Pringles
Purchase Price: 99 cents
Rating: 7 out of 10
Pros: Nice taste. Spicy. Cheap at Walmart.
Cons: Walmart. Not as spicy as I hoped. Had to shop at Walmart. Spent more than I wanted at Walmart. Limited Edition.

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  1. That’s so strange!!! Went into Walmart this past weekend to get some household stuff and picked me up a can of these Pringles too! It’s so easy to get sucked in to buying everything else- and then you get so distracted that when you leave, you realize that you forgot what you had come in for!!!

  2. Yikes! Im surprised you made it out with your soul all together. Satans 5/10(walmart) is known for keeping the pure at heart and putting them to work in the slave mines of Canada. Good thing you made it out. Who else would write these reviews with such information. Also, I have been boycotting Satans 5/10 for over 13 years now. Won’t even go in to enjoy the sweet, sweet air conditioning.

  3. Walmart is like a giant vaccum… just sucks all the money out of your wallet. I personally love that place only because it’s cheap. But you’re right- walk in to buy one thing and end up with 20 more things that you don’t even need.

  4. I think Wal-Mart has some sort of weird spell attached to it becuase everytime I go to Wal-Mart I plan on buying a few thing and I walk out with a cart full of crap I will never use. I live in a small town so Wal-Mart is the only place to go for the basics besides the grocery store but then you are paying 2 times the price!!! Anyway I feel your pain Wal-Mart is the bad place. In your Wal-Mart do they have the self checkout things?

  5. I can understand.. don’t kill yourself – but they were on sale ! 😉
    Pringles.. Pringles.. I try not buy them – they usually are finished within 22 minutes of buying them..
    But yeah.. I have to do that with the wallet too.

  6. Pringles still reign supreme in the chip world for me. Terra chips are pretty darn close, but with their quasi-health food status and the subsequent price, they lose points. Mmmm, jalapeno makes me drool.

  7. since i’ve been on a roll telling you things about Germany slightly related to your reviews, we will continue. Wal-Mart in Germany (same company, same concept, very different than Wal-Mart at home) has Singles Shopping night every Thursday. I’m married, but I’m told that how it works is you go and when you get your cart you get a red ribbon tied to it meaning “i’m single, come hit on me” and that they even set up little cheese & wine “romance stations” (think sample ladies at sam’s club). Interesting idea. The real question – what department would make you most attractive to the opposite sex? lol.

  8. Yesterday you wrote, “You know, every time you masturbate, God kills a kitten.” How bout “Every time you go to Walmart, God kills a kitten.” I also saw this one at flickr, “Everytime you use Windows, God kills a kitten.” Notice the misspell.

    Now we don’t have Walmart in Norway, so personally I don’t dislike them at all. But if they are anything like Microsoft I hate them.

    Ehh… Does every pet-possessing-Macintosh-user have a cat?

  9. Incidentally, isn’t Sam Walton dead?

    When will they have relish-flavored Pringles? Or fried shrimp-flavored Pringles? Or fillet mignon-flavored Pringles? Not sure, but it sure does make since to me that Walmart is the place to buy them.

  10. Hmmmmm…….

    Actually, that round-headed moustachioed face on the Pringles can looks suspiciously like that yellow smiley-faced rollback thing on those commercials.

    I hate that smiley face with a passion. Walmart too.

    But I second the motion about habanero-flavored Pringles.

  11. p.s. – i love the way you’ve been changing the little red “sticker” graphic in the top corner. just in case you thought nobody had noticed.

  12. Ayesha97 – If only they weren’t so cheap. Walmart’s regular prices are usually the sale prices at other stores. Aargh!

    Rob – Well I got out, but I think a bit of my soul was taken, because I can no longer feel sadness.

    Lucy – I think they add something to the air conditioning and there might be subliminal messages when someone announces something through the speaker system.

    Becky – Yes, they have the self-checkout things, but I haven’t used them because I’m afraid when I use them they are scanning my body, getting my fingerprints, and learning as much about me through my buying habits so that they can create a clone of me. It’s a part of Walmart’s master plan to take over the world.

    S – I know what you mean, I can finish a can in about 30 minutes. I thought buying the reduced fat Pringles would make me feel less guilty, but it didn’t work.

  13. kimdog – Yeah, I can buy three cans of Pringles for the price of one bag of Terra chips.

    Megan – Singles shopping sounds scary (oooh, alliteration), but then again, I’m desperate, so I’ll try anything.

    macOtto – If God kills a kitten every time someone uses Windows, there’s a lot of dead kittens somewhere. I only kill kittens via masturbation.

    Master Foley – EVIL!!! EVIL!!!

    David – Oh yeah, he died in 1992. My bad. I could go for some fillet mignon-flavored Pringles. I wonder if they’ll be expensive too.

    Peggasus – Hmm…I see the resemblance. I wonder if they’re both also related to Pac Man.

    Megan – I’d like to be happy with the fact that you noticed, but I think my trip to Walmart also took away my ability to feel happiness. Damn you, Walmart!

  14. hmmmm, sounds interesting…. has to be better than the poutine flavoured chips we have in Canada or even the grilled cheese chips >

    As for wally-world, the one in the small town I live in serves the people who wear sweat pants 24-7… it is pretty creepy. I have never seen so many sweats in one place.. kinda appropoe.. sweat shop = sweat pants 😛

  15. Panthosette – Those grilled cheese chips sound good. Also, I don’t know of anyone who dresses up to go to Walmart, so I think that sweat pants thing is kind of common.

  16. They’re building a new super Walmart just down the street from me, so I guess I’m sure to lose my soul. I said I love any kind of pringles but I can’t eat jalapenos anymore for fear of Montizuma’s revenge.

  17. I like walmart. 🙂 Convenient store prices are higher and at Walmart you have everything under one roof .. well mostly everything.

    I think I’ll stick with the Miss Vicki’s Jalepenos.

  18. Tommy – I heard that those super Walmarts suck your soul at a much faster rate.

    Yvonne – Yes, mostly everything, they’re missing Maxim, Stuff, and FHM magazines, plus they don’t have extra small condoms. Oh wait, should I have typed that?

  19. I may look for those Pringles at Woodman’s…they’re confined to the Midwest, but they’re as big and as cheap as Wal-Mart, plus they are not quite as much of a Sweat Shop. I agree with you, Marvo, bring on the habanero pringles! I just had some habanero jerky last week and it was spicy 2 the max.

  20. Damn you, now i need to make another food trip this week… Pringles were my nemesis because I could eat an entire 2 cans in one shot sometimes but that got expensive. Especially since my local supermarket rarely carries them for less than $1.50 or so. But jalepeno pringles?! I really like the spicy stuff, so now I’ll have to search for them. I tried Fiery Hot pringles before (and cheetos) but all they seemed to do is contribute to ring ‘o fire…

  21. Webmiztris – Actually, Fiery Hot Pringles are a regular member of the Pringles family, but not every store sells them.

    blueskeleton – The Walmarts here have many beautiful Asian women and Metamucil for $11.

    Chuck – Habanero Jerky!?! Holy crap! If there is anything in the world that habanero-flavoring would make extremely dangerous, it would be jerky. Think about it. Jerky is chewy and the longer the habanero jerky is in your mouth the longer it would burn. Oh my goodness, I would probably cry and call out for my mommy. But it would be dang good.

    Bryan – Now this may gross you out, but I find that when I eat a whole can of Pringles in one sitting, my poop hurts me. I’m not sure why, but I know it has something to do with eating a whole can of Pringles.

  22. Woah, some crazy new comment system!

    Anyway, this is a product I actually want to try out now. Guess I need to do some shopping this weekend.

  23. Marvo,

    Remember your comment about being “spicy both going in and coming out?” Well…let’s just say that the jerky in question truly fulfilled that definition.

  24. James – You’re welcome. Definitely Habanero Pringles! Oh, if only I had influence on companies.

  25. Oh, limited edition items! Mm, more. I myself actually like those too. Given that many.. less healthy foods have limited runs (as a way to increase purchases of said foods, basically) I make any ‘junk food’ I have literally be a limited edition (or, sometimes ‘brand new’) flavor, or don’t have it. A combination of healthy and rare, I guess 😉

    Pringles has many limited edition flavors. I save the empty containers, just for goof. They had recently : smoky BBQ, baked potato with everything (as the informative / alarming book Fast Food Nation points out, you can synth almost anything to taste like anything else, but I was quite impressed – it really did taste like a baked potato with everything on it), cheddar and sour cream, chili cheese dog, cracked pepper (who would have thought something small, like fresh pepper on a chip made such a difference? one of my favorite ‘junk food’ tastes for 2004) and a few others (heh, I have to look at my ‘row of chip containers’).

    Other newer / limited run items I have seen recently (, which you may in fact have had a chance to mention elsewhere on your site – I haven’t checked, heh) include the smoothie Skittles (the blended flavors one), the dark chocolate M & M’s (oye, these unhealthy sweet things), Jones soda’s newest flavors – blueberry, tangerine and twisted lime – plus their new, forthcoming line of tea drinks – organics, and of course Edy’s ice cream seasonal tastes (Grrl Scout cookies are just ended up, now).

    But anyway, a great site! Keep up the good work.

  26. Geoff W. – Did you know that you can get unopened cans of limited edition Pringles on eBay? There were flavors I haven’t even heard of, like Loaded Baked Potato and Smokey BBQ.

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