Here are some interesting new and limited edition products found on store shelves by us and your fellow readers. If you’ve tried any of the products, share your thoughts about them in the comments.

Chicken Soup for the Soul Presents Chicken Noodle Soup

Chicken Soup for the Soul Presents Chicken Broth

Chicken Soup for the Soul has actual chicken soup for the soul. Soooo much easier than reading a book. (Spotted by Jennifer at Brookshire’s.)

Skinnygirl Water Enhancer

Water enhancer? Since Skinnygirl is known for alcohol, I’m surprised these are not alcohol enhancers. Although, technically, I guess they could be. (Spotted by Joshua at Walmart.)

Rockstar Sparkling Energy (Peach & Cherry Citrus)

Colors are so bright! Thank goodness I’m not on any illegal drugs that enhance my senses. (Spotted by Marvo at Target.)

Kellogg's Eggo Waffles Bites Maple Flavored

It appears Eggo French Toast Bites has a waffle cousin. (Spotted by Jenn at Target.)

Dempster's Limited Edition Maple French Toast Bagels

How does one say “limited edition” in French? (Spotted by Alicia at Walmart in Canada.)

Thank you to all the photo contributors! If you’re out shopping and see an interesting new or limited edition product on the shelf, snap a picture of it, and send us an email ([email protected]) with where you found it and “Spotted” in the subject line. If you do so, you might see your picture in our next Spotted on Shelves post.

8 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES – 3/5/2014”

  1. Darn! Why must every delicious looking, maple flavored product be a Canada exclusive??

  2. Those Rockstar carbonated varieties have been around in Southern California for a few months now. They are much different then the regular varieties and by far the best tasting choices, especially the peach. I don’t notice much of the sugar substitute aftertaste which is great.

    1. I haven’t seen them yet and will have to ask my Pepsi rep. How are they compared to the Rockstar blue? Kick and crash-wise, that is.

    2. I drink a rock star sugar free on the way to the gym but the carbonated one will make me burp

  3. I agree with EK…best tasting Rockstars so far. Especially after they re-formulated the Recovery Lemonade.

  4. Shocked to see the Chicken Soup for the Soul…I never thought that the early 2000’s would come back again..

  5. I’m not impressed with the SkinnyGirl drops. I tried the white cherry flavor and it wasn’t worth it.

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