FAST FOOD NEWS: Burger King Grilled Dogs and Corn Dogs

Burger King Grilled Dogs and Corn Dogs

Burger King is now offering Grilled Dogs and Corn Dogs at select locations. Impulsive Buy contributor Adam sent in photos of the promotional posters in the window at his local Burger King in Maryland. There’s currently no information about them on the Burger King website, but a quick search on Twitter shows they’ve been available at locations in Michigan and Maryland.

The Grilled Dogs are available in four varieties. Classic comes with mustard, ketchup, onions, and relish. Rodeo has onion rings, cheese, and a BBQ sauce. Chili Cheese features chili and a three cheese blend. Finally, there’s the A1 Ultimate that comes with bacon, cheese, and A1 Sauce. Impulsive Buy reader Bryan, who sent in the photo below, purchased the Classic for $1.99. The Corn Dogs are selling at $1.49. The Rodeo and Chili Cheese are $2.39, and the A1 Ultimate is priced at $2.79.

Burger King Grilled Dog

If you’ve tried any of them, let us know what you think of it in the comments.

16 thoughts to “FAST FOOD NEWS: Burger King Grilled Dogs and Corn Dogs”

  1. I love hot dogs and would really like to try these if they come to Ohio, but I sure hope that $3.49 is the price for 2 dogs! Ouch

      1. Ah that sounds better 🙂 The chili and cheese one would be the one I’d wanna try the most…

  2. Painted on grill marks just like their hamburgers.. Ahahaha. I wouldn’t doubt it!!

    Either I’m living under a rock, or the BK was slow as I swear I just seen the sign for these on.. I think Saturday? I seen the corn dog signage while at a stoplight headed to work. As I don’t eat BK, I don’t pay much attention but the corn dog caught my eye.

    1. Having worked at a BK in high school, the grill marks are not painted on. Raw frozen patties are put through a grilling machine. The grill marks are authentic.

  3. I’m honestly surprised Mc.Donalds hasn’t attempted a Mc.Corndog. I remember the disgusting Mc.Hotdog, however.

    1. Mcdonalds hot dogs disgusting you mean to tell me you don’t like your hot dogs cooked under a heat lamp what kind of person are you

  4. One of my favorite fair foods to eat is the corn dog, and when Burger king came out with 1 and they were near me, I was ecstatic! Boy was I underwhelmed. The first thing I saw when I got it out of the bag was a burned corn dog. Even smelled burned. The feel of the corn meal was greasy and didn’t really taste like corn meal. The dog was okay, but overall, just a really cheap dog.

  5. I keep waiting to see if Toledo Ohio Burger King’s will be getting hot dogs. I think they sound good and they are beef hot dogs not pork. And the thought of flame broiled hot dogs sounds yummy. McDonald’s couldn’t have hot dogs since they fry everything, a fried hot dog bleach too greasy!! BK please get hot dogs in Toledo Ohio soon! Thank you.

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