SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Limited Time Only Salted Caramel Pringles

Limited Time Only Salted Caramel Pringles

Sweet mother of Pringles! (Spotted by Chris B at Walmart.)

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9 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Limited Time Only Salted Caramel Pringles”

    1. Hmmmm… Might be easy to test the concept. Mix pumpkin spice with some honey or syrup and spread on a regular chip…. Or just sprinkle some spice (with or without sugar) on a chip.

  1. The milk chocolate variety sucks ass, it’s just a regular pringle with a EXTREMELY LIGHT dusting of cocoa powder.
    It barely leaves a aftertaste of chocolate, don’t waste your money unless your into disappointment

    1. What a disappointment 🙁
      Though i’m not a fan of chocolately stuff i hoped for them to be something special. Especially the white ones caught my attention, ’cause i love white chocolate, but i think they will disappoint too, wenn it comes down to white chocolate taste and they will lack flavor exactly the same way the milk chocolate pringles do… 🙁

      But hell… what so ever… i love salted caramel, so… how are they? ^^
      (Not able to get my hand on this stuff here in germany, i have to rely on your reviews ^^)

      1. The salted caramel is good. Has the crunch of a chip, and the taste of the salted caramel. Not sure I could eat more than 5 or so at a time.

  2. Ewwwwwwwww…make it stop already…enough of these wacked flavours…..Frito Lays has got to be the worst !!!!!!

  3. I can not find Carmel or chocolate or white chocolate in any store by me I tried in big rapids Michigan I tried Mt pleasant Michigan please let me know where to find them

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