COMING SOON: M&M’S Caramel Chocolate Candies

M M S Caramel Chocolate Candies

Update: We reviewed it! Click here to read our review.

Next year, Mars will rollout a new M&M’s variety — M&M’s Caramel.

The upcoming candy will feature a smooth caramel center surrounded by milk chocolate and coated in a colorful candy shell. It’ll be available in 1.41 oz single packs, a 2.83 ounce Sharing Size, and a 9.6 ounce Sharing Size Stand Up Pouch.

If you’re extremely excited, I’m about to douse that excitement by telling you this flavor won’t be available until May 2017. Not sure why Mars decided to announce the new flavor six months before they’re available. It’s not a Star Wars movie so its hype cannot be rekindled with second and third movie trailers.

(Image via Mars)

6 thoughts to “COMING SOON: M&M’S Caramel Chocolate Candies”

  1. I think that the best idea to take advantage of adding an apple flavor there. Instead of standard shell use apple flavoring in the shell so you get caramel apple. Or even peanut M&M’s with caramel apple. They should do a caramel peanut one like snickers

  2. Yes please. Dulce de leche M&Ms were one of the highlights of a high-school trip to Universal Studios in 2001. I bought like 5 packs to take back home to Ohio with me.

  3. Take my money and go!
    I’m sold… m&ms AND caramel! What a combination!

    I mean the Dulce de Leche M&M Micheal mentioned are a bit more tempting and aweesome, but “dulche de leche” as flavor isn’t that popular or well known here, so i can only hope for the caramel flavor to hit the shelves here ^^

  4. I just tried them today. Mars is featuring these at the National Association of Convenience Stores Show this week, and they are excellent. (And I believe that is why Mars announced them so early, because of the timing of the trade show).

    1. this makes it even harder to wait for them and to hope mars is going to release them in europe too (i mean up until now we never got the pretzel, mint or almond variety… and don’t let me get of the limited editions…)

      May i ask if there is any candy you can compare it with? i mean chocolate filled with caramel isn’t new… new is probably that we have a hard candy shell around gooey caramel… right?
      Is that novelty worth the hype?

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