SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Trader Joe’s Milk and Dark Chocolate Commendation Bars

Trader Joe's Milk and Dark Chocolate Commendation Bars

You know, when your large chocolate bars are larger than your shopping carts maybe that’s a sign that they’re too large. But anyone who is able to eat one of these bars in one sitting deserves some kind of commendation. (Spotted by Rachel C at Trader Joe’s.)

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5 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Trader Joe’s Milk and Dark Chocolate Commendation Bars”

    1. Nope, it’s almost a 5 lbs (4lb 6.4oz) slab of Belgium chocolate for $15! I got 4 (um, I am going to give them away for gifts, yeh, that’s my excuse), THAT’S ALMOST 20 POUNDS to carry home….but it was well worth it. Now, my TJ store is completely sold out. It’s reminds me of those huge bars that you could buy at Hershey Park or at Ghirardelli Square, but even bigger and so much heavier!

    2. I saw it for myself and it is OMG huge!!! So heavy. This would be great to use in lots of chocolate desserts if you having a big party that features chocolates

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