U2 – Vertigo Single

U2 - Vertigo

About three hours ago, I purchased the new U2 single “Vertigo.” Actually, it’s not really that new, since it was released a month ago on the iTunes Music Store.

When I first heard of the new U2 song, I was looking forward to listening to it, since I’m a semi-U2 fan. However, after listening to the 30-second preview of the song the day it was released, I didn’t feel compelled to purchase it, even though I knew I could afford the 99-cent price tag with the money I had in my coffee mug of loose change that says, “Caffeine is my friend. SO LEAVE ME THE F#@K ALONE!”

“Vertigo” wasn’t the best U2 song I ever heard, but it also wasn’t the worst, which I think is “Christmas (Baby, Please Come Home).”

After a couple of weeks, I totally forgot about the song.

However, the world suddenly made sure that I would have that song tattooed on my brain.

First, they started playing the song on the radio, which I listen to while taking a shower. I swear it seemed like every time I was in the shower the radio station played “Vertigo.”

Then the iPod commercial featuring the song started playing during all the shows I was watching like South Park, the Daily Show, and the baseball playoffs.

(Okay, I was going to go on a tangent about the Boston Red Sox finally winning another World Series after 86 years and how I was balling like a little wuss because I was happy that they won, but I’ll let the thousands of blogs belonging to other Red Sox fans do that.)

I knew the song was slowly getting to me, because I was lip-syncing the words, like I was Ashlee Simpson. I wanted to get sick of the song, but it wasn’t happening because I was listening to the song on someone else’s terms.

So I decided, if I wanna get sick of this song, I’m gonna have to get sick of it on MY terms.

So I purchased the song and within the past three hours I’ve listened to the song 56 times straight, but I don’t think I’m sick of it.

Actually, I’m beginning to like the song. Not only am I lip-syncing during the song, I’m also playing air guitar.

DAMMIT!!! That wasn’t my intention!!! I was supposed to get sick of the song!!! Damn catchy hook!!!

Maybe another 56 straight times will do it.

Item: U2 – Vertigo Single
Purchase Price: $0.99 (iTunes Music Store)
Rating: 6 out of 10
Pros: Somewhat catchy. 99 cents. Better Ashlee Simpson joke in today’s review.
Cons: By far, not the best U2 song. I’m not sick of it yet.

17 thoughts to “U2 – Vertigo Single”

  1. I must agree, today was a better Ashlee Simpson joke. Damn I want an iPod. You guys aren’t helping me. I’ve been REALLY asking santa for a pink mini-iPod. Hope I’ve been good enough. I can live without the Photo one for now. I’ve never had an MP3 player, so I can start small. (get it — small, mini-iPod, god I crack myself up) Haha. Leaving now.

  2. You’re not alone, I bought the single, too. I was expecting more, but I have high standards for Bono and the boys. Still, the song does stay with you, I found myself singing it most of the day yesterday.

  3. Damn that ipod commerical.

    I used to just hate this damn song. Then after hearing the 30 second preview via those ads, I found myself liking it more.

    Perhaps it’s one of them songs that just grows on you. Or it just doesn’t.

  4. I’m going to have to check that song out now although I’ve been raised to hate U2 (Bono in particular) pretty-much since birth.

  5. Busy Mom – Yes, it would sound better on an iPod Photo. Would you be my sugar mamma and buy it for me? 🙂

    Meg – Yeah, I’m trying to see how many days straight I can come up with an Ashlee Simpson joke. Get an iPod!

    Update: I’ve listened to the song another 16 times. Still not sick of it. DAMMIT!!!

  6. i’ve got the sure-fire cure if you really want to get sick of this (or any) song:

    wake up to it.

    get yourself an mp3 alarm clock and set it to wake you up in the morning. it’ll be no more than a week before you’ll bare more hatred and resentment towards that song than ashlee simpson towards a sound engineer.


  7. That is a terrible, terrible song! I can not stand that iPod Commercial. U2 is so old.. they just need to retire and do the world some good. 🙂

  8. Jer – I’ll try that mp3 alarm clock idea, but if it doesn’t work I’ll bare more hatred and resentment towards you than Ashlee Simpson towards a sound engineer.

    Jessica – U2 is old, but not as old as the Rolling Stones and Aerosmith.

  9. I agree with your review. Not the best from U2 and not the worst. The video is pretty lackluster as well. What bothers me, though, is that “catorce” means fourteen, not four.

  10. Marvo, have you actually signed up for freeipods.com? Cause I did and so far the only person I’ve got to join under me is my mother. Reckon I’m as screwed as…..ah, nevermind.

  11. Charone – Doesn’t the song sound like “Elevation?” Maybe that’s just me.

    Jer – I haven’t signed up for it, but I keep reading about people getting their free iPod, so I might just try it. But I already have an iPod. I need another iPod as much as Ashlee Simpson needs another acid reflux attack.

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