Happy Hard Drive Crash Day!!!

Hard Drive

Sorry readers, there will be no review today, due to the sudden failure of the secondary hard drive in my Apple PowerMac G4, which contained all of my por…projects, like the Impulsive Buy’s reviews.

I do have a backup of the old reviews, but today and tomorrow’s reviews are lost.

However, to make your stay worthwhile, I’ve decided to have a election.

Vote to determine what tomorrow’s (Friday) review will be.

Your choices:

1. Healthy Choice Beef Franks

2. Mountain Dew Blue Shock Berry Citrus Slurpee

3. French Toast Pop-Tarts

To vote, leave a comment with your choice. Voting will end today at 10:00 pm Hawaii Standard Time, which is 3:00 am EST on Friday and 12:00 am PST on Friday, I think.

Damn Daylight Savings Time!

For our Australian, Asian, and European readers, please visit this site.

Now as P. Diddy would say, “Vote or Die!”

What if there’s a tie? Um…We will worry about that when it happens.

30 thoughts to “Happy Hard Drive Crash Day!!!”

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  2. ok that whole figuring out what time it is thing involves math and I don’t *do* math so hopefully I’m getting in under the wire :p

    I had a near-religious experience a few weeks back involving those french toast flavored pop-tarts and an upstairs downstairs dvd. I guess you could say I’m a junk food junkie cynical scientific (sans math of course) neopagan with a slight fetish for 1970s BBC historical dramas.

    Um. So how about those pop tarts?

  3. Make this a third vote for the pop tarts. I found myself standing in the grocery store putting my hand out to grab them, then pullling it back several times while an argument ensued in my overcrowded brain. “not low carb/but they sound so good/not low carb”

  4. I’m voting for the scary blue Mountain Dew, for no other reason that this “flavor” does not occur in nature and I’m wondering if it’s just blue colored sugar.

  5. I’d like to hear about the franks. I’m poor, lazy & on a strict diet. Low fat hot dogs are great for me. The low fat Hebrew National are great, but expensive. You don’t get as many.

  6. With about 12 hours until the polls close, here’s how the race looks:

    French Toast Pop-Tarts: 10
    Mountain Dew Blue Shock Berry Citrus Slurpee: 2
    Healthy Choice Beef Franks: 2

  7. I’m going for the hot dogs…I don’t eat blue food and I’ve never had any kind of pop tarts so the review would have no comparison. Now, hot dogs, processed meat, preservatives, thrown on a white bun…Always!

  8. I can’t be bothered making an informed vote, so I am going to just vote based on the way everyone else has voted. I am almost still in the youth demographic though, so maybe I should just talk a lot about voting and not actually do it?…. So I vote for Pop Tarts! (because I care) 🙂

  9. With less than 8 hours left to vote, here’s how we stand:

    French Toast Pop-Tarts: 11
    Healthy Choice Beef Franks: 3
    Mountain Dew Blue Shock Berry Citrus Slurpee: 2

  10. Gotta go with the Pop Tarts. The hot dogs rely too heavily on your ability to cook them, and Mountain Dew Blue Shock Berry Citrus Slurpee gets shot down for having waaaay too long a name.

  11. DAMN!! I leave for 2 weeks…and what do I come back to find…a comment whore!!! *sigh*

  12. With about four hours to go, our review election looks like this:

    French Toast Pop-Tarts: 13
    Healthy Choice Beef Franks: 3
    Mountain Dew Blue Shock Berry Citrus Slurpee: 3
    I’m a comment whore: 1

    It looks like French Toast Pop-Tarts will win, but who know what could happen in the next four hours.

  13. Final results:

    French Toast Pop-Tarts: 13
    Healthy Choice Beef Franks: 5
    Mountain Dew Blue Shock Berry Citrus Slurpee: 3
    I’m a comment whore: 1

    The people have spoken and I will listen.

  14. man, that’s a toughie…
    It really comes down to the Pop Tarts and the blue slurpee thing, since everyone knows what hot dogs taste like. Well almost everyone.
    Okay, Pop Tarts. I gotta know what French Toast tastes like when it’s actually toasted.

  15. Sorry to hear about the hard-drive crash. I have had a lot of problems with my Powerbook G4, including a major overheating problem that melted my system/logic board and necessitated EIGHT trips to the repair depot. My sympathies!

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