Vegas Baby!!!

The Impulsive Buy will be on hiatus this week, while we gamble away the rest of the Impulsive Buy’s yearly budget in Las Vegas. Internet access will be limited or nonexistent, but alcohol consumption won’t be.

If we win a jackpot, we may review something like the new iMac. If we lose the shirts off of our backs, it’s toilet paper and iPod socks.

Wish us luck!

Also, some of you maybe wondering about the recent prize drawing. Early this morning we pulled out the seven winners from the mayonnaise jar.


Each of you will receive one (1) Wet Ones Kids Antibacterial wipe. You should’ve received an email from us, asking for your mailing address. If you’re a winner and you haven’t received an email from us, then just send us an email with your mailing address.

Prizes will be mailed to the winners when we get back from Vegas.

PS – Oh yeah, Mia, we finally got our hands on those Chicken Dunks. We will do a review when we get back, but long story short, healthier than fast food chicken nuggets, but less tasty. Also, it’s kind of gross that you can actually eat them cold.

6 thoughts to “Vegas Baby!!!”

  1. A little bur•dee told me that you get free drinks while you gamble… Good luck in Vegas!!!

  2. I won, I won, I won!
    (she says, trying to be less obnoxious than those crazy people on The Price is Right.)

    Hope Vegas was good to you…

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