18 thoughts to “Happy Tax Day!!!”

  1. I envy you over there. Here (in Norway, norhern Europe) we don´t need to do our one taxes. We get the papers in the mail and we just log on the internet site of the tax agency and input out password. Done! Or we can change things online, everything sorts it selfe out 🙂 lovely. I dont even know the day it´s supposed to be in. (only thing I worry about is my spelling… hmm)

  2. I had to pay about $2500 in taxes this year. $2000 for the consulting job I had and $500 for a goofed up return last year.

    Woe is me.

  3. Ugh. Taxes. We got slammed this year… I’m gonna through a big assed party when we finally go to a flat tax system. Or SOMETHING else. There’s gotta be a better way…

  4. wow – makes me much more thankful for the whopping $65 my husband and I get back. last year we made out really well on our return, this year it wasnt worth the time it took to get it all together. Next year will be better because of the break soldiers get for deployment.

    good luck! hope you get a nice return!

  5. Good luck with the taxes. I’m using Turbotax and man, the Fed. one is easy, but I just can’t get the State to come out… sigh… I think I’m just going to have to do that one by hand.

    Luckily I only need to do the EZ and that state taxes are due later =).

  6. Why Not Do A Review On Tax Software?
    I Use A Program Called TaxAct And It Saves My Life And Brain Every Year.
    Dont You Just “LOVE” The I.R.S.?

  7. macOtto – Wow, sounds like you folks have it easier than us in America. I think what scares people the most about taxes here are the abundance of forms, the number of tax laws, and the IRS. (Note to IRS: I really love you guys.)

    Lord Jezo – You had to pay $2500 in taxes? That’s not a lot of Starbucks.

    akwok – Thanks. Don’t forget to do your taxes, too.

    Matthias – Thanks for the compliment. Every year I think about doing my taxes early but never do. Next year I’ll do them early.

    Thumper – Well, if you become President of the United States and create a flat tax system, please invite me to the party and could you also give me a One Free Pardon Card.

  8. The Webwench – Sorry to hear about the loss of your $1200. Go get yourself some Reese’s Cookies and I think you’ll feel better.

    Megan – Thanks.

    akiko – Oh crap, I forgot I have to do this again for state taxes. Great, thanks for reminding me. Bah!

    Damon – So far, I’ve never used tax software. My taxes have been pretty simple. This year they were a little more complicated, but I managed fine. Just needed to fill out a few more extra forms. Yeah, I do love the IRS. (Note to IRS: I really do love you guys. I’m not being sarcastic.)

  9. Good luck, man.
    Turbotax.com is free now or something like that. Try doing it there.

    Man, we should SO totally move to a consumption tax instead of income tax. Although consumer spending would be hit in the first year or so, after the initial period of artificial inflation (due to the consumption tax on everything), consumers would realize that they do, in fact, have more disposable income and that consumption tax is cheaper for everyone. Leading them to spend more! Huzzah!
    It would rock our GDP.
    I love economics.

  10. kt – Nah, I decided to do things old school…fill out paper forms, stick it in an envelope, lick the envelope, pull tongue off of envelope because it’s one of those self-sealing envelopes, wait in line at the Post Office, and send it via snail mail. As for the consumption tax, I’m all for more disposable income that I’ll probably save or invest.

  11. Diet cherry vanilla dr pepper… yummy… just had one with lunch.

    It’s really not too bad for diet. Second only to diet pepsi vanilla… or maybe third to diet A&W.


  12. Kelly – Sorry to hear about the clearing your bank account. I think you could’ve paid in installments, if you wanted to. Of course, there’s probably a fee for that. Oh, nevermind.

  13. marvo,

    you send me a PO box to send to, I’ll send you a diet a&w and some Philly treats – Tastycakes. I’m betting you don’t get them out on the rock.

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