A Seinfeld Dilemma!!! Cereal Review Election!!!

For those who don’t know, comedian Jerry Seinfeld is a big cereal fan. Every morning, I imagine he gets out of his bed made of money, goes down to his gold plated kitchen, and has to decide which cereal he will eat among the dozens of choices he has in his pantry. I also imagine the cereal is served on a silver platter by his butler in a stainless steel bowl and accompanied with a silver spoon and someone who reads the New York Times to him.

Being a cereal junkie myself, I sometimes feel like Jerry Seinfeld in the morning, except without the bed make of money, gold plated kitchen, silver platter, butler, stainless steel bowl, silver spoon, and someone who will read the New York Times to me. However, I do have about a dozen cereals to choose from in my pantry, and recently I added five brand new cereals from Kellogg’s.

So with this plethora of new cereals, I thought it’s a good time to have a good ol’ fashioned product election, which allows you, the readers, to vote for the product The Impulsive Buy will review next.

In this product election, you’ll be able to choose from five new cereals from Kellogg’s:

1. Kellogg’s Caramel Nut Crunch

2. Kellogg’s Mini Swirlz Peanut Butter

3. Kellogg’s Eggo Cereal Cinnamon Toast

4. Kellogg’s Berry Krispies

5. Kellogg’s Organic Raisin Bran

The cereal with the most votes will be declared the winner. The winner will be eaten and reviewed, while the other candidates will just be eaten.

To vote, leave a comment with this post with your choice. Only one choice and vote per person.

I’ll be accepting votes until Friday, July 14th. Shortly after the 14th, I’ll post the review of the winning cereal.

Now go vote like you’re a senator voting for net neutrality.

108 thoughts to “A Seinfeld Dilemma!!! Cereal Review Election!!!”

  1. Oh, I can’t decide! They all look so incredibly delicious, my brain hurts from the effort!

    I’ll go with Berry Krispies.

  2. I’m going to vote for Eggo Cinnamon Twist. Of course you could do so much with the word Organic, but I’m going to stick with the Eggo’s.

  3. I vote for the Eggo Cinnamon Toast as well–I’m a HUGE fan of Cinnamon Toast Crunch and wonder how the Eggos will stand up against it…

  4. Kellogg’s Mini Swirlz Peanut Butter!!!!

    zomg. ne kind of cereal with peanut butter needs to be reveiwed…nuf said 🙂

  5. Berry Krispies … do they still Snap Crackle and Pop? I always knew there was something “fruity” about those guys.

  6. While the others sound good, you should review the Orgasmic Rasin Bran. Whoops! I meant organic.

  7. Kellogg’s Caramel Nut Crunch sounds thoroughly disgusting, so I’ll vote for that.

  8. Peanut butter mini swirls. Those swirl cereals are always delish, so I’d like to know just HOW delish the peanut butter kind is.

  9. Caramel Nut Crunch, becuase of the commercials.

    Anybody that votes for the organic Raisin Bran is a treehugging hippie.

  10. I vote for Berry Krispies, although it’s a tough choice. Review them all!

  11. I vote for the carmel nut crunch. It looks tasty and this way I could see if it really is tasty before I buy it.

  12. The Eggo Cinnamon Toast would taste the best IMO, but for the review’s sake, the Organic Raisin Bran would probably be the most interesting. So my vote is for the Organic.

  13. Kellogg’s Berry Krispies

    BTW, this is seriously like the lesser of five evils, isn’t it? I’d just go for Cocoa Puffs and be done with it, Marvo. But then I’m like that.

  14. All ‘berry’ cereals are a flop…always.

    I vote for Kellogg’s Eggo Cereal Cinnamon Toast

    I’d love to find a cereal as good as Cinnamon Toast Crunch!

  15. Please for Marvo’s sake, no one vote for Kellogg’s Organic Raisin Bran…Jerry would never eat that!

  16. Berry Krispies! It’s about time they came up with an edible Krispy besides chocolate. But perhaps to satisfy the need to please your blog fans, you should buy them all, mix them in a giant bowl and review. Just a thought.

  17. Caramel Nut Crunch – I just found out this existed, and I want to know if I can get me some.

    (but 1a is Berry Krispies)

  18. Eggo! I love the Eggo cereal, although I’ve never had the cinnamon toast variety. Therefore- review it!

  19. Anyone else look at the Mini Swirlz box and thought it said “Mini Slutz?”

    Just me?

    (I vote Mini Swirlz.)

  20. Carmel nut crunch sounds like the most unique of all the cereals–no offense, but the peanut butter and eggo stuff would be more of a repeat of previous posts, and organic cereals rarely taste different than their original incarnations.

    I’ve never heard of a carmel cereal before, although I’m not much of a carmel fan usually.

    A berry flavored cereal just sound hideous–like the Snap Crackle guys got a bit too friendly one night with the Trixx rabbit.

  21. Man this is a tought choice and I can only choose one? OK–I pick Kellogg’s Mini Swirlz Peanut Butter because it just sounds nasty.

  22. Mini swirls and and cinnamon toast look like some gimmicky bullshit, and organic Raisin Bran is going to taste just like regular Raisin Bran

    Those Berry Krispies look dank though and remind me of Berry Berry Kix, which were also quite dank

    My vote goes for Berry Krispies, although one of those gimmicky jawns might make for a better review

  23. I’m gonna go with the Organic Raisin Bran.

    I too am a cereal junkie, but mostly a cereal junkie of the somewhat healthy looking cereals.

    Either way, enjoy them all!

  24. Definitely voting for Kellogg’s Mini Swirlz Peanut Butter–any cereal (or anything else, for that matter) with peanut butter is bound to be good!

  25. This is madness! There is no pattern! There will be recounts, for sure. I’m going to vote for The Peanut butter swirlz.

  26. Berry Krispies all the way.

    Those sound like they’d make awesome rice krispy treats.

    Everything else just sounds like a cereal that already exists with a new name. Or the word Organic smeared across the label like cheap paint on a whore.

  27. I think i got all of them, but I only count 69 on my tally.

    Caramel nut crunch (my pick) – 16
    Swirlz- 10
    Cinnamon toast Eggo- 12
    Berry Krispies- 18
    Hippie cereal- 13

  28. Mini Swirlz Peanut Butter, please – maybe they finally produced a PB cereal that’s as delicious as plain PB?

  29. Caramel Nut Crunch. It’s always interested me but I’ve never had the chance to go out and get some.

  30. PEANUT BUTTER SWIRLS. Please, oh, please, oh, PLEASE!!! I’m from Canada and we don’t even have those here. Let me live vicariously through you! 😉

  31. Caramel Nut Crunch, absolutley… I was curious about this one myself and is the only one of the lot I’d consider buying…. so, eat, post, and guide me, oh impulsive one. Be my cereal sensei.

  32. Caramel Nut Crunch, absolutley… I was curious about this one myself and is the only one of the lot I’d consider buying…. so, eat, post, and guide me, oh impulsive one. Be my cereal sensei.

  33. Very under represented at the breakfast table — caramel — ahhh my dreams come true! Caramel Nut Crunch

  34. Berry Krispies, because I love a colorful cereal. So healthy when there’s all that Red # whatever and all that good stuff. Plus difficult to look at in the morning after a night of Heineken Lights or whatever that beer review was. Yummy, multicolored hangover!

  35. Eggo!! Taking the most recognizable brand of frozen waffles ever and trying to translate it to cereal success? Sounds like a recipe for disaster.

  36. The organic raisin bran. And this is an, ahem, other person with the same avatar as the guy above me, and we are most certainly not the same person, so please count both of my votes.

    Thank you

  37. I know I’m almost late, but I say Mini-Swirlz PB. I consider PB Cap’n Crunch among the all time best “straight out of the box” snaking cereals, so maybe you can go from this side of it, too. Thanks Marvo.

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