NEWS: I Like My Method Bottles Like Flo Jo

Oh, Sir Mix-A-Lot, I now feel your pain and truly understand when you said, “I’m tired of magazines, sayin’ flat butts are the thing. Take the average black man and ask him that, she gotta pack much back.”

The new Method Bloq line lacks the most noticeable attribute about Method cleaning products — their juicy, sexy curves. It’s the main reasons why I’m a Method fanboy and why when I hold one of those curvy Method bottles I feel a lot less lonely.

Being the semi-treehugger that I am, I also like Method cleaning products because they’re biodegradable, use recyclable packaging, and aren’t tested on animals.

I’m happy the Method Bloq line of body washes, bars of soap, body lotion, and shaving cream continues the Method tradition of being environmentally friendly, but disappointed that it breaks away from the stereotypical Method packaging by being flat like a table or anorexic, drug-addicted supermodel whose name starts with “K” and ends with “Ate Moss.”

Each product in the Bloq line comes in a variety of scents and prices range from $6 to $8.

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11 thoughts to “NEWS: I Like My Method Bottles Like Flo Jo”

  1. Damn Marvo, you’re spoiling us with these reviews!

    Maybe it’s me, but these things look complicated. I couldn’t use these, since I’m always stumbling around in the morning, and I can’t be bothered fumbling around with these bottles. Containers. Whatever.

  2. Are you implying that your anaconda don’t want none unless it’s got buns?

    And why would your pet snake care – it doesn’t use soap?

  3. You can do side bends or sit-ups, but please don’t lose that butt!

    Actually the method dryer sheets came in a boring square box also, though.

  4. Brie – Actually, this isn’t a review. It’s an expression of my love for Method products.

    Clevegal42 – Oh…You’re talking about an actual snake. 😉

    Chuck – You’re right! I forgot about those. But the new softeners come in a curvy container. Ooooh, curvy.

  5. I saw these that had lotion in it not too long ago in the soap isle. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to open it.

    The packaging strikes me as quite masculine.

  6. At least they fit together well in your cleaning goods cabinet, or bookshelf. They look like they could go either way.

  7. I had tried Method’s cleaning products before, but didn’t realize they had branched out beyond multi-purpose,kitchen, or bathroom… Will have to check that out!

  8. Peachy – I like feminine feeling looking bottle. Easier to hold and caress.

    Domokun – Or walk in porn closet?

    webmiztris – If they had little nubs, they could be Lego blocks.

    Noki – Just avoid the Olive Mint body wash. That wasn’t very good.

  9. Marvo,

    I still have the Olive Leaf Body Wash you sent me. I always think fondly of you if I happen to glance at it in the shower.

  10. Eryn – Wow! That was a really long time ago. If I become famous, that bottle will be worth slightly more than the $4.99 I paid for it. Maybe $5.25?

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