NEWS: Dawn Dishwashing Detergent Helps With Grease Cutting…And Now Cheese Cutting

Remember when Palmolive dishwashing soap was advertised to soften hands while you did the dishes? That was pretty much the extent of multitasking dishwashing detergents. All the others were just one trick ponies, because they were only good for washing dishes.

However, that has changed a little thanks to the new Dawn Simple Pleasures, which has an air freshener in the base of the bottle to help keep your kitchen smelling fresh and grease fighting Dawn detergent on top to give your kids a chore to do to teach them about responsibility, while you sit on the couch and watch TV.

Waterproof beads in the bottom compartment release appealing scents that cover your bad cooking or the flatulence caused by your bad cooking. It comes in three scents: Apple & Pear, Water Lily & Jasmine, and Lemon & Tangerine

I could see the Dawn Simple Pleasures as a bachelor’s dream, covering the stank caused by a few weeks worth of dishes in the sink. Of course, the bachelor’s rule of dishwashing is, “If it don’t stink, just leave it in the sink.” But thanks to the Dawn Simple Pleasures and its stank covering abilities, the rule may not need apply anymore or it may need a slight rewrite.

Perhaps, “If your plates have roaches scuttlin’, then it’s time to do some scrubbin’.”

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12 thoughts to “NEWS: Dawn Dishwashing Detergent Helps With Grease Cutting…And Now Cheese Cutting”

  1. Oooh, thanks for the heads up. I hate to say it, but I’ll probably buy this since we put our puppy in the kitchen while we’re away all day, and his “treats” he deposits leave much to be desired. Already a Dawn detergent buyer so this won’t be much of a stretch.

  2. I haven’t had trouble with roaches in my apartment, but ants are another story. One time I was in a hurry leaving town and I think they figured they had found a food bazaar by the time I got back. Oh well, they’re just little ants that don’t really bother me, and I’m moving soon. I’ll try to be less bachelor-esque in my new digs.

  3. Oooh, that looks fancy. LOL. I’m totally getting that. Although it kinda looks like mouthwash at first glance.

  4. Domokun – You should teach your puppy how to poop in a toilet. If cats can do it, why not puppies?

    Chuck – Ants bother me. Even baby ants. I hope there aren’t giant ants who will take revenge for all the baby ants I’ve stepped on.

    Erika – I hope it’s not me.

    Brie – Well technically if you’re washing a kid’s mouth as punishment for swearing, it’s mouthwash.

    webmiztris – Except without the possible vaginal infections.

  5. Cuz English Bulldogs are built like jacked up Camaros and are just as agile. And I’m sure our little guy would find an adorable way to drown in the toilet.

  6. You guys and your comments. Most entertaning. And Domokun, I share your sentimates about the puppies.

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