NEWS: Old School Cereals Get Pimped! Aww Yeah, Boyee!

Pops (or Corn Pops for you purists) is one of the sagging elder statesmen in the world of breakfast cereals, along with other old farts like grumpy Apple Jacks and senile Frosted Flakes. Throughout its 50-plus year history, the only thing that has been modified about Pops is its name, which has changed more times than Lew Alcindor, but significantly less times than Prince.

Until now, there has never been a cereal spin-off of Pops, unlike Frosted Flakes, which has spread itself so thin that it has spawned way too many bastard cereals that get discontinued. Perhaps with the introduction of the new Kellogg’s Pops Chocolate Peanut Butter, it will finally make me say, “Oooh, I gotta have my Pops,” except without sarcasm, like I usually do when they have to eat those plain yellow balls.

Another cereal recently brought out by Kellogg’s is the new Froot Loops Smoothie, which includes yogurt-covered pieces of Froot Loops mixed with the usual multi-colored fruity rings of sugary goodness, which I recently found out don’t count towards the 3-5 servings of fruit and vegetables I should eat each day.

I’m actually looking forward to Froot Loops Smoothie because it will expand my choices of fruity cereals to eat for breakfast and to use for my cereal necklace making business.

10 thoughts to “NEWS: Old School Cereals Get Pimped! Aww Yeah, Boyee!”

  1. Um, Sugar Pops would be the name for the purist. Corn Pops came in the 80’s when the food Nazi’s started to rumble about how much sugar was in breakfast cereal.

    In the 60’s and 70’s people loved Sugar Pops and Super Sugar Crisp (Start your day the Sugar Crisp Way, Dig Um, Dig Um, fortified with eight vitamins, Dig Um, Dig Um. Toasted wheat with the taste of honey…….)

  2. No, no, this is just wrong. Some things should stay pure, and Corn Pops are one of those things, damn it!
    Although the Froot Loops look good. Damn my love for yogurt.

    Marvo, in the interest of cereal, you should check out this link. Changed my whole view on cereal and I’m still laughing.

    Hateful Stereotypes behind 5 lovable cereal mascots:

  3. just don’t wear the necklaces to sleep. you never know what will come out to eat them.

  4. I totally forgot about Sugar Pops, and Sugar Frosted Flakes, which we used to put 2 tablespoons of sugar on top of. Sugar grows on plants, are we sure it’s not a fruit or a vegetable? Technically speaking.

  5. Suggested Taglines:

    Chocolate Peanut Butter Pops: Because giving them real candy for breakfast may be considered child abuse.

    Froot Loop Smoothies: Yet another reason not to use your blender.

  6. LifeTrek – If there was a cereal named “Xtreme Sugar” I would totally buy it.

    Michiel Ebberink – You should get the organic Rice Crispies and then turn them non-organic by making Rice Crispies treats with them.

    Domokun – Probably a dollar or so, depending on length.

    Brie – Some thing should stay pure, like gold and Ivory soap.

    Cian – Cats, bugs, Toucan Sam.

    Sally – So does cocaine…I think that’s a vegetable.

    Angel H. – I eat candy for breakfast on occasion, so if it’s good enough for me, it’s good enough for them. Thank goodness I’m not a parent.

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