Sorry for the lack of reviews…

It’s been a REALLY busy week for me, so I apologize for not having any reviews this week. No, I don’t have a whole bunch of dates lined up this week. No, I’m not in jail for soliciting a transvestite hooker. No, I’m not a witness in the Britney Spears child custody case.

TIB will return next week with reviews, including my review and I’ll FINALLY announce the winners of TIB’s third anniversary prize drawing.

See you next week!

7 thoughts to “Sorry for the lack of reviews…”

  1. I come to the comments thinking I’m gonna see some “hurry back” comments and I get two fists and gun oil.

    This really shouldn’t surprise me.

    And now the obligatory Hurry Back and make with the reviews!

  2. So…how is Phil Spector’s case? Because that’s where you are, right? Two fists and gun oil- that’s gotta be the Spector case.

    Oh, wait.

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