Prize Drawing Winners Announced…Finally!

To choose the winners for TIB’s Third Anniversary Prize Drawing I thought about dunking my head into a cooler of ice water and use my teeth to pull out the email addresses of those who entered the drawing. I thought about making a gigantic Jello mold with slips of paper with numbers on them, tying my arms together behind my back, digging through the Jello with only my mouth, and pulling out random numbers. I also thought about stripping naked, covering my body with honey, blindfolding myself, stand in front of a fan, throw the email addresses of those who entered the prize drawing at the fan, causing them to blow in my direction and stick onto my body, and then peeling off the winners. In the end, I decided to do something simple. I just randomly picked numbers out of a hat…naked.

So here are the winners.

$25 Threadless Gift Certificate

Comment 124 – EM
Comment 29 – Cass
Comment 130 – Matt Miller

3 Month eMusic Subscription

Comment 76 – The Lazy Canadian
Comment 95 – Rachel
Comment 106 – Onaka suita!

$30 iTunes Gift Certificate

Comment 161 – Lisa
Comment 113 – Rylan
Comment 182 – luckinflux

Congratulations to all the winners! Thanks to everyone who participated!

12 thoughts to “Prize Drawing Winners Announced…Finally!”

  1. Thank you for feeding my addiction. Although if you are nude perhaps you need the shirts more than I do.

  2. Chuck – If I did provide pics, they would’ve had huge censored spots in appropriate places, but even with those, you would probably get nauseous.

    luckinflux – I love you more…in a more heterosexual way.

    Rylan – Yes way.

    Matt Miller – You know, I do wear clothes when I’m outside. Except on private nude beaches.

    The Lazy Canadian – I’ll be emailing everything this weekend.

  3. Should I be insulted that a Canadian got his code before I, a fellow American, got mine?

  4. The Lazy Canadian – Don’t forget to use up the downloads every month because if you don’t use them, you lose them.

    Matt Miller – Sorry about that, I tried to send them last night, but the Threadless website was being a non-loading bitch. I just sent yours to you.

  5. I had no doubt I’d get it eventually but I thought I’d have some fun while waiting.
    And I just got it, thanks.

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