Chest Wins! Chest Wins! Chest Wins!

Here are the results of last week’s “Which Body Part Should I Get Waxed?”:

Chest: 66 votes
Underarms: 19 votes
Legs: 17 votes
Eyebrows: 9 votes
Arms: 5 votes

Thanks to everyone who participated. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to do some push-ups and sit-ups to make my midsection somewhat presentable for the before and after pictures and possible video.

18 thoughts to “Chest Wins! Chest Wins! Chest Wins!”

  1. I’m dissapointed that “Armpits” didn’t win, but I’m still pleased. Woot! Shave it all baby! Take it all off!

  2. My friend Ed had his chest waxed and had an allergic reaction to some essential oil added to scent the wax and it was not pretty.

    Good luck, my friend.

  3. As an added bonus for your faithful flock, perhaps you could also wax a surprise area of your choosing for us.

    Take some advil before you go under the waxing spatula (actually it’s a popsicle stick); supposedly it helps with the pain.

    Too bad you’re anonymous, the facial expressions are going to be priceless…

  4. Underarms didn’t win! Oh sore loser pout pout pout 🙁

    Will you wear glitter for the experience? Oh wait that is what some women wear for their “lady doc” appts. 😉

  5. Wash Down that Advil with a nice beer.. or better yet your favorite cocktail.
    OOhhh.. I can’t wait possible new video footage! ( Dances blissfully away to stare at Stalk… fan wall.)

  6. oops! above anonymous cocktail comment was mine love, forgot I cleaned out the cookies!

  7. I suggest that you hold a draw for the used wax strips. I’m sure all of your loyal readers would enjoy a little bit of marvo.

  8. My husband let me try to wax him, and he literally leapt up from the pain, marched around the house, and clapped and laughed like a madman.
    Tylenol, my friend. Wash it down with some friendly alcohol? And remember, swiftly and along the skin, not away!

  9. Chuck – Maybe I’ll sneak in a pic.

    Nevis – Oh, you so don’t want it all off. It’s not a pretty picture.

    Suzanne – I’m waiting with trepidation.

    Brenda – For some reason an allergic reaction sounds much better than having hair ripped from my chest.

    Shannon – Blood is sexy?

    Molly – Do my palms count? Thanks for the suggestion, but I think I want to experience the full pain.

    Susu – I’ll wear glitter at my next lady doc appointment. 😉

    Bikerbabeee – Maybe I’ll make the video in slow motion like Baywatch so everyone can see the full jiggling.

    Sass – I am man. I will suck it up.

    cian – As the only other person who will be in that room other than the waxing professional, you will be taking pictures and the video. I’m putting you to work.

    Terry – Yeah, crunches are definitely better. I can do several dozen crunches, but only one or two sit-ups.

    Karen – I dunno about that, if someone were to get their hands on my DNA and clone me, the planet will be doomed.

    demondoll – I think were doing the waxing in the morning and I don’t drink anytime before noon.

  10. have you seen the American Idol video of the guy who went and got his chest waxed for Paula? worth the time, very…very funny.
    what’s wrong with body hair, by the way? I say leave it all–chest, back, shoulders, armpits, balls… hair is hot. am I wrong?
    I only take issue with nose hair. and ear hair. but the rest of it…LEAVE IT!!!

  11. FatYoli – I gotta do it or else readers will come at me with dull razor blades.

    sonya – I wouldn’t get my chest waxed for Paula. Although, I would physically harm Simon for her.

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