Winners of Potato/Fruit Crisps!!!

Winning isn’t the only thing in life. There’s also losing. Occasionally, there are ties. What I’m trying to say at 1:00 in the morning is that sometimes you win some and sometimes you lose some. For 30-something of you who participated, you lost. For six of you, you won a sample of Brother-All-Natural crisps…and possibly wasted all your winning mojo and will never win anything again.

Winners were randomly chosen out of an empty Brothers-All-Natural potato crisps bag (Me likey the recycley). Here are the six winners of the Brothers-All-Natural products:

Comment #7 – jtmoney
Comment #23 – Erika
Comment #24 – rossitron
Comment #17 – Kylie
Comment #14 – Echo810
Comment #32 – Tiff

Each winner will receive either a sample of Brothers-All-Natural fruit crisps or potato crisps.

Thanks to everyone who participated!

7 thoughts to “Winners of Potato/Fruit Crisps!!!”

  1. yay! i’ve never won something before and i likely will never win again, so i’m ok with having used up my winning mojo.

    how do we receive our prize?

  2. Sigh… so much for the sweet, sweet potato crisps. On the upside, at least i still have my winning mojo.

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