PRIZE DRAWING: Because I Have Enough Blue and Enough Hawaii

When I first heard about the Pepsi Blue Hawaii being sold only in Japan, I knew I had to try it and review it, so I went about getting my hands on some. It wasn’t a matter of if, because I knew some capitalist soul would be selling some on eBay, but it was a matter of how much I was willing to spend. I ended up paying $22 (US Dollars) for three bottles of it, plus $20 for shipping from Japan. A few days prior to that, TIB reader Fury emailed me and asked if I’d be willing to review some snacks from Japan she wanted to send me. Because I’m not one to turn down free snacks, I told her to send them my way. When the box arrived, it was full of the Japanese snacks she promised, but there was a little surprise at the bottom of the box, which was a bottle of the Pepsi Blue Hawaii.

The bottles of Pepsi Blue Hawaii I purchased on eBay arrived the other day and since I already reviewed it, I don’t have a need for all three bottles, but I am going to keep one for myself in hopes that it will be worth $42 someday on eBay so I can make my money back. But as for the other two bottles, I’m going to give them away to two lucky readers via a prize drawing.

To enter this prize drawing, just leave a comment for THIS post with either your suggestion for the next Japanese Pepsi flavor or whatever else you’d like to say. Please fill out the email field, because I’ll be emailing the winner for their mailing address. The Impulsive Buy will stop accepting entries on Saturday, July 12, 2008 11:59 p.m. Hawaii Standard Time. Only one entry allowed per person. The drawing is open to everyone.

Good luck!

Fine Print: The Impulsive Buy promises your email address will not be used to send you forwards about how Bill Gates wants to give you $1,000. The Impulsive Buy also promises your mailing address will not be used to send you information about how you can get Business Week magazine for the professional rate of $49.95 per year. Bribes will not be accepted. The Impulsive Buy will not be responsible for lost mail, damaged mail, or getting a C-List celebrity pregnant.

171 thoughts to “PRIZE DRAWING: Because I Have Enough Blue and Enough Hawaii”

  1. I think it should be something truly strange like the Thanksgiving flavors Jones Soda has had, so what about a pepsi version of sushi? You could even call it PEPSushI. It would be something people would try because it’s so out there that their curiousity would get the better of them..

  2. One thing that I would like Pepsi to do is to release the Holiday Spice version again at xmas time. That stuff was great!

  3. Oh my god, I’m so interested in trying the Pepsi Blue Hawaii–plus two bottles means I could drink one, and put the other in my wine cellar, hoping it gets better with age.

    Anyway, if I had to choose the next Japanese Pepsi flavour it would probably be some sort of… Pocari Sweat/Pepsi crossover. Like really really weak clear cola, with hardly any fizz.

    It’s Japan. Someone would buy it.

  4. How about a Japan-flavored Pepsi, it can taste like sushi, Sony products and hello kitty.

  5. I think they should stick with the Elvis movie theme, after “Blue Hawaii” they should do a shellfish flavored cola and call it “Clambake” and after that something with with all burnt and blackened ingredients. They could call that “Charro.”

  6. Inspired by Japan’s most infamous vending product:

    “Pepsi Schoolgirl”
    with a used panties flavor.

  7. The newest Flavor should be Super Awesome Puppy Pepsi. Tastes just like fresh puppies.

  8. Thanks for this drawing. As for another Pepsi Japan flavor, it should definitely be something with an essance of fish to it.

  9. Shannon: They already do! Check out Izze.

    Pepsi Orange Indecency would be a good flavor for Japan next time. It would be made with orange flavor and the sweat of a man who just cheated on his wife.

    Oh, and a refreshing splash of lime!

  10. Another Pepsi Japan flavor?

    Green Tea Bacon.

    They have alot of Green Tea flavored items, and well. Bacon is always good.

  11. how about pepsi blaq?

    i loved that coke blak, despite the fact that no one else did, and they’re always copying each other’s ideas, even if they fail epically (lime? wtf?).

  12. Why not Sake flavored Pepsi? It’s Japanese and it tastes like alcohol. 😀 But you could drink it in the streets of America without getting arrested for being drunk and doing something you’ll regret the next day!

  13. Oooh free blue hawaiin pepsi!
    There are already so many yummy flavor suggestions.. but i heard coke has coke with vitamin c so pepsi obviously needs to one up them with pepsi plus centrum multi vitamins… that way old people could enjoy pepsi too… just an idea. 🙂

  14. How about some rice flavored Pepsi. All the blandness with none of the starch…

  15. Seaweed Pepsi? Sashimi Pepsi? California Roll Pepsi with it’s distinct flavors of imitation crab, rice, nori, cucumber & avocado?

    (I really miss Pepsi Light. From the 80’s, turquoise can with the lemons on it. Mmmm, saccharin. Thanks, Mom!)

  16. well how about Pepsi super guarana+ginseng and other un-natural “energy” producing ingredients..They could start with the Pepsi Max they already create and go crazy.. I am sure everyone under age 30 would lap it up!

  17. Pepsi Lychee sounds great, if you like lychee nuts the slogan should be Taste the Lychee

  18. Sweet. I totally collect all sorts of crazy colas!

    Okay – I don’t. But I totally wanna try this weird stuff.

  19. all the above suggestions sound really good. i’d like to submit: black-squid ink flavored pepsi.

  20. Maybe Pepsi could work out a deal with a game show and show the contestants happily drinking pepsi, covered in mud and bleeding from their alligator bites.

  21. I *LOVE* this Pepsi challenge!!


    Pepsi Durian

    Pepsi Yuzu (winter only!)

    Sakura Pepsi and Momo Pepsi (spring only!)

    Corn Pottage Pepsi

    Pepsi Black (coffee-flavored Pepsi) & Pepsi White (with milk)

    Aloe Pepsi (for those Aloe yogurt eaters in Japan)

    Pepsi Wakame

    …and some generic energy drink from Pepsi called Pepsi Dragon.

  22. chocolate mint, my favorite flavor combo. Would be odd as a pepsi, but then again they come out with wacky flavors often.

  23. Considering how many new sodas i’ve had the privilege to drink over the past few months, not to mention “cast my vote for”- which i’m sure will somehow go over a little bit smoother than the upcoming presidential hoo-ha. Anyway, all criticisms aside, i actually heard about this flavor, and was curious to how it would taste.

    As for a new flavor- my first guess was going to be something insane like urine. I mean, if there’s a cute anime girl with a cute anime tree and some puppies, people from japan would like it. However, since Milwaukee’s Best Ice actually is made with urine, my second guess would be mirin. It’s this weird, obnoxiously sweet alcohol stuff that Japanese people enjoy. It’d probably make the pepsi taste like rice puddin’.

  24. I think that an orange/mango/strawberry flavor for Pepsi Japan would be sweet. I also think that it might be better with a splash of Ginseng to it.

  25. This is my 3rd time trying a drawing, 😛

    I think they should make a papaya pepsi flavor, with all the benefits!!

  26. How about a Watermelon Pepsi, might cost less than the $6k Japanese Special watermelon.

  27. LTRFTP

    I would do anything for a Blue Hawaii Pepsi.

    The best choice for a Japanese Pepsi flavor? Gobo! Or maybe Daikon.

  28. Kiddie Cocktail Pepsi would make me happy, although isn’t it called a Roy Rogers if you use Cola? Or is that Dr. Pepper?

  29. I stopped drinking soda a year and six months ago, but I might make an exception for this interesting concoction. Next Japanese soda flavor? Let’s see- Plum? Tuna? Coffee?

  30. Yoai pepsi for the girls and Yuri pepsi for the guys. They both taste like salty clams.

  31. As mentioned before… I’m a sucker for blue drinks so count me in for the drawing!!

  32. How about Pepsi Godzilla? They could make the bottles slightly bigger and make the pop green. The flavor should taste nothing like anything green, so they could make it strawberry flavored or something.

    Yeah – that is a pretty lame suggestion. But my original suggestion was already taken.

  33. For wacky flavors, how bout a savory soda? They’ve done veggie sodas…so how about something like pork soda or something like that.

    For realistic flavors, how about durian, the stinky fruit? that would make a great weird flavor…

  34. a new soda with the same flavor as that orange ginger dressing they serve on their salads.

  35. Well, I like the idea of the melon flavor… that might actually *taste* decent (cherry blossom might not be too bad either)… although if Japan brings back Crystal Pepsi, it will prove that they are much smarter than we are.

    I’ll shut up now… mostly I just want some Pepsi Blue Hawaii!

  36. They should have sake pepsi! because c’mon, we all wish our pepsi was alcoholic in the first place.

  37. I want to try it even though there aren’t any disturbingly cute anthropomorphic animals on the bottle.

  38. How about kumquat pepsi? I’ll bet they’d LOVE that over there.

    Either that or squid-ink pepsi.

  39. I don’t know any other Pepsi flavors besides the normal ones here in the US, so I totally want to win a bizarre one.

  40. I just want to try this so I can act out that one scene from Heathers without actually drinking Draino 😮

  41. There should be a Pepsi Yellow Sun. It would be banana flavored and only be available on the international space station and the various satellites that come within a hundred or so billion miles of the sun. It would end up costing the average ebay-er at the very least a few thousand dollars per bottle on shipping costs alone.

    Also those bottles make me think of that one song… BLLUUUUUE VELLLLVET.

    That is all.

  42. OMG! I want to win this so I can start on my mission of creating world peace for children in Africa and Iraq.

  43. Hmmm, Japan needs to do something like Ginger Pepsi. Japanese Ginger ice-cream is bizarre and delish… so why not soda? Whhhhhyyyyy?

    *wants weird Blue Japanese Pepsi*

  44. i don’t even know… but I bet it’s good. i want to try the weird pepsi!

  45. How about Pepsi Water- super carbonated water with a tiny hint of cola flavor (no sweetener)…I imagine it would taste like when you get a fountain soda and the syrup has run out. I love that.

  46. I don’t have any ideas because I don’t want to win, but next time you need Japanese soda sent to you. Just email me, I live here. I’ll make you pay shipping, but I won’t jack up the price of 3 bottles to 20US.


  47. I’d like to see Pepsi revive Pepsi Kona just for the Japanese market. Somehow, I think that they Japanese might take to it.

  48. How about a Pepsi just for men? Kinda of like that Otoko Kaoru menthol gum. You could chew the gum, drink the Pepsi, and feel that testosterone rising!

  49. How about EXTREME Pepsi Code Blue. Blue raspberry, except with enough caffeine to give you a heart attack.

  50. I’m shocked no one has mentioned this yet — Coconut Pepsi! Yeah, I don’t know why it would be a Japanese flavor…I guess the whole Hawaii thing made me think of it. Or Sweet Tofu Pepsi…even though tofu has no real flavor on it’s own. I fail.

  51. since food companies seem to incorporate bacon into everything nowadays, I suppose a bacon-flavored pepso is just around the corner..

  52. I just know that bukkae flavored Pepsi has made its way through the test kitchens. Crazy Japs!!!

  53. Pepsi Pepperoni! Maybe not exactly Japanese, but they’d probably try making it anyway.

  54. (I’d actually buy the coconut & Lychee suggestions above);
    Persimmon Pepsi
    Milk Tea Pepsi
    Chocolate Pepsi
    Squid Chip Pepsi
    Enoki Pepsi
    Cinnamon Pepsi
    Salted Plum Pepsi

  55. Pepsi with Boba balls in the bottom… just because it’s fun to say “balls”….

  56. Diet pepsi with a lemon is the best pepsi.

    They should make orange pepsi. I would actually buy that, as I mix pepsi and orange soda all the time.

  57. Mint flavored Pepsi, but named Emerald Frosion Pepsi
    (cookie to those who get the name reference)

  58. Something with ginger. Pear and ginger? Cherry? Ginger SOMETHING. But not garlic because that’s just pleh…..

  59. I’m curious enough to see what it’s like. I think Orange Pepsi would taste pretty good. Anything Orange flavored is good in my book.

  60. My good side says Matcha (green tea) Pepsi… my evil side says Kewpie Mayonnaise Pepsi!

  61. Watermelon-Kiwi flavored pepsi. You’d be a fool not to want to try some of it. Seriously.

    My apologies, I forgot to fill in my email, how could I win without it?

  62. I’d say either something fruity (banana or strawberry or something) or something totally off-the-wall. I know a few people from Japan who delight in eating chocolate on their Cheetos, so it doesn’t seem like much would be off-limits!

  63. I would like to start off by saying, Pepsi forever! Long live the Pepsi-Frito Alliance.

    To answer your question, I would like, nay I DEMAND, Pepsi Max: Beyond Thunderdome.
    This Pepsi will have twice the normal caffeine as well as 8% alcohol by volume. It shall also contain a daily serving of all needed vitamins and minerals and come with a free itunes song on every bottle.

    Oh, also, I want it to have two cigs worth of sweet sweet nicotine, and a modest amount of prozac to make me feel ok about drinking something so terrible for me.

  64. How about a chai pepsi? Or cheese-pepsi. I don’t even know how they would do that. O__o;;

  65. I love trying new sodas! It sucks that you had to pay the $42 bucks and got one anyways…but it’s great for the two lucky ones who get to try it!

    They should make a watermelon flavored Pepsi. They have cherry Pepsi, why not watermelon…or grape infused?

  66. Soon they’ll be making Pepsi in all kinds of colors…
    Pepsi Green, Pepsi Purple, Pepsi Pink, Pepsi Rainbow, you name it!

  67. I’ve never been to Hawaii so trying the Pepsi Blue could be the next best thing! As far as new flavors, I often have a Pepsi w/Hot Wings…hmmm (less napkins)

  68. In Japan they have candy that is creamy corn flavor. I think that would make a unique, fun and gross Pepsi.

  69. Hawaii Blue Pepsi looks like 1000 Flushes. I’m just sayin is all.

    I think it might taste like it too.

    I’m intrigued. Contest entry plz.

  70. Let’s see, they’ve tried a vegetable and an alcoholic drink…I think natural progression would tell us that the next flavor would be Pepsi Bloody Mary.

  71. Wow, so the Pepsi Blue is THAT bad that you’re giving it away, uh?

    New flavor for Pepsi has got to be Acai Pepsi, to catch on with the hype.

  72. Caffeine-free Diet Pepsi Max.

    Barring that, I don’t care what flavor it is as long as it’s gray. Has there ever been a gray soda?

  73. The next entry in the Elvis-flavored soft drink collection should be “Harum Scarum” Mountain Dew.

  74. Great site. Especially for a guy that thinks eating is a good hobby.

    How about cherry-limeade flavored Pepsi.

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