Product Poll: Japanese Product Edition

A few weeks ago, a Japanese grocery store popped up in my neighborhood. I was excited about this because I love exploring unusual Japanese products that have labels I can’t read, despite the 2 1/2 years of Japanese language I took in college. When I walked through its aisles for the first time and saw all the possible products to review, I almost blew a load, which would’ve needed a cleanup in aisle number five.

Over the past few weeks I’ve bought several products from the store, intending to review them. But I’ve bought too many products and can’t decide which to review, so I’m going to let TIB’s readers decide for me. I’ve chosen three of the products for you to vote on:

1. JT Super Haioku

2. Glico Beer Pretz

3. JT Senoby

The Japanese product with the most votes will be declared the winner. The winner will be eaten and reviewed, while the others will just have the pleasure of going through my digestive system.

To vote, just leave a comment with this post with your choice. Only one choice and vote per person.

I’ll be accepting votes until Friday, October 17th (11:59 p.m. Hawaii Standard Time).

Now go and vote!

63 thoughts to “Product Poll: Japanese Product Edition”

  1. Another vote for Super Haioku. It’s the gasoline pump that gives it the edge. Petrol flavored energy drink, perhaps?

  2. On the other hand, a little search reveals this intriguing factoid about Senoby: “Japan Tobacco is in the fray with Senoby, a beverage featuring “lactoferrin, which the label describes as “a protein contained in mother’s milk.”

  3. Forget any of these. Review Pocori Sweat, if your store has it.

    If they don’t, well…find a new Japanese store.

    How can anyone resist a drink called Sweat that looks just like bottled sweat? (milky white, yet translucent. Yum!)

    P.S. It’s delicious. Like Gatorade minus any kind of retardedly XTREME flavor.

  4. Beer Pretz, as I am afraid one of the bottles might be unagi flavored soda or something else equally weird.

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