A new writer premieres at The Impulsive Buy and takes it to new heights…of lows, that is.

I realize this opening smacks of cliché, but I couldn’t think of any other way to introduce myself as the new writer to this fine site.

Hi, I’m Reprobate, a fan of the site since 2006, and for the past year or so, regular contributor to the comments section. By the way, those of you who are die hard fans of this site may also recognize me as one of two winners of the Blue Hawaii Pepsi that was offered by this site. Jealous? No? Argh! But I digress.

Anyhoo, with the addition of me, The Impulsive Buy has finally gone coast to coast!
Well, almost. I’ve been a Michigan resident for the last 16 years, and I graduated from Michigan State this year with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. No, it’s not as impressive as it sounds; the crowning achievement of my scholastic career was to build a bike that broke after 15 minutes. Before that, I was a pretty good student who was one of those quiet guys. No, nothing like the Trench Coat Mafia. Just one of those guys who you never noticed or just dismissed. I’ve been on radio before, both in high school and college, which was fun. I’ve also passed through the annals of special education in my earlier years, and riding the small bus was fantastic. We get the best seats! I’ve also shaken my jiggly butt on high school TV before and one of my physics teachers nearly got arrested for bringing a rifle to school (it turned out to be a BB gun). Anyways, I think that’s enough about my checkered past. I don’t want to destroy my sterling reputation quite yet.

I hope that you guys will enjoy my reviews and maybe chuckle a few times. Feel free to compliment me or bash me in the comments, and we’ll see how it goes. Until then, love and peace! Oh, and please try not to spay or neuter your pets. If you have to, just leave one of the nuts.

14 thoughts to “Introducing…”

  1. Welcome, though I must say it’s turning into a sausage fest up in here. Time to represent, ladies.

  2. A fellow commenter switches over to the dark side of contributing. Dun dun dun. Looking forward to the reviews.

    I, however, won the Mountain Dew prize pack..which is more elite because there was only one winner as opposed to two winners in your winning…thus..I win.

    Did Marvo ever draw names for the nasty toothpaste?

  3. +1 for Michigan!!

    Which part of MI are you from, I’m near Grand Rapids.

    Cant wait for the reviews, love this site!!

  4. I don’t comment often but I usually read ’em and have noticed your name, if not for it’s uniqueness. In any case, cool to see a new writer, can’t wait to read some new smarmy and sarcastic reviews.

  5. Michigan? I thought you were Dutch… your description sounds like Hard Harry’s from Pump up the Volume.

    Talk hard!

  6. Ouch, I’m jealous WHY CAN’T I WRITE FOR THE SITE?! Oh it’s all fun and games until Reprobate comes along and shatters your dream with a subway wang review. You’re on notice O_o

  7. Your name isn’t on the right side of the site yet (where it says contributors). Not sure who else to tell.

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