Thai Cashew Chicken is Back! But You Probably Didn’t Know It Left!

I guess what they say about Asians is true — most Asian dishes look alike. I swear the Panda Express Thai Cashew Chicken looks like their Kung Pao Chicken, String Bean Chicken, and Mushroom Chicken. Maybe that’s the reason why when I was picking up dinner this past weekend at Panda Express I wasn’t surprised by its sudden appearance because I thought it was something else. The Thai Cashew Chicken consists of cashews, white meat chicken, red bell peppers, some green vegetable, and cilantro. A 5.5-ounce serving has 240 calories, 2.5 grams of saturated fat, 640 milligrams of sodium, 18 grams of protein, and 0 grams of surprises. According to the Panda Express website, it will be around until December 30th, but when it does disappear, I don’t think anyone will notice.

13 thoughts to “Thai Cashew Chicken is Back! But You Probably Didn’t Know It Left!”

  1. I was so excited when this came out (why do I get excited about everything!?), but was disappointed (why do I… oh, nevermind) when I tried it. It’s not bad or anything, just not particularly remarkable. I had been choosing that side when I do go to Panda Express, however, believing it to be a lighter side than the others. Now all my dreams (not really) are crushed because you put up the nutrition info and I see that this is just as unhealthy as all the other things at Panda Express. Actually, I’m sure the other sides are even worse. This is a Pandora’s Box left unopened.

  2. I think they just used that as an excuse to put up new, cute panda signs. And why would anyone bother with anything at Panda Express but the Orange Chicken anyway?

  3. I like their Kung Pao chicken pretty well, myself. I always have trouble thinking of a second entree to get that isn’t chicken though.

  4. Chuck — I would suggest the Beijing Beef; it tastes vaguely like orange chicken, except of course, it’s beef. Not sure what to do if you don’t like the flavor, though. Panda Bowl? lol

  5. Hey Marvo, uh, did you imbed this article with evil? After I posted that message to Chuck, browser after browser kept popping up… Not even from an ad or anything, but it was just the “Thai Cashew Chicken” comments page, over and over! I sat here clicking on them as they came up, but after five minutes had to unplug my computer as ctrl+alt+delete wasn’t even working. Not sure if this is a one-time thing or what, but it was pretty freaky (but kind of funny). I just hope it doesn’t happen again as I submit THIS comment. lol… 🙁

  6. Ok I have to say it. I know you want to add more to your site and thats great but its called the impulsive buy. You are now just taking random pictures at stores when you are out and posting them. Unless you have a bunch of readers who never leave the house your aren’t showing us anything we don’t already know. What I read your site for as well as others is the review of those products. Sorry I just had to say it. I had your site as an RSS but I am probably going to be deleting it soon. I just don’t have much need for a feed showing me what I seen when I go out for the day.

  7. They are finally building a Panda Express near me ! I want to try this because I just started eating Thai food. The pandas are cute too !

  8. @Neil – I hear that dish is salty.

    @Heidi – I’m sorry for posting the nutrition info. If it’s any consolation, it’s got lots of protein.

    @armauld – If you do end up at a Panda Express, get the orange chicken and broccoli beef.

    @amy – I’d send you some, but by the time it got to you it would be gross.

    @Sea Hag – Did you notice they started selling panda stuffed animals at the restaurants? I would’ve bought one, but they didn’t talk like the pandas in the commercials.

    @Chuck – I usually get the Tofu Eggplant to fulfill the non-chicken dish.

    @Heidi – I’m sorry to hear that it happened. Did it happen again after posting your last comment?

    @jerry lewis – I’m sorry you feel that way, but since you subscribe to the RSS feed so you can choose to read the reviews only, which I have conveniently labeled with “REVIEW:” in the title. As I’ve said before I decided to post news, because we won’t be able to review EVERYTHING, but I want people to know about the new products, some of which we will probably review. Some of the news stuff maybe old to you, but for some readers it might be new to them. Well, if you do decide to no longer read TIB, I just want to thank you for those times you did read us.

    @Jess – If pandas weren’t endangered, didn’t poop, and were legal to have as pets, I’d have a whole lot of them.

  9. Doesn’t all Panda Express food taste the same?

    Actually, doesn’t all fast food “Chinese” taste the same?

  10. Marvo — no it didn’t; seemed like it was a one-time thing as it hadn’t happened before. Maybe there was a weird ad on here? If it happens again I’ll try to see what was on the page.

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