WTF Is Up With The Short Little Posts? Where Are The Reviews?

Some of you might be wondering why there are these little posts that aren’t reviews. The Impulsive Buy has been mainly a product review blog, but I’ve always wanted to do new product news because there are so many products being introduced and there is no way we could review them all, but I want to let all of you know about them, hence the short posts that aren’t reviews. It definitely is NOT the end of reviews here at The Impulsive Buy. There still will be as many reviews as we can churn out and I’m pretty sure that some of the products that we do news stories about will be reviewed.

Another reason why I decided to include news stories is because I wanted to provide another cool way for you guys and gals to participate. Some of you post comments, some of you recommend products, and some of you let me know about new products, which I am very thankful for, but I want to encourage something a little more. It’s hard for me to learn about all the new products that are being introduced because there are just so many of them. I have my ways of finding out about products, but many of them slip by me, so that’s where I hope you folks are able to step in. If you’re grocery shopping and you see a new product on the shelf, let me know about it. If you see a television commercial promoting a new product, let me know about it. If your local McDonald’s is offering a new regional product, let me know about it. Just send me an email at theimpulsivebuyATgmailDOTcom. Also, if you happen to have a camera on you or your cell phone has a camera, take a photo of the new product and email it to me at theimpulsivebuyATgmailDOTcom. I won’t make you rich, but I’ll make you internet famous for 10 seconds.

So that’s the reason why there are these short little posts that aren’t reviews and I hope you’re enjoying them.

The Impulsive Buy

11 thoughts to “WTF Is Up With The Short Little Posts? Where Are The Reviews?”

  1. Look, Marvo calls himself the editor now. How far he’s come from a random blogger in 2004, he now has two other guys on staff.

  2. Yea, amazing how a random blogger from a rock in the middle of the ocean now has legions of underlings in the mainland now. Come to think of it, has anyone seen our new president-elect and Marvo in the same place at the same time? Hmmm.

  3. It’s all good dude.

    Just make sure that you keep replying to the comments in the posts. That really sets your blog apart from all the others, and one of the main reasons I bookmarked it.

  4. Hmm, I was wondering what was up with those little short posts. But I like that you’ve addressed it, and I like the posts now that I know the reviews won’t be compromised! And that was such an inspiring call to action. I now feel motivated to walk down to Wal-Mart and snap pictures of every new product I see so I can get you to like me.

  5. You’ve come a long way, Marvo! Mr.Fancy Editor and whatnot. I’ll read anything you pump out.

  6. I’ve got to second Jesse, I don’t care about the length of the posts (small posts generally mean more posts) but I love having my comments answered.

  7. @Cap – You can raise hell? Well I’m going to end up there anyway, so go ahead.

    @maxchain – But just for 10 seconds, which is five minutes in reality.

    @MCW – Awesometastic!

    @Natalie – I’ve always been an editor, even when I was by myself. I would pretend to give people directions and tell my pretend writers that they need to make edits to their work, which never got posted.


    @Jesse – If people keep commenting, I’ll keep replying, although I’ve been kind of slow replying recently. Boo on me!

    @SR – Snap away! Also, I already like you.

    @Heidi – I hope you can keep up.

    @Zach – I thought you were going to say Mr. Fancy Pants because I like to dance in TIB videos.

    @armauld – In that case I may go to review haikus.

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