NEWS: Kellogg’s Ensures There Will Never Be More Saw Movies Than Pop-Tarts Flavors

I think it’s now official.

I need to jump into a body of water contaminated with nuclear waste in order to grow more toes and fingers so that I can count the number of Pop-Tarts flavors out there.

Kellogg’s recently introduced two new flavors to go along with the 4,349 other flavors available at your favorite grocer. The Chocolate Banana Split is filled with banana and chocolate filling with frosting and sprinkles on top. The limited edition Orange Cream contains orange cream filling and is topped with frosting and orange icing. The Orange Cream Pop-Tarts, sound intriguing because I love Orange Dreamsicles. As for the Chocolate Banana Split, I think I would probably enjoy it very much because the chocolate will satisfy the sweet tooth in me, while the banana will satisfy my hairy monkey urges — except the urge for flinging poop.

17 thoughts to “NEWS: Kellogg’s Ensures There Will Never Be More Saw Movies Than Pop-Tarts Flavors”

  1. I meant to ask you if you got a hold of the Mango Guava ones. (I heard they were only in Southwest border states.)

    I’ve wondered why they don’t make savory pop tarts. (I guess those are called Hot Pockets.)

  2. The orange cream ones sound pretty good, but yeah have to agree, I wish they had a ham and cheese pop tart. Or a spicy tuna one. I would buy more pop tarts in that case.

  3. @cybele – Unfortunately, I didn’t. Although I didn’t check eBay to see if someone was selling them. That’s where I usually go for the hard to find stuff, like weird Japanese Pepsi.

  4. I think there should be a grudge match between Pop Tarts and Japanese KitKats to see which has released the most variations and who has released the weirdest flavors.

    They don’t sell Pop-Tarts here, but I’m sure there’d be several different red bean ones by now if there were.

  5. Chocolate Banana sounds kinda good…..but orange creme
    sounds good too. I remember in vietnam we killed a monkey who stole our bananas from the mess then we roasted him over an wood fire pit. We were all high but that was war. sometimes I have to sleep in an open field because of voices in my head….. Is that normal ?

  6. Curses, now I have to go out and buy these just to know how they taste because you wouldn’t tell us, Marvo!

    I will probably eat one of each and be left with the rest of the Pop-Tarts gathering dust for all eternity in my pantry. 🙁

    On that note, WHY do they have to put two pastries in one wrapper? I end up eating one pastry and having to eat the second one in the next 24 hours or else it ends up tasting like Martian swamp dust or something.

  7. I had the opportunity to try the Chocolate Banana Split Pop-Tarts several months ago, and I thought they were disgusting. Now, I am not really a big fan of any of the Pop-Tarts that are some sort of chocolate flavor, but in this case it didn’t really matter. The banana flavor almost over-powered the chocolate. And it wasn’t a good banana flavor…more like a banana soaked in a vat of banana flavored snow cone syrup flavor.

    Haven’t tried the Orange Creme, but have eaten the Mango Guava ones that cybele mentioned and thought those were pretty good.

  8. I’ve noticed an increase in posts here that aren’t actually reviews, but are more short articles about a new product.

    Are you getting paid now to advertise new products?

  9. Bryan – We should create a petition for Kellogg’s to make savory Pop-Tarts. I’ll let you be in charge of that. 🙂

    @Orchid64 – I think Japanese Kit Kats wins that match hands down. Soy sauce Kit Kat? Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

    @Neil – As long as you’re not in the middle of a corn field trying to hit on a scarecrow.

    @Heidi – The stores here probably don’t have them yet. As for your two pastries in one wrapper problem, I suggest freezing them. If it’s good enough for peas it’s good enough for Pop-Tarts.

    @Swish – Maybe I’ll add real bananas on top of it and then dip the whole thing in chocolate. I think that would make it taste better.

    @Miguel Lancaster – No, I’m not getting paid for it. I just want to let people know about the new products out there.

    @Shannon – I’m curious to know how they would be frozen.

  10. Wow…both of those sound pretty gross…then again I’m from Canada, which, at last glance, carries a total of 4-5 pop tart flavours on the shelves of different grocery stores. I’m always surprised by all the different (and often questionable) flavours the US has. I don’t think Canada could handle that kind of intensity…

  11. I actually just had a Banana Split Pop-Tart this morning, it was actually pretty good. There was actually a hint of cherry as well, or maybe it was just my imagination.

    Now if only I could find those Mango Guava ones. Can’t find them in any local SoCal stores or Ebay.

  12. Whoa whoa whoa, why is the Orange Cream one the Limited Edition flavor? Haven’t they done enough variations on chocolate that they can let Chocolate Banana Split be the one that stops by for a brief “how’s it going” instead? When will this battle to force chocolate into breakfast end?!

  13. @Lisa – And that’s why we’re fatter than Canada.

    @Joseph – The Mango Guava ones are hard to find. It’s a regional flavor that’s available, I think, in the Southeast. I’ve been checking out eBay too for them.

    @maxchain – If we keep buying them, they’ll keep making them.

    @Shannon – I’ll race you to see who can buy them, freeze them, and eat them first.

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