REVIEW: Bud Light & Clamato Chelada

Bud Light presents Real Men of Genius

(Real Men of Genius)

Today we salute you, Mr. Bud Light & Clamato Chelada Inventor.

(Mr. Bud Light & Clamato Chelada Inventor)

Combining the watery goodness of Bud Light with the tomato clam juiciness of Clamato is usually only done by mad scientists and really, really, really, really, really drunk people. You also added salt and lime, but those don’t help the fact that you probably created the most ghetto bloody mary ever. Dr. Frankenstein used scavenged body parts to create his monster, but your hodgepodge creation would probably make him squirm.

(I ain’t going to drink that!)

Those who have balls big enough to drink it may not be able to smell and taste the clams or the beer, but the tomato is there punching their senses with a salty tomato soup look, smell and taste that only hobos can love. It’s somewhat tolerable, didn’t make me gag too much and I might’ve been able to nurse it until it was gone, except you weren’t kind enough to put it in a regular 12-ounce can.

Oh no.

Instead you decided to put your clammy concoction in a huge 24-ounce aluminum jug, making it impossible to finish without it getting warm, which makes the Chelada feel like someone rinsed their mouth with it and spit it back into the can.

(You sadistic bastard!)

So crack open an ice cold Bud Light, Champion of the Clamato and Backer of the Bud Light, because you’re going to find out if it mixes well with Grey Poupon.

(Mr. Bud Light & Clamato Chelada Inventor)

(Nutrition Facts – 12 ounces – 151 calories, 0 grams of fat, 15.6 grams of carbohydrates, 1.9 grams of protein, and 4.2% alcohol/volume.)

Item: Bud Light & Clamato Chelada
Price: $2.49
Size: 24 ounces
Purchased at: Wal-Mart
Rating: 1 out of 10
Pros: Didn’t make me gag too much. It contains alcohol. Bud Light Real Men of Genius ads.
Cons: Tomato punching your senses. Mixing Bud Light & Clamato. It comes in a 24-ounce can. Tastes much worse when warm. Would make Dr. Frankenstein squirm. Bud Light mixed with Grey Poupon.

52 thoughts to “REVIEW: Bud Light & Clamato Chelada”

  1. Oh my god. That is just so wrong. Thank you for being brave (or stupid) enough to put that in your mouth and swallow.

  2. Kudos for having the nerve to try it. I bought a can a year or so ago to review, and it sat in my fridge for MONTHS because I was scared to open it. I finally did, but it was so foul I didn’t bother reviewing it in fear I would inspire someone else to make the purchase.

  3. I’ve seen this for sale here. It’s the most disgusting sounding drink I can imagine, and it appears it tastes just as disgusting as I thought. But they still carry it at the corner store, so some people must buy it.

  4. Wow… this description actually made me sick to my stomach! 1 out of 10… that’s quite frightening!

  5. “Oh my god. That is just so wrong. Thank you for being brave (or stupid) enough to put that in your mouth and swallow.”

    If ever angry bob saw a straight line…

  6. You crazy Americans! Clamato is awesome. Great for Ceasars (which are like bloody marys, but good), and pretty good with a nice light pilsner style beer. Chicks especially like a little beer and Clamato. I think the problem is that Bud is such a sucky beer to begin with.

  7. If there were an award, I would nominate you. I don’t think I would have tried that stuff for money! Your funny writing style nicely complimented the sensory horror my mind formed when reading about how this product tastes. Ewwww is right!

  8. I had a flash back to my wedding night as my ex wife would not let me touch her before we were married
    her muffin smelled just like the beer tomato and clam drink
    and that was after a 30 min shower !!!!!
    Wow bad memorys.

  9. I really like this stuff. Seriously. It’s not good drunk straight from the can. Cheladas (or micheladas, in Mexico) are served over ice. I drink mine from a glass with a salted rim, squeeze the juice from a lime wedge into it, and add a couple dashes of hot sauce. It’s good. Making cheladas from Tecate and Clamato is better, and doing so with Tecate and a good Bloody Mary mix is fantastic. But I like the Bud version, too.

    1. I actually love it! It’s the only been I like as it is not sweet like do many pseudo beer on the market. I don’t really like the taste of beer either but as I am sitting here drinking one right now it reminds me of V8 with a kick. I wish I could make it myself and not pay such a premium price. $6.50 for a 4 pack at Winn Dixie and $6.00 at the discount beverage store.

      1. I was making these years before they came out by Bud Light. I would mix tomato juice or Clamato juice (which ever I had on hand) and mix it with a beer. I hated beer & this was my way of drinking it. Sometimes I will add a shot of vodka to it, served in a cold glass with salt. I love this.

  10. haven’t seen these, but we used to drink beer/tomato juice as a hangover cure. back in our early 20’s when we could drink enough beer to get drunk enough to BE hungover!
    and clamato used to make the best bloody mary mix on the market.

  11. Our local Bud distributor can’t even sell this crap. It sits on the shelf until it expires. Then they give it to the cops to prevent a Budweiser Rodney King incident.

  12. Bleh…I almost threw up in my mouth reading this.

    But, I do have that jingle in my head now…so it sorta evens it out…

  13. I tried that crap a few months ago and thought to myself I wouldn’t even want Marvo to review this shite!

  14. @govtdrone – I’m going to say brave.

    @dranktank – I don’t need inspiration to buy something like this. I need inspiration to drink something like this.

    @Chuck – I don’t think people buy it, I think the cans you see are the same cans that have been there for months.

    @Rick – You’re welcome!

    @Heidi – It would be even more frightening if people were able to buy a keg of it.

    @angry bob – Sadly, I have put worse things in my mouth.

    @lex – See reply above.

    @grinder – We Americans are pretty crazy. We go crazy over The Hills and we turn people who don’t deserve it into celebrities.

    @Taikog – Thanks for suggesting it, you sadistic bastard!

    @Frenchman – You’re kind of a masochist, aren’t you?

  15. @Scott – I have five dollars.

    @Neil – Thanks for passing that memory on. Now I’ll have bad memories.

    @Mike – I guess it’s an acquired taste, but the way you describe how you make your own makes it sound good.

    @bionic bunny! – If you do happen to see this product, remember to support your hobo population by buying your favorite hobo one.

    @Red Icculus – I’d buy them…for a penny and then turn around and make a four cent profit by recycling the cans…and giving the Chelada to my favorite hobo.

    @chris – Yes, it is. I feel like the Red Cross should be involved somehow.

    @cjwsbg – I’m glad everything is balanced.

    @luckinflux – Why didn’t you warn me? Actually, if you did warn me, I would’ve wanted to try it even more.

    @Anonymous – I bet you do.

    1. For me it’s 8/10 – i can drink them all night if they’re ice cold, and fast – so the big can doesn’t warm up. The Clam part of Clamato is Canadian. We’re just a little north of you guys, remember? We’re as close to the USA as Mexico is to theUSA but you don’t seem to know anything about us. It’s not supposed to be a Bloody Mary. It’s Clam – and it was obviously good enough to make it south of our border to the USA because now you stock Clamato in your stores (though really expensive) and you (the US) created Cheladas. And we thank you. It only took a year or two to get them up here. But yours taste better – something about the lime that we don’t have in ours.

    2. unclewilly, i love the stuff,two bad it doesnt come in 12 oz cans , i would buy a 18 packs of it
      once a week

  16. I live in Texas, and this stuff is incredibly popular here, particularly with a certain segment of the Spanish-speaking population. It’s sold everywhere. It’s not the idea of tomato juice and beer that bothers me — it’s the Clamato part.

    I might try it just to see what it’s like, but I’ll definitely serve it over ice with a lime wedge or something.

  17. Isn’t this whats wrong with Canada? Who the hell likes clam juice? Gross… I prefer my light beer with beefamato, thank you..

  18. I just tried it and I really like it. I think most people don’t like it just because of the name. Get over it and actually try it without a prejudice view.

  19. To the guy who bought one but kept it in his fridge for months then said it was bad… Wtf, go tell me one beer that does not taste bad after storing it for months. That was one poor thoughtout idea.

  20. Good stuff Closed minded people won’t like cause they won’t try it. Don’t knock it till you try it. Don’t let it sit in fridge forever then drink. Buy it serve in glass with ice

  21. I tried these for the first time in Arizona last month. They were awesome! Up here in Canada we drink beer and clam! Have Caesars which I might add in the states no one knows how to make a good Caesar. The only thing here in Canada they are too expensive for what you get, I can make my own beer and clam for 3/4 of the price. 18 pack in Saskatchewan was $60.00 – not worth it!

  22. I never tried this beer even tho we’ve been selling it in our store for almost 4 years now. Ive noticed a lot of asians and latinos buy it. Not sure if clamato and budweiser sounds appealing to me at least. I’d take a Michelada instead.

  23. I’m not Asian nor Spanish, but there’s nothing I like more than this amazing cocktail! I’m very disappointed that it’s impossible to find it in some cities in the US. Anyone has an idea where I can get it in Honolulu?

  24. I cant trust a review from somebody who cant finish 2 beers worth before it gets warm.. puss.

  25. I personally believe that Budweiser Cheladas are yummy. I know that there are plenty of beer snobs out there that turn their noses to macro-brewery, but there are also regular people out there that find the taste of this beverage very comforting. I wouldn’t called it an “acquired taste”, because that makes it sound like I went through years of puckering my mouth beer sampling to finally appreciate the taste. This is more of just something that is just yummy to those that already like the tomato/clam/beer combination.
    Call me cheap and tasteless, but I still enjoy these.

  26. Both myself and my best friend love this!!!!! We actually made these 40 some years ago with a 6 pack of beer & a bottle of clamato juice….its been our summer go to cocktail…. now more convenient to purchase a 6 pack of “budlight & clamato CHILADA. In fact I am enjoying one as I type

  27. I love cheladas! They are All I drink, and I share their delicious goodness with all I meet!!!

  28. This is the greatest I used to mix bud lite and MR and MRS T”S blooded mary mix but this make a great drink by it self but like some of the others have wrote it is hard to find not all Wal Marts have it.

  29. Drink bud light clamato, it’s tasty. I prefer it over the regular budweiser clamato because those can run very soupy. Anyway, you just convinced me to go get a few tall cans!

  30. I love this stuff….and…its great for a hangover too 🙂 I just wish it wasn’t so damn expensive. Very hard to get out here in New England, I have to special order @ $54.00 a case 🙁 … so can’t buy as often as I would like.

  31. kickin back in southern ks with two. love’em. only wish they had a little more than a 4.2 kick. $2.54 a piece as singles here, and no, the second one doesnt get warm before i am done.

  32. You HAVE TO put it in a big glass with ice! If you drink it straight out of the can, it’s thick and a little nasty….but, in ice, it’s refreshing and seriously addicting! I tried my first Michelada in Mexico…Beer, Clamato, spices, fresh limes, a little hot sauce…so delicious. The Bud Light version is pretty good, but you have to, have to, HAVE TO put it in ice!! Try it, you like!!!

  33. Bud Light Clamato is all I will drink, I get it from a local store. when I walk in they let me go in the cooler and get my case. they even give a special price for buying a case. every once in in a while that can not get it, and its hard to find, and after drinking a full body beer like clamato nothing else is as good. try it if you like A bloody marry, than there is a good chance you will like clamato from Anheuser-Busch, Strait up Bud, Or Bud Light.

  34. I have always loved red eyes. So I tried this when I first seen it in the cooler. Have been drinking it ever since, cold or warm. Clamato gives the simple bland beer a much needed kick for your tastebuds. The clam is very subtle. It is more of a spicey red eye. Hm? Maybe I’m a wino. Nah, costs too much, not sweet enough, and where’s the alcohol?

  35. Best drink ever!!!!
    Canadians get the short end of the stick…..AGAIN!
    Not the same recipe as those sold in the U.S.
    Shame on you Anhauser Busch or Whoever decided to give Canadians the lesser tasting product…… made without thelime, salt and spices.

  36. Skip Budweiser’s version of the “Chelada” and go get some Spicy Clamato, and the cheapest lager you can find, and mix it yourself. Budweiser’s version is SALTY Balls Salty, and by the time you get through a 25oz can, be prepared for the Heartburn Demons to sneak up on you. Don’t even think about letting the can sit around to get warm, or it will make you want to puke! For the perfect mix, grab yourself a 16oz pint glass, and fill with approx 4oz of Clamato. PUT IT IN THE GLASS BEFORE YOU POUR THE BEER IN. Next, slowly add a 12 oz Gangster Lager. No reason to spend money on Bud or Budlight, cause you’re not going to taste the beer either way. Rolling Rock is on sale for $10 an 18 pack in my area, and works perfect. When you pour the beer on top of the Clamato, do it like your the best bartender Ever! Tilt the glass and pour it slowly down the side, unless you want a Red Foam mess. (1) 48oz jug of Clamato for 5 bucks, should get you through an 18 pack of beer.

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