NEWS: Crest Wants to Make Sure You Can Do Almost Anything While Whitening Your Teeth

Do you drink a lot of coffee? Do you enjoy sucking on a squid’s ink teat?

Then your teeth could use a good whitening and for years Crest and other oral hygiene companies have been providing home teeth whitening kits.

The problem with regular Crest Whitestrips was that you couldn’t do much with your mouth while they were in there. Have a conversation with someone? Drink a glass of water? Lip sync and dance to Beyonce’s “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)”? Oral sex? None of that was possible with the original Whitestrips.

Crest recently announced their new Whitestrips Advanced Seal, which provides easier application, a stronger grip, form fitting, and cleaner removal than the regular Crest Whitestrips. I tried the original Whitestrips and they did significantly whiten my teeth to match my pale skin. Although, I didn’t like the film they left on my teeth after I removed them. Hopefully, the Advanced Seal version will solve that problem and my desire to lip sync and dance to Beyonce songs. A 14-day supply will cost you about $45.

11 thoughts to “NEWS: Crest Wants to Make Sure You Can Do Almost Anything While Whitening Your Teeth”

  1. Are they longer then the old ones? I always found that the regular white strips only cover the front 2-3 teeth.

  2. When are they going to come out with an American Idol® labeled version of this stuff? Ever notice how progressively brighter and whiter judges Randy, Paula and Simon’s teeth seem to be getting as the seasons go by and they get older? Even after drinking all that Coca Cola?

    Kara’s still new, so she has some time to put in on the show before the chemicals in this stuff take effect and reverse-tint the effects of drinking Coca Cola.

  3. @Orchid64 – You should just get the LED light jewel implant.

    @Zach – You’re welcome.

    @Rowen – I going to assume they’re about the same size.

    @Sam – That would be a good band name, but what kind of band would they be? I’m thinking folk rock.

    @Lula – No, I’m not reviewing it. This is a news item. On occasion I post a news item to let others know about new products available.

    @Pomai – I think they use CGI from George Lucas’ Industrial Light & Magic to make the judges look decent.

  4. @Sharon – I was surprised by how well they worked. If they weren’t so damn expensive, I would’ve bought more.

    @Karen B. – Ugh…I don’t want to have to register to get a free sample. Crest, if you can hear me, please send me a 14-day supply of these. I’ll be your bestest friend.

  5. I love the Mentadent strips because they cover a wider area for my big mouth and the peroxide is embedded in a soft PVC strip, which means that the strip clings to your damp teeth a lot better and the peroxide sits on top of your teeth instead of seeping under your gums to give your dental nerves a painful ass-kicking (nerve-kicking?). And they work really well, although my white teeth only serves to make the rest of my face look dull and dingy.

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