NEWS: Makers of Hamburger Helper Give Some Glove Love To Asians

The only four-fingered pleasure I get from a glove is the one I get from Hamburger Helper.

They’re extremely easy to make, really tasty, and I get to use ground beef in ways I could never imagine. Betty Crocker has also done magic with other things on the food chain with her Tuna Helper and Chicken Helper. So I was excited when I found out about Betty Crocker’s Asian Helper, which will help bring a little bit more Asian persuasion into homes beyond watching Sandra Oh on Grey’s Anatomy.

Asian Helper comes in three varieties: Mongolian-Style Beef, Beef Fried Rice, and Chicken Fried Rice.

15 thoughts to “NEWS: Makers of Hamburger Helper Give Some Glove Love To Asians”

  1. I’m going to shake my fist at the screen because the name doesn’t make sense: Hamburger Helper is for when you want to spice up your normal, boring old hamburger; Tuna Helper is for when you want something exciting than just plain tuna. Asian Helper? Either it’s something that helps Asians out with cooking or they’re promoting cannibalism.

  2. Who won the coupon for the free Carl’s Jr. steak sandwich coupon? Obviously it wasn’t me or my imaginary boyfriend.

  3. Okay, I’m not very educated about Asian cuisine… but hamburger chunks in noodles (or anything for that matter) doesn’t sound authentic in any sense of the word. Way to bastardize another ethnic food.
    However, name choice aside I can see it being somewhat tasty.

  4. Asian Helper sounds vaguely racist, as in: “I’ll have my little Asian helper get back to you on that matter.”

    Asian Gourmet Kit sounds a little bit better.

  5. @Heidi – I would try it with my own flesh, but I need it to function. I wish Ace lived closer.

    @ann – I did pick a winner, but I guess I forgot to announce it. But I know it wasn’t you or your imaginary boyfriend.

    @transiit – See my response to Heidi.

    @neil – With nuts and fresh vegetables.

    @Chuck – If I can find it, I will also be checking it out.

    @Bryan – You’ve been naughty recently. It’s like my penchant for sexual jokes has permeated through the internet.

    @Jeanette – Now that you mention it. Ground beef does sound very authentic. I don’t think there is an Asian dish that involves ground beef.

    @Molly – I’ll be almost anyone’s Asian helper if the pay is right and I have benefits.

  6. If it’s OK to name this “Asian Helper”, then I suppose it’s OK if they rename “Hamburger Helper” as “Caucasian Helper”. Not to forget “Hispanic Helper. Or does “Latino Helper” sound more romantic? lol

  7. @Pomai – All I want to know is, why does the Hamburger Helper glove only have four fingers? What if he gets pissed and wants to show it with a hand gesture?

  8. Marv, then he’ll just have to deal with looking AND considered being retarded. Simple as that. Kinda’ like giving someone the “bird” using your ring finger. lol

  9. @Pomai – But as long as he can shaka.

    @Jenny – Asians freeze burn easily so you’re probably going to have to throw away what’s in your freezer.

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