NEWS: Yoplait’s Three New Flavors Could Make a Billy Joel Song Even Better

Yoplait yogurt comes in so many flavors that you could probably rewrite Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start the Fire” with nothing but Yoplait yogurt flavors.

Don’t believe me. Below is a list of almost all the flavors. Have at it.

Cherry Orchard, Banana Crème, Tropical Peach, Mango, Dulce de Leche, Blackberry Harvest Boysenberry, Coconut Cream Pie, French Vanilla, Red Raspberry, Harvest Peach, Very Cherry, Guava, Blueberry Patch, Passion Fruit, Piña Colada, Strawberry, Strawberry Banana, Strawberry Cheesecake, Strawberry Kiwi, Strawberry Mango, White Chocolate Raspberry, Apple Turnover, Apricot Mango, Banana Cream Pie, Berries ‘N Cream, Blackberry, Boston Cream Pie, Lemon Cream Pie, Pineapple Upside Down Cake, Raspberry Cheesecake, Red Raspberry, Strawberries ‘N Bananas, Strawberry Orange Sunrise, Strawberry Shortcake, Very Vanilla, White Chocolate Strawberry, Chocolate, Chocolate Raspberry, Lemon Meringue, Peaches ‘N Cream, Raspberry Mousse, Key Lime Pie, Mountain Blueberry, Mixed Berry, Pineapple, Strawberry Mist, Orange Crème, and Lemon Burst.

Also, don’t forget to add Yoplait’s three newest flavors — Cherry Pomegranate, Blackberry Pomegranate and Blueberry Acai — all of which contain a superfruit that’s high in nutrients, antioxidants and farmer’s market cred. All three flavors are available now at your favorite grocery store with all of the other dozens of Yoplait varieties for the suggested retail price of 72 cents.

21 thoughts to “NEWS: Yoplait’s Three New Flavors Could Make a Billy Joel Song Even Better”

  1. I think it’s only a matter of time until they start making savory and spicy flavors for people who want to eat nothing but yogurt… Chicken Enchilada, Beef Wellington, Shrimp Pad Thai… it will be the wave of the future!

  2. Cherry Orchard, Banana Crème, Very Cherry, Blackberry
    Tropical Peach, Boysenberry, Coconut Cream Pie

    Passion Fruit, Strawberry, White Chocolate Raspberry,
    Boston Cream Pie, Key Lime Pie, Lemon Meringue Goodbye!

    We didn’t start the Yoplait…

  3. You cheated. Harvest Peach, Strawberry, and Key Lime Pie are all listed twice (and possbly others – but I actually noticed those three as I read the list).

  4. I second Jill’s suggestion of offering savory flavors. Don’t forget to add Tzatziki, that famous Greek cucumber garlic yogurt sauce that goes into Gyros. Or heck, make a Gyros-flavored Yogurt too!

    Whatever happened to Yami Yogurt frozen push-up “popsicles”? I don’t see them in stores anymore. Used to love that stuff as a kid.

  5. I got 3 new flavors too.

    1. Humpberry brown

    2. Assrape cherry

    3. Lime sperm creme


  6. Hmmm I think I might have to jump on the savory bandwagon. I can almost see it now

    Chicken Fried Steak
    Macaroni and Cheese
    GreenBean Cassarole
    Busicuits and gravy

    Mabey as part of a “homestyle” yogurt collection!

  7. @Rachel – I’d try but I think I might overdose on live and active cultures.

    @Chuck – Harry Truman, Doris Day, Red China, Johnnie Ray

    @Jill – I hope you’re wrong, but if you’re right I will review it.

    @Jay – You got significantly farther than I did.

    @Aaron – Actually, I’m a lazy cut and paster. Didn’t double check after cutting and pasting from Yoplait website.

    @Pomai – Does Yami Yogurt exist anymore? I don’t think I’ve seen it in years. Although I don’t really look at the yogurt section because it’s such a clusterfuck of yogurt.

    @Neil the hammer – Yum?

    @Woodenhand – I could see mac and cheese, greenbean casserole, and biscuits and gravy, but anything with meat or poultry will be disgusting.

  8. I feel like all the Yoplait yogurts pretty much taste the same, with a few exceptions… I wonder what those chocolate ones taste like??

  9. angry bob didn’t start the fire. Also, angry bob didn’t chop up the bodies and shovel them into the furnace before he didn’t start the fire.

  10. I just bought some Yoplait the other day, regular blackberry and blueberry included in my purchase selection.

    Had I seen these new superfruit jumpoffs I definitely would have picked up some of them jawns

  11. @Rowen: I <3 Sarah Haskins.

    @Heidi: The chocolate ones taste kind of weird. I’m not a fan of them.

    @angry bob: I wish I had access to a furnace so that could burn bodies to ashes or books.

    @Dragonzzz: I’m hoping for Cheezy Chili.

    @dag, yo: That’s the problem with Yoplait yogurt packaging — if you don’t look carefully, they all pretty much look the same.

  12. Admit it, everyone. You started singing…
    Cherry orchard!
    Banana crème!
    Tropical peach!
    Duuull.. ce? de.. ll..

  13. Aaron – you do not know your yoplait, I assume some flavors are listed more than once because they are in a different type of yogurt. Yoplait is available in thick and creamy, light, whips and original. There may even be more but that is all I can get in Illinois.

  14. I absolutely fell in love with White Chocalate Raspberry. Then all of the sudden I couldn’t find it anymore anywhere. I live in Louisville Ky, and I have literally checked every store that I go into for that flavor. Stores that used to sell that flavor. I even checked a couple of stores in Las Vegas when I went on vacation. It seems to still be on your list of flavors, is there any way you guys could start shipping it to louisville ky. Again?? If not could you please leave me an answer at my email address? Thanks, and I love your yogurt!:)

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