NEWS: IHOP’s New Loaded Country Hash Browns Help Make Morning Carbo-Loading Possible for Non-Marathoners

Do you ever look down at your lunch or dinner of pasta and bread and think to yourself, “Holy crap! How can I get the same excessive amounts of carbs I’m eating right now, but during breakfast?”

Thanks to IHOP, you no longer need to wonder. Their new Loaded Country Hash Browns, along with the included two buttermilk pancakes and two eggs, may provide you with enough carbs to last you a whole day or, perhaps, an entire week.

The Loaded Country Hash Browns come in three varieties:

Ham, Swiss & Mushroom Browns Рloaded with saut̩ed mushrooms, diced ham and melted Swiss and Parmesan cheese. Topped with green onions.

Jack, Cheddar & Bacon Browns – stuffed with chopped hickory-smoked bacon and melted Cheddar and Monterey Jack cheeses. Topped with sour cream and green onions.

Country Sausage Browns – contains pork sausage links, Cheddar cheese and grilled onions. Topped with creamy country gravy.

The Loaded Country Hash Browns are available for a limited time for $5.99. So if you need to get your carb on, head to your nearest IHOP and feast.

14 thoughts to “NEWS: IHOP’s New Loaded Country Hash Browns Help Make Morning Carbo-Loading Possible for Non-Marathoners”

  1. When I hear IHOP I think of little girls in pig-tails with sidewalk chaulk… Why do us Canadian’s always get the short end of the sausage?

  2. For some reason people never get my order done right when I go to IHOP… Everyone else at my table will be fine, but my pancakes end up burnt (and still batter on the inside), with burnt eggs, hashbrowns (still cold inside, though), etc… It’s really strange!

  3. Hmmm those sound like they might be on the verge of being nutritionally irresponsible! Still it might be good….just so long as I can get some more giggle drops with my order.

  4. Sounds like a rip-off of Waffle House, but if they’re half as good, I’m sure it will be a delicious carb explosion.

  5. Been on a strict diet the past two months (hence no reviews, though I’m making time for those this weekend), but IHOP is a femme fatale for me. Too many late memories scarfing down stuffed french toast and coming up with ridiculous omelettes. Ah, memories.

  6. Screw Ihop go to a real diner and tell the chef how you want your homrfries done. If hes worth his salt as a cook he will build your homefries dream. heres mine

    Crispy well done home fries fried with onions and peppers
    mushrooms, cheese, saw mill grany and served very hot off the flat top

  7. IHOP takes what basically everyone likes about breakfast: hash browns then American-ifies it 200% by adding globs of cheese and bacon to your all ready cholesterol saturated morning meal. The result is a bowel clogging fiesta that will leave you gassy for a week and with a hemerrhoid the size of Tulsa.

    But seriously, they do lake mighty tasty!

  8. @Chuck: But they must piss off Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head.

    @Erika: (Insert phallic sausage joke here)

    @Heidi: Whatever you do, don’t ask them to take the food back or else it will come back with a little more “flavor.”

    @Villain was born like this…: I’m sure they’re way past being nutritionally irresponsible. Once you add anything called “creamy country gravy” to anything it instantly becomes nutritionally irresponsible.

    @Gabby: I’m sure it will be carborgasmic (insert trademark here).

    @Ace: YES! New Ace review! All I need is a Reprobate review and the planets will align again.

    @Neil the hammer: I don’t like making cooks work harder than they should because I’m afraid of them adding some “special ingredients.”

    @Felix Tibs: I’m waiting for IHOP to create a breakfast pizza with a giant pancake as the crust, a maple syrup sauce, a layer of cheese, and then topped with bits of eggs, sausage and hash browns. I dare you IHOP.

  9. i am so sad that the IHOP i used to frequent has closed!!! I know, they’re food isn’t exaclty healthy, or even that delicious, but when i’m in the mood for some generic American food, it was perfect!!

    This reminds me of the waffle house selections…mmmm

  10. @lisa: I would lend you a few hundred thousand dollars to reopen the IHOP, but I’m a few hundred thousand dollars short.

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