NEWS: Healthy Choice Sticks It Hard to Lean Cuisine with a New Look and All-Natural Entrees

I’m Switzerland when it comes to the war between Healthy Choice and Lean Cuisine for freezer aisle supremacy. I’m not picking a side and I’m just watching the whole thing go down with a Totino’s Party Pizza on my lap. They just go back and forth, flinging combinations of ingredients at each other and conquering more and more shelf space, like they’re a bunch of 12-year-olds playing Risk.

Healthy Choice recently launched their All-Natural Entrees line to counteract the new meals from Lean Cuisine. The All-Natural Entrees come in six varieties for your procurement:

Mediterranean Pasta РNine-grain orzo with beans, saut̩ed onions, diced tomatoes, and savory spinach packed with 12 grams of fiber. Topped with a cinnamon sauce, sweet apples, fontina cheese, and cranberries.

Portabella Marsala Pasta – Nine-grain mafalda pasta topped with crimini mushrooms tossed with marsala wine sauce and topped with fontina cheese.

Portabella Spinach Parmesean – Whole-grain penne pasta with baby portabella mushrooms and spinach.

Pumpkin Squash Ravioli – Ravioli stuffed with pumpkin paired with asparagus, butternut squash, and Granny Smith apples. It’s all topped with a butter-sage sauce.

Sweet Asian Potstickers (shown above) – Veggie potstickers served on a whole-grain rice and covered with a sweet Asian-style sauce.

Tomato Basil Penne – Nine-grain penne pasta topped with tomatoes, onions, sweet basil, and mozzarella cheese. Prepared with 100% extra virgin olive oil.

Besides being made from all-natural ingredients, all are high in fiber, low in saturated fat and cholesterol, contain no preservatives or artificial flavors, provide antioxidants and they seem like a gigantic “suck it” to Lean Cuisine.

Not trying to apply pressure in any way, but some of these will probably be reviewed by Heat Eat Review in the future.

(via I Ate A Pie)

10 thoughts to “NEWS: Healthy Choice Sticks It Hard to Lean Cuisine with a New Look and All-Natural Entrees”

  1. 12 year old’s playing risk??? damn that takes me back a ways… still I think I’m with you on this one, I’m just gonna watch this battle unfold with a nice frozen burrito and a 40 of St Ides….

  2. I tried the pumpkin squash ravioli. It’s not bad. I bought it again if that says anything.

  3. I bought the Portabella Spinach Parmesean and the Pumpkin Squash Raviol.
    The pumpkin squash was too sweet for my likings. I’m not big on mixing sweet and savory in my entree.
    The portabella was actually pretty good. Except, because it is meatless I got hungry again a shorter period later than I normally would.

  4. These healthy choice sound ok but will they fill me up? I dont think so. I wish they would come out with a Heathy choice dinner called …… 20 inch loaded pizza or one called
    ex wife raging bitch nightmare whore chicken rice dinner

    whew now i feel better


  5. I always worry about sodium … but I have to admit, I’ve not tried this product. I think that I’d like them for lunches … but solely for dinner… I’ll have to try! Cheers!~

  6. @yawnie: Jessica Alba can kiss my you-know-what and when I say you-know-what, I mean lips. I would also accept anywhere else on my face.

    @Tracy: I didn’t like the design of their old packaging, which is a whole lot of green space. I’m a fan of the white space. I’m a really big fan of the yellow space.

    @Walter Bernhard: They still make St. Ides. Cool! I want to recreate the Ice Cube commercials.

    @theGrit: That does. I personally haven’t enjoyed any of the Healthy Choice frozen meals I’ve had. Hopefully these are better than those.

    @Jeanette: With all of these frozen meals I get hungry within a hour after eating them.

    @Neil the hammer: Hungry Man and Healthy Choice need to get together and create the Hungry Healthy Choice Man or something like that.

    @Jennifer’s Review: I like sodium because I like retaining water.

  7. I tried all of them. Most in this line aren’t that great but I just got done eating my favorite – Pumpkin Squash Ravioli – and I licked the plate clean – it’s too good to worry about my manners.

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