REVIEW: Pringles Restaurant Cravers Onion Blossom

Pringles Restaurant Cravers Onion Blossom

The Pringles Restaurant Cravers Onion Blossom potato crisps are based on the Outback Steakhouse appetizer known as the Bloomin’ Onion, which is not Australian in any way. For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of being introduced to a Bloomin’ Onion and the unknown amounts of saturated fat and sodium it provides, it’s basically the worst thing one can do to get revenge on onions for giving us bad breath.

Imagine having more than a dozen deep slices around your body, then opening up those wounds more, coating those open gashes with a batter, then deep frying your entire body to a golden brown, and having your body picked apart and dipped into a spicy sauce. That’s what the onion has to experience for turning the gum and mint industry into a multi-billion dollar one and also for making us cry whenever we cut them.

Of course, I could make it much worse for onions, but I have yet to figure out a way to make them eat themselves and then blow heavily on themselves.

I imagined the Pringles Restaurant Cravers Onion Blossom would be like eating a potato and an onion making sweet, sweet love using a spicy dipping sauce as lubricant, but instead it mostly tasted like the spicy dipping sauce lubricant, which made sense because a Bloomin’ Onion without its sauce pretty much bloomin’ sucks. It’s lightly covered with an orange powder that give each potato crisp a mild horseradish flavor with a little bit of garlic and onion.

I’m not much of a horseradish kind of guy, but I have to say that I did enjoy the flavor of these Pringles. But they weren’t as appetizing as Outback Steakhouse’s Bloomin’ Onion because I think they lacked the three things that make a Bloomin’ Onion so special: high amounts of saturated fat, lot of sodium and being surrounded by a faux Australian ambience that makes Aborigines and Australians angry.

(Nutrition Facts – 1 ounce – 150 calories, 11 grams of fat, 3 grams of saturated fat, 0 grams of trans fat, 0 milligrams of cholesterol, 230 milligrams of sodium, 14 grams of carbohydrates, 1 gram of dietary fiber, 1 gram of sugar, 1 gram of protein and 6% Vitamin C.)

Item: Pringles Restaurant Cravers Onion Blossom
Price: $2.49
Size: 6.38 ounces
Purchased at: Walgreens
Rating: 7 out of 10
Pros: Tasty. Tastes like the spicy sauce given with the Bloomin’ Onion. Nice horseradish flavor. Super Stack. No trans fat. Significantly healthier than a Bloomin’ Onion. Getting revenge on onions.
Cons: People who don’t like horseradish won’t like it. Slightly high in sodium. A Bloomin’ Onion without sauce. Having to chew gum after eating onions. Eating an entire Bloomin’ Onion by yourself. Eating an entire can on Pringles in one sitting.

14 thoughts to “REVIEW: Pringles Restaurant Cravers Onion Blossom”

  1. I have eaten a blooming onion once in my life at a family-style restaurant in Shibuya. I remember the experience was sublime and would not want to sully the memory with a potato chip meant to emulate its greatness.

    That being said, I’d probably buy these if I saw them after this review.

  2. Significantly healthier than a blooming onion? I’m fairly ceartin that this might be the only time that a potato crisp compares more favorably on the health scale than anything…but again, I still think Outback should be severly punished… They lack discipline!

  3. hmmmm the review was very intersting, you almost made the blooming onion sound like the “Saw” of the resteraunt industry…still good to know the flavor worked out okay

  4. Hmmm I’ve always liked the flavor and idea of onions, somtimes the idea of onion flavor works out better than the execution, other times it’s….

    wait for it….

    GOOD EATIN’!!!

  5. Orchid64: But you live in FRICKIN’ JAPAN!!! They have the COOLEST Pringles flavors EVAH! Don’t settle for this American crap.

    @Villain was born like this… It would be awesome if we could sprinkle trans fat on top of it. That would make it awesomer.

    @Vik the Viper: I was suspicious of it but I was desperate to review something.

    @Woodenhand: I think this was good eats, but I don’t know if I’m willing to walk back into Walgreens to get another one. It’s extremely rare that I repeat something Dane Cook said, actually this will be the only time I’ve done so, but I have to say that I really did want to steal something from the Walgreens I went to.

  6. You know when you read a book, and then see a movie *based* on the book but in your heart of hearts you know the book was way better than the movie which had some parts of the book but not all the best parts of the book? Yeah…it’s kinda like that. Long live the Bloomin’ Onion!

  7. The Bloomin’ Onion is awesome but it should include a free angioplasty with each order. These Pringles do sound slightly healthier.

  8. I find it very funny that Pringles has gone through the trouble of marketing so heavily to shitty restaurant clients. “super Stack” , “restaurant Cravers”, and the picture of the dipping sauce are all buzzy elements placed to drive attention to the Applebees going audience.

    Of course, i could probably eat those Quesadilla burgers all day if they didnt make me run ot bathroom after eating one!

  9. The label, “Restaurant Cravers” make it seem like there are other Pringles flavors of this kind out there. Are you planning on reviewing them all? 🙂

  10. My roommate and I got the late night munchies one time and decided to get some Outback to-go. We got a Bloomin’ Onion and some sort of dessert. Needless to say, we both had such bad heartburn after the onion that we didn’t get around to the dessert.

    Sad night. ):

  11. @Erika: The Bloomin’ Onion will outlive most of us, because it will eventually kill anyone who eats it.

    @Chuck: It should also include a big black warning label with a skull and crossbones.

    @Felix Tibs: I wish we had an Applebees here so that we can get Chili’s food somewhere else.

    @Heidi: I read there’s a cheeseburger version, but this one was the only one I found.

    @Nhiro: Wait!?! I can get Outback to go. I can eat their food in the comfort of my own home without the faux Australian decor? Cool.

  12. Very DESCRIPTIVE second paragraph.
    Got me craving Outback more than a can of Pringles. The lamer thing about Outback Steakhouse than it’s faux Australian decor is that I’ve never had a decent steak there…but they love the cheddar!

  13. A Bloomin onion now that brings back memorys
    1978 Ny state fair before the day of the bloomin onion
    I made sweet love to a midget woman behind the
    teacup ride it was sweet until a mini penis popped out and a not so mini set of balls. I ran and found my friends who never found out………. The fair was the first place I had a bloomin onion and saw a mini penis…..

  14. @skibs: Same here. I haven’t had a good steak from there either. Maybe they should spend less time on the decor and more time on the food.

    @Neil the hammer: You’ve seen a lot of penises.

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