NEWS: Carl’s Jr.’s New Kentucky Bourbon Burgers Will Disappoint Those Hoping to Wake Up Hungover on a Bathroom Floor

Like most store-bought egg nog and some counties in Kentucky, the bourbon sauce in the new Carl’s Jr. Kentucky Bourbon Burgers contains no alcohol. Of course, this probably disappoints alcoholics looking to drink a meal with alcohol, instead of their usual drinking a meal.

The Kentucky Bourbon Burger is available for a limited time in three varieties: single ($2.99), double ($3.99), and Six Dollar Burger ($4.89). The single and double versions have all-beef patties, while the Six Dollar Burger has a 100% Black Angus Beef Patty. All the burgers also consist of two strips of bacon, pepperjack cheese, garlic-pepper onion straws, lettuce, tomato and a sweet Kentucky Bourbon Sauce in a toasted, sesame seed bun.

The Six Dollar version has 970 calories, 40 grams of fat, 21 grams of saturated fat, 2390 milligrams of sodium and 50 grams of protein. The Double version contains 1000 calories, 51 grams of fat, 23 grams of saturated fat, 1850 milligrams of sodium and 51 grams of protein. The Single version has 730 calories, 32 grams of fat, 13 grams of saturated fat, 1470 milligrams of sodium and 31 grams of protein.

9 thoughts to “NEWS: Carl’s Jr.’s New Kentucky Bourbon Burgers Will Disappoint Those Hoping to Wake Up Hungover on a Bathroom Floor”

  1. wow thats a lot of salt 1500 mg however the burger is good. Not as good as Red Robin but close
    Do you think its weird that

    i fart into an empty diet coke bottle then open it the next day to smell it


  2. 970 calories, I wonder, did somone give Carl’s Jr nutritional free reign? I mean some of the ingredients sound okay, but I’ve found that with Carl’s Jr, that their burgers seem like good ideas, but often times aren’t well executed.

  3. Hmmm I like bourbon, and I like burgers, this sounds like two great things togeather, but I’m still kind of leary of Carl’s Jr. I’ve had more than a few traumatizing experiences there, mostly do of course, to their unsettling lack of discipline!

  4. Just tried one of these. Yuck. The sauce is really like a somewhat spicy terriyaki. They should have stuck with a format more similar to the Western. An unfortunate conglameration of ingredients between the lettuce, tomatoe, and the sauce, but the sauce was what did it for me.

  5. @Neil the hammer: IF that helps you get up in the morning. Some people prefer coffee, some prefer energy drinks, and one prefers smelling a day old fart.

    @Walter Bernhard: What I like most about Carl’s Jr. is their use of ingredients that other fast food places won’t try. Some are hits (like the Guacamole Bacon Burger) and some are misses (Charbroiled Steak Burger), but I enjoy most of their burgers.

    @Villain was born like this… Wow! You don’t have a lack of discipline when it comes to typing lack of discipline.

    @DiverDown: Spicy teriyaki? I still think I’ll give it a try, although I’m not a fan of onion straws. I think burger king had some their one of their burgers and I didn’t like it because of it.

  6. I decided to give this burger a try and like DiverDown and TL said, the sauce is what makes the burger not so good. The sauce is thick and sticky. The sauce is really not bad, but it is too overpowering with the amount they put on. I will stick with the famous star with bacon!

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