NEWS: Taco Bell’s Red Volcano Taco Shell Returns As Part of the New Volcano Menu But No Red Soft Flour Tortilla in Sight

According to fast food blog powerhouse GrubGrade, the Taco Bell Volcano Taco is set to run back over the border on May 14th, along with a whole slew of products sporting the spicy Volcano cheese sauce.

Joining the Volcano Taco on the Volcano Menu are possibly a Volcano Burrito, Volcano Crunchwrap and Volcano Nachos. Volcano. Volcano. Volcano. Volcano. Volcano. Unfortunately, looking at the image on GrubGrade, it appears the Volcano Burrito won’t have a red soft flour tortilla, which would make it stand out, much like the red taco shell did for the Volcano Taco. I’ll admit that I only tried the Volcano Taco because of its red taco shell.

It’s not known whether Taco Bell has changed the original Volcano Taco in anyway, but it contained 240 calories, 17 grams of fat, 5 grams of saturated fat, 0 grams of trans fat, 490 milligrams sodium, 14 gram of carbohydrates, 3 grams of fiber, 1 gram of sugar, and 8 grams of protein.


10 thoughts to “NEWS: Taco Bell’s Red Volcano Taco Shell Returns As Part of the New Volcano Menu But No Red Soft Flour Tortilla in Sight”

  1. I for one didn’t think the volcano sauce was all that, I mean it was a good taco and the flavors where okay not to mention at the time they where cheap but I don’t know if basing a whole menu on the volcano theme o_0

  2. Hmmmm thanks but no thanks, I’m still down with the red shell, but Im not that thrilled about this, I mean for goodness sake taco bell why not try to be origional for once and stop introducing varients of your same old products.

    I’m just sayin’

  3. I disagree, I think this could be the start of somthing wonderful as long as they keep the prices set to hobo friendly levels…and if they don’t… *rack’s shotgun*

    ahem, I’m sorry I just have a deep and profound love of tacos

  4. This volcano taco was disgusting before and on top of it…it wasn’t even hot. I remember the dumbass commerical where the guy’s face got super red and he blew fire. Now this taco just plain blows!

  5. Haha…thanks for the shout out Marvo-lous…I’m with maxchain, looking forward to the Volcano Crunchwrap.

  6. That doesn’t look anywhere near as apetizing as my crunchwrap supreme was last night.

    Although I will say cheesy gordita crunches are alot better in the states then they are here in Canada.

  7. Marvo, that photo is so phallic I think you may need ato break out a lambskin condom.

  8. @maxchain: I’ve already marked my calendar and set my alarms.

    @Woodenhand: It probably will end up being a temporary thing.

    @Vik the Viper: I agree that Taco Bell is to think outside of the border but I’m looking forward to the Volcano Menu.

    @Hobo With A Shotgun: Taco Bell is known for having products at hobo friendly prices. $.99 tacos. That’s a hobo price.

    @amanda: I was also disappointed by the level of heat in the so-called Volcano Taco, but it was decent and the red shell was kind of neat to look at.

    @Ryan: This is what someone should do. Someone should buy two Volcano Crunchwraps and then buy some volcano nachos and stick them in between the two Crunchwraps.

    @lex: OOOH, Volcano Gorditas!!!!

    @grinder: A Magnum lambskin condom.

  9. Oh GOD yes. My taco bell taunted me forever with their HUGE ad, and repeatedly told me they stopped carrying it. Then again, the workers there are known to mock you for saying “thank you”.

    … I need a new taco bell.

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