NEWS: Terminator Salvation Slurpee Flavor Has Slurpee Suckers Looking Forward To Possible Transformers Slurpee in June and Brüno Slurpee in July

For the second straight month, Slurpee is promoting a movie with their frozen beverages. Last month, Mutant Berry was released to coincide with the opening of X-Men Origins: Wolverine. This month, 7-Eleven is unleashing Apocalyptic Ice Slurpee, a blood orange flavored beverage, to promote the latest movie in the Terminator series.

Since the 2009 summer blockbuster movie season has just begun, I wouldn’t be surprised to see other movie-affiliated Slurpees in the next couple of months. A Harry Potter Slurpee in July? Or a Slurpee promoting Mariah Carey’s movie Tennessee in June?

The Apocalyptic Ice Slurpee has zero grams of fat and no caffeine. A 12-ounce serving contains 108 calories and 25 grams of sugar; a 28-ounce serving contains 252 calories and 59 grams of sugar; and a 40-ounce serving contains 360 calories and 85 grams of sugar.

13 thoughts to “NEWS: Terminator Salvation Slurpee Flavor Has Slurpee Suckers Looking Forward To Possible Transformers Slurpee in June and Brüno Slurpee in July”

  1. I haven’t had a Slurpee in probably 10yrs. Should I avoid this new “Terminator” Slurpee in protest of the weak PG-13 rating? Probably not…the movie still looks good. I know BK is doing promotions sort of along the same lines as 7-11…This month the King will be Kling-on’d I think.

  2. Hmmmm….their promotion must not be going very well because TIB is the first and only place I’ve heard of it. Or maybe I’ve just got my head stuck under a rock. Not sure.

  3. @Ryan: I think the first Terminator movie was the first time I saw bare breasts on the big screen. Oh, memories!

    @Jay: Actual, blood oranges are quite good, but attempts to copy that flavor artificially are not.

    @Yum Yucky: It’s quite new and we circle the Slurpee Web site like vultures around a carcass.

  4. I didn’t get to try the Mutant Berry slurpee. The 7-11s I went to didn’t have it.

    The Terminator series should have ended with the best movie: T2.

  5. I pretty much stick with the coke or pepsi slurpees. Anything else tastes funny with booze.

  6. I’ve been meaning to try this, I just gotta get my ass to a 7-11. Blood orange sounds way too delicious for me to miss.

  7. @Bunny: You have shitty 7-Eleven’s…Oh wait, the one down the street didn’t have it too. I also have a shitty 7-Eleven, but I already knew that.

    @grinder: I would think the pina colada Slurpee would taste good with some rum.

    @Kaitis: It’s not hard for me to get my ass to a 7-Eleven. It’s only about 150 steps for me from my door. Or zero steps, if someone carries me.

  8. I tried this on the first day of the promotion. It’s a really good flavor! If you liked the Grid Iron Ice flavor from the Madden promo, you’ll like it, as it’s practically the same. On the site, it says it has Lychee in it, but since I never tried the fruit, I can’t tell. The cups and straws for this one look amazing in quality and just looks kickass.I’m most def. getting all of them this time.

  9. Love the brain freeze I love the cherry flavor all things cherry 7-11 is A ok with me


  10. I’m down with a little blood orange action, I just hope that 7-11 doesen’t try to promote some sort of absurd flavor for the transformers release, what’s next jackfruit?

  11. @FOAME: The lychee is intriguing because I’ve had it before and it is pretty damn good. I hope my 7-Eleven gets it.

    @neil the hammer: you love brain freeze? That would explain so much.

    @Hobo with a Shotgun: Shhhh!!! You’re giving them ideas.

    @Nhiro: It will probably be pink and suck really bad, like Carey movies.

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