REVIEW: Metromint Chocolatemint Water

The Metromint Chocolatemint Water combines something I want, chocolate, with something I need, water, with something that’s nice to have, mint. That’s a triple threat, like Tina Fey’s humor, brains and beauty or Spencer Pratt’s ability to look like an asshole, sound like a prick and act like a douchebag.

Metromint’s line of minty waters each has what the company calls a “chill factor,” which according to their website, “is a comparative scale that measures the range of minty refreshment.” On one end of the spectrum, their Peppermint water has a chill factor of -9 degrees, while on the opposite end, the Chocolatemint has a chill factor of -2 degrees.

Despite their negative chill factors, none of these lightly flavored minty waters has the ability to freeze anything. Of course, this is obvious because the water itself doesn’t come frozen and I’m pretty sure Madonna’s heart is not involved with the bottling process. Although, the Metromint Chocolatemint Water did freeze my attention when I passed by it, but that probably had less to do with the chill factor and more with fact that it’s a bottled water flavored with chocolate.

The water has a pleasantly sweet minty scent with a whiff of chocolate. According to the label, this water get its chocolate from cocoa essence. I’m not sure what “essence” is or if there’s an essence-sized OXO measuring spoon, but it’s a decent amount because it makes this water have a refreshing chocolate and mint flavor. The cocoa essence also doesn’t add any fat or sugar to the beverage. There’s more mint flavor than there is chocolate and if a Peppermint Patty Light Light Light existed, it would probably taste like this water.

To be honest, I didn’t expect to enjoy the Metromint Chocolatemint Water because I thought the concept of drinking chocolate-flavored water was stupid and I actually said it was stupid out loud when I pulled one off of the shelf. But then I later realized that I drink chocolate water every time I prepare a packet of Swiss Miss with hot water.

Damn, now I know what it’s like to sound like a prick.

(Nutrition Facts – 8 ounces – 0 calories, 0 grams of fat, 0 milligrams of sodium, 0 grams of carbohydrates and 0 grams of protein.)

(Note: Gigi reviewed it as well.)

Item: Metromint Chocolatemint Water
Price: $2.50 (retails for much less)
Size: 16.9 ounces
Purchased at: Shirokiya
Rating: 7 out of 10
Pros: Surprisingly refreshing chocolate and mint flavor. No fat or sugar. Tina Fey’s humor, brains and beauty.
Cons: May seem weird drink water with chocolate. Not sure how to measure the essence of something. Chill factor seems like a silly marketing concept. The price I paid for it. Spencer Pratt’s ability to look like an asshole, sound like a prick and act like a douchebag.

19 thoughts to “REVIEW: Metromint Chocolatemint Water”

  1. This flavored water stuff sounds really gross. Seriously what is wrong with people when they can’t just drink plain water?

  2. Hey there we go! We can comment now 🙂

    I have never been a fan of the Mint Waters…the Chocolatemint one sounds good though. I’ll have to keep an eye out….I think Whole Foods have them. I don’t know…they always taste like super duper watered down gum….and like you said….I bet this is like a watery York patty 🙂

    Now how did you pay more than retail?

  3. This is just sounds nasty. If i wanted to drink a york peppermint patty I would just put several in a blender and blend it with water.

  4. I love the whole MetroMint line. I think that the Chocolate and Cherry mint flavors are my least favorite. I like how refreshing the regular mint is.

  5. This reminds me of the the chocolate diet soda that was sold in the 80’s. That was some weird shit.

  6. Chocolate isn’t one of my perinial favorite flavors but this one might have some potential, I do love mint after all

  7. @amanda: I think always drinking plain water is like only doing the missionary position. Once in awhile you have to mix it up.

    @Bear Silber: Yeah, it’s been slow around here for the past day, but now everything is better… hopefully. I bought it from a Japanese store that had high prices with all of their beverages. I’ve seen the Metromint waters elsewhere for a cheaper price, but I’ve only seen the chocolate version at this Japanese store.

    @govtdrone: But I think you’d end up with chunks and that would not be refreshing.

    @Chuck: Think of it as a diet, low carb, sugar-free peppermint Patty.

    @Andy: I haven’t tried the cherry mint one yet. Actually I don’t think I’ve seen the cherry mint one yet.

    @lex: Yes, it doesn’t hurt to try it, unless you’re paying three dollars for it. Then it hurts your wallet.

    @grinder: Are you talking about diet Chocolate Soldier?

    @Fran: Bah…

    @Hobo With a Shotgun: Give it a try and then recycle the bottle and get five cents back.

  8. II tried the orange mint water and found after a few sips it was getting old fast. The coco mint sounds ok In Vietman the VC mad us drink water with feses in it an food with urine mixed in so how bad can this water be ?


  9. i too thought this was a bit ridiculous when i saw it at first, but after the line kept growing to provide various mints and finally chocolate mint, i gave in and got a bottle. i’m now kind of a mintwater addict and my debit card hates me for it. but my kidneys insist i can’t go back to regular, cheap, essense-of-nothing water. i’m not sure who will win.

  10. This review inspired me to finally start reviewing the MetroMint waters. I work at a grocery store and see them every day, so I’ve been thinking about it for a while. I’ll link back, amazing review.

  11. @Molly: My pee is always minty fresh.

    @skibs: Don’t knock it till you try it, but I’m sure if it’s the last water on Earth it will taste so delicious.

    @Neil the hammer: I’m pretty sure it’s much better than that.

    @betsy: Does your pee get minty?

    @Zac Prticher: Yes, review them ALL.

    @theskinnyplate: I haven’t tried the lemon one. Maybe I will if I can find a place that sells it for less.

  12. Metromint water is amazingly good!! Im pretty excited to see that they came out with a new flavor…the peppermint flavor is very good!

  13. I have tried the Peppermint and Chocolatemint…the Orangemint is currently in my fridge, just waiting for me to take a sip. Honestly, I can say that I LOVE the two flavors that I have already tried. Next time I go to Kroger, I will surely stock up 🙂

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