REVIEW: Harajuku Lovers Fragrance G

I hate change.

Yes, I know change can be a good thing, but I hate when the things I grew up with morph into something so unrecognizable that I have to question whether or not I’m in an alternate universe where Taylor Swift is regarded as talented.

Gwen Stefani is on that list. She was a source of inspiration for myself and many girls of my generation who were too young to remember Joan Jett, but still wanted to rock out with their non-cock out. Now, she’s the source of me questioning, “What the fuck?” Sure, she has popped out a couple of kids and no longer does pushups on stage, but she has gotten stranger and stranger over the years. Compared to Lady Gaga, Gwen is a mild mannered soccer mom, but her odd obsession with Japan and Harajuku Girls is just too hard to not question whether this chick is playing with a full deck.

Her obsession started five years ago when she accessorized with four Japanese girls, claiming they were her “backup singers,” but I’m sure they aren’t even allowed to say a peep when Gwen is in earshot. Her second fashion line (Remember when celebrities had one fashion line and that was cutting edge), Harajuku Lovers makes anything by Sanrio seem like it’s appropriate for Hells Angels to wear when they go road tripping.

Harajuku Lovers Fragrance G is no different. Basically, the bottle isn’t a bottle at all, but rather a massive cap that looks like a cartoon version of Ms. Stefani. G is her signature scent, but there’s also Love, Lil’ Angel, Music and Baby to represent her “backup singers.”

Despite the child-like packaging, the perfume has a wonderful scent of coconut, jasmine and some sandalwood. I will admit to looking at the notes for this fragrance on Sephora’s website, but I could identify a coconutty smell right off the bat. Coconut perfumes can be a gamble, because if there’s too much fruit going on, you might smell like a stripper, but G doesn’t do that. Some fragrances fade away after a few hours of wear, but G has some stamina and I can still smell it after a long day.

When I purchased it, it came with a compact of solid perfume, so for the price it’s pretty good, but the bottle is pretty pathetic. I know you’re not supposed to bathe in perfume like your great aunt does, but having only one ounce won’t last you very long if you use it as your daily scent.

To sum it up, Ms. Stefani is making you pay for packaging. Extremely cute weird packaging that would only appeal to little girls, or twenty-something professionals who still decorate their work binders with Lisa Frank stickers. But if you look beyond the bottle and how strange Gwen has gotten over the years, then you have a wonderful perfume that would smell good on anyone — including strippers.

Item: Harajuku Lovers Fragrance G
Price: $50.00 (with solid perfume)
Size: 1 ounce
Purchased at: Macy’s
Rating: 8 out of 10
Pros: Long lasting scent. Coconut isn’t too overpowering. Rocking out with your non-cock out. Gwen Stefani circa 1996. Lisa Frank being cool when you were six. Hells Angels wearing Hello Kitty leather jackets. Strippers that smell like sweet coconut.
Cons: Packaging is way too gimmicky. Small quantity for the price. Gwen Stefani post-No Doubt. Thinking Lisa Frank is still cool past the age of six. Price isn’t budget friendly. Strippers that smell like Marlboros and cheap whiskey.

8 thoughts to “REVIEW: Harajuku Lovers Fragrance G”

  1. I remember when No Doubt were awesome. I grew up listening to them, always waiting for their next album to come out… That was until Rock Steady and the likes of “Hella Good”, since that’s when they died to me. I still listen to their older albums–specifically Tragic Kingdom and Return of Saturn–but anything newer or solo Stefani, and I’m not really interested.

    Also, in response to Marvo’s comment–you can do anything you put your mind to! Start crossdressing and stalking Gwen Stefani, and she might just decide to let you join her entourage of backup singers that don’t sing. Or back up.

  2. I had the luck to win a set of these bottles plus the mini roll-ons. They are all so wonderfully cute and the fragrance is beautiful. I really like the Gwen scent, it’s so refreshing! 🙂

  3. I like anime a lot. But the big doll.. er, I mean cap, is not cute. It’s a little disturbing, to be frank (not Lisa Frank). I always wondering what happened to Gwen…

    P.S. Taylor Swift and music awards… Must be a sign o’ the times. How far away is the apocalypse?

  4. She still does push ups on stage and if you went to any of the 2009 No Doubt shows she is in bad ass six pack shape and she still rocks out with her non cock out. I love ND

  5. I’m sure in the near future we’ll be seeing a perfume, clothing and accessory line by Lady Gaga. My guess is it will simply be named ‘Gaga’.

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