ANNOUNCEMENT: Pepsi Baobab Winners!!!

Here are the two winners of the recent Pepsi Baobab prize drawing and their favorite fruit(s):

1. margaret (who likes mangoes, bananas and grapefruit)

2. Raymond (who likes apples)

The winners have been emailed and I hope to soon send their sodas on their merry way from my kitchen to their lips.

Congratulations to the two winners and thank you to everyone who entered.

5 thoughts to “ANNOUNCEMENT: Pepsi Baobab Winners!!!”

    1. @Margaret: I’ve tried sending you an email twice, but it keeps getting kicked back to me. Please email me your mailing address at theimpulsivebuy at gmail dot com.

  1. I just got my bottle of Pepsi Baobab today. Thanks, Marvo. It’s tastes good. It’s the first time i ever tried a Pepsi drink outside of the USA. I hope to win more prizes in the future. Once again, thanks Marvo.

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