PRIZE DRAWING: Because I Ain’t Drinking It

Despite my review of how vomitous the Jones Bacon Soda smells and tastes, for some of you, the idea of drinking a bacon soda still tickles your curiosity. Well I’m here to satisfy that curiosity, clear some desk space and, maybe, get some pleasure from knowing that I’ll be responsible for making someone gag in a way that doesn’t involve me being topless.

I’m giving away, via a prize drawing, the other bottle of Jones Bacon Flavored Soda I received when I purchased the Jones Bacon Soda Holiday Pack. Since consuming the bacon soda has caused me to lose my appetite for bacon, I’ll also include the other bacon-flavored items that came with the soda: one bag of bacon popcorn, one pouch of bacon gravy and one stick of bacon lip balm.

To enter The Impulsive Buy’s Bacon Soda prize drawing, leave a comment with THIS post. You may say whatever you like, but your comment MUST include the word “bacon.”

Please don’t forget to fill out the email field because I’ll be emailing the winner for their mailing address. The Impulsive Buy will stop accepting entries on Tuesday, November 23, 2010 11:59 p.m. Hawaii Standard Time. Only one entry allowed per person and it’s open to everyone who’s 18 years old or older.

Good luck!

Fine Print: The Impulsive Buy promises your email address will not be used to send you links for recipes that involve bacon. The Impulsive Buy also promises your mailing address will not be used to send you jars of bacon grease. Bribes will not be accepted. Offering crispy bacon will not influence the results. The Impulsive Buy will not be responsible for lost mail, damaged mail, or the gagging you’ll experience from drinking bacon soda.

152 thoughts to “PRIZE DRAWING: Because I Ain’t Drinking It”

  1. *sigh* It seems to be turning into a BACON-Nation with all that bacon swag you’ve got there! I have to say, I’m sick of my man using my lip-balm. It would be hilarious to peel off that label and give it to him to put on. 😉

  2. Im pretty sure wearing bacon flavored lip gloss would make me irresistible to every man alive. It could be dangerous.

  3. I can’t believe no one has said “you’re bacon me crazy” with this sweet giveaway.

    But there, it’s been said!

  4. I wondered as I read your review on bacon soda if you should have heated it up as bacon tastes better when hot.

  5. Since every food can be improved by wrapping it in Bacon I wonder what would happen if you wrapped Bacon in Bacon? I’m thinking a temporal rift in the time space continuum and the end of the universe itself.

  6. did you know i use the term makin bacon as a euphamism for sex doesnt actually work when i tell my husband that i would like to be makin bacon he just gets hungry then i have to cook

  7. When I heard of bacon soda I instantly thought of consuming other salted meat drinks such as pepperoni or salami. The best part of these is that drinking them creates more thirst! Brilliant!

  8. So I’ll admit that I’d hesitate to drink Bacon, but I have a friend with a sick sense of curiosity about it. Can anyone say Bacon Guinea Pig?

  9. “Some people” say you can rub bacon on your skin and it will make it soft and supple–plus dogs will love you.

  10. Dear Sir,

    I just read your review of how my flavoring makes the new Jones soda
    “vomitous” and it once again shows how the conservative press will stop at nothing to stoop to a new low. have you no shame? Have you run out of muslims and homosexuals to attack that you must now run my good flavoring into the mud with your attacks?

    Maybe if you weren’t so busy voting for Bristol Palin on Dancing with the Stars or burning Korans you could do a little research and see
    that I have donated 100’s of hours to the Uncured meat special olympics
    and have saved millions of baked potatoes from being aborted into garbage bins from lack of flavor before savagly attacking me.

    Good day Sir


  11. What the fuck is Bacon doing here? Didn’t we say that we weren’t going to invite him anymore after last years…ahem…incident?

  12. Bacon! I love bacon anything…although I’m sure after trying the soda, Cel-Ray would taste like 7-Up in contrast.

  13. I just used bacon last night – not to make soda but cheddar cheese soup – and I want to make bacon cookies too. My brother is obsessed with bacon and this would be the perfect Christmas present for him!

  14. One time, I went to the Dutch Country Farmer’s Market in Laurel with my girlfriend and we tried chocolate covered bacon.

  15. ~A Bacon Soda Haiku~
    Cured, Smoked, Fried Pork Meat
    Soda flavor to die for
    Yes, literally

    Thank you.

  16. How about egg and bacon? Egg, sausage, and bacon? Egg, bacon, sausage, and bacon? Bacon, bacon, sausage and bacon? Or maybe just bacon.

  17. I know it’s going to be terrible because this blog has never steered me wrong, but anything Bacon must be tried. I still want to try the Bacon-Pecan cookies my manager was telling me about last week. And who doesn’t like baconaise on their cold-cut sandwiches or hamburgers?
    An excellent breakfast treat is to put bacon in your waffles while you cook them. And my friends are trying to convince me to make breakfast lasagna with a bacon-weave instead of lasagna noodles. It just might work.

  18. Crap!

    Sir Francis Bacon reference: taken.
    Kevin Bacon reference : taken.
    Bad bacon pun; gone too.
    Allusion to Beggin’ Strips? : That one was first!
    Casual mention of bacon: someone beat me to it.
    Bacon poetry: not fast enough.
    Bacon Monty Python reference: subtle but there
    Simpsons bacon reference: found that one, too

    With nothing left to write about, I guess I will just have to sit around and watch the mailbox, hoping for the soda that has universally been panned everywhere it was reviewes. Not that I read any other food reviews. I’ve never cheated on you, baby! Really I swear! Did I just blow my chances?


  19. Ive tried just about every one of the nasty food flavored Jones sodas they’ve made. Brussels sprouts soda is indescribably horrifying. But bacon? Bacons soda is something I MUST try so please send it my way.

  20. Being a poor college student means that i rarely get to eat anything remotely close to bacon. Recently, the closest I’ve came to bacon was the pack of pork flavored ramen noodles i devoured at 2 am while attempting to study. I’m pretty sure none of these would satisfy my bacon cravings either… but hell, they’ll keep me from starving.

  21. Once my friend Josh almost threw up in my sink after sampling the brussels sprout soda from Jones… It was forever after known as “The Brussel Sprouts Soda Incident”. Looking forward to “The Bacon Soda Incident.”

  22. Hard to say whether I will love this bacon soda, as myself, like many others, love bacon. I think I can agree with you Marvo, and take your word for it. Something about a bacon-flavored soft drink isn’t sitting well right now.

    But that doesn’t mean I don’t want to try it. I do love Jones. And bacon. But we’ll see what happens.

  23. Yeah, all the good BACON jokes are gone, but I’ll play this lottery anyway.
    I bet the popcorn is good though. Probably just has the bacon flavored salt on it.
    Keep on reviewin’ Marvo

  24. I’ve read the word “bacon” so many times over in these comments that it has ceased to convey any meaning.


    bake on.

  25. I’m not going to lie, the bacon popcorn and bacon gravy are things I would try. I’m scared of the bacon soda now though.

  26. If I win, I will film myself attempting to drink the BACON soda, and upload it for all to see.

    That is, if I don’t decide to make “BACON soda, BACON pop, BACON gravy, BACON lip balm” stew out of it first.

  27. I would love that bacon-tastic grab bag of crap to share with an office white elephant gift exchange. Usually I bring a toilet seat or a urinal but this bacon junk would be great!

  28. Bacon: the food so perfect, I had to write it into my novel for National Novel Writing Month. My friends on Twitter send me links to anything with bacon–one guy even rewrote a few songs from the Sound of Music for me to include bacon.

  29. What is with men an Bacon? My little bro would wet himself if I presented him with a Bacon prize pack. Then I would win double because seeing a 6’2 300 pound man wet himself would be a satisfying thank you.

  30. I simply must have that bacon-flavored lip balm for my lip balm collection. I actually went to the Jones site and looked into purchasing this bacon-flavored set but, even though the set retails for only $9.99, the shipping and handling is almost $20, and I couldn’t justify spending $30 on a lip balm. So please, gimme the bacon!

  31. Time for some bacon pick-up lines.

    “You make me sizzle like a bacon strip!”
    “Damn, you could cook a pound of bacon on that hot body!”

    Or… the real champion:
    “Do you like Bacon? Wanna strip?”

  32. This is a sad tale about a Canadian who wanted some Jones Bacon Soda, but he had not the bacon to purchase said bacon flavoured beverage….. For the cost of shipping & handling to his frozen wasteland of a home was far beyond what one would consider reasonable. As such, he is here to beg you for some bacon and to use your bacon to ship said bacon.

    Thank you,
    Baconless in Canada

  33. Saying “Bacon” in a Jamaican accent sounds exactly like “beer can” in a british accent. Try it!

  34. im broke and cant afford real bacon so bacon substitutes will have to tide me over!
    bacon,bacon,bacon and more bacon!
    did i mention bacon?

  35. I could stand something that’ll help me quit bacon; it’s kind of the bane of this diet thing I’m trying to do…

  36. Top reasons why I wanna win:

    1) A month ago I allowed my husband to make BACON jerky in our new convection oven. Our 700 square foot condo still smells like smoky, maple syrup, brown sugar BACON goodness. Although for the record it doesn’t smell that good anymore.

    2) My husband doesn’t want anything when it’s time for gift giving occasions so last year for his bday he got a box of BACON. It was actually from the BACON of the month club. Two pounds of BACON each month. Seriously, that’s love.

    3) We share one car and I drive 99% of the time (he walks to work). I have a BACON air freshener hanging from my rear view mirror. Thankfully unlike my house, the car doesn’t smell like BACON.

    4) I was seriously disappointed by BACON salt and BACON mayo but that won’t stop me from trying BACON soda!

    5) If root beer floats rock, then BACON soda floats are probably the best thing since sliced bread.

    6) I really just want the BACON chap stick for myself and to surprise my husband with the BACON soda because the look of horror/disbelief/pure joy on his face would be priceless.


  37. I think bacon is the best form of pork. It can be added to any dish even added to itself. In conclusion, I love bacon and would enjoy this bacon contest.

  38. I have had nothing but chick-fil-a for the past 30 hours. bacon would be a fine way to spice things up.

  39. I don’t visit for 6 months, and you shove a bacon drawing in my face??

    Marvo, this is why I love you.

  40. Bacon! At work, we have discussions about bacon flavored everything – vodka, salt, mayo, muffins etc. We even send each other pictures of bacon – ever seen the bacon bowl with beer cheese soup picture? Bacon pop would be a HUGE hit…finally I’ll be popular.

  41. oh my. i am not a bacon lover. but my husband is. He’s actually the new recipient of a bacon of the month club. He’d love this!

  42. When I was little, I used to eat bacon bits from a bowl and pretend it was dog food.

    Now I just pretend it’s real food.


  44. My friends and I have a Jones Soda Tasting fest during Thanksgiving every year. Much dry heaving and many grimaces are to be had by all. It would be awesome to add a Bacon Jones Soda into the mix.

  45. My grandma always told me, “When life gives you bacon, make baconade”

    Grandma was never quite right after that terrible Hoveround accident.

  46. There once was a man who liked BACON,
    Till he tried it in soda they’re makin’,
    It tasted so bad,
    He gifted all that he had,
    To some poor schmuck whose belly’s now achin’.

  47. if you say beer can with a british accent, do you know that you’re saying bacon like they do in jamaica

  48. ohhhh my BACONNNNN!!!! how could you NOT WANT THISSS!
    PLease please pick me
    im a bacon loving girl 🙂

  49. hahaha! Bacon soda? Yeah ew, but now that I know it exists I must try it. And bacon lip gloss must be awesome.

  50. Mmm…bacon!

    Ok, that one was obvious. But did you know bacon spelled backwards is nocab? What do cabbies have against bacon anyway? Or is it the bacon that is prejudiced?

  51. Today I had turkey bacon. It was unspeakable but I did full enjoy thinking about how many turkeys were slaughtered to make the toughest piece of mystery meat I’ve ever eaten.

  52. One of my best friends is obsessed with bacon. And well, she is about to donate one of her kidneys in a few weeks. This would be a great gift for her.

  53. my cousins are a bunch of lousy mouth-breathers who, as a result of their inability to pronounce ‘megan’, nicknamed me ‘bacon’. this prize pack would be for the holiday season…i will lord the eponymous soda over them at uncomfortable dinner parties and they will feel oh so inadequate.

  54. Ho’shiz. If I won this, who would I give it to? I am a vegetarian in the midst of bacon fiends.


  55. I love bacon more than life itself. Plus – just for fun – my friends and I play russian roulette with the Harry Potter disgusting jelly beans. We’d like to offer this bacon soda prize to the person who doesn’t spit out the vomit jelly bean. Love your site…..just thought I’d slip that in there ; )

  56. I wonder if I put the bacon soda in my Thanksgiving mashed potatoes, would I get the same sensation as bacon bits? Or would I get the frustration of having ruined my potatoes?

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