NEWS: Doritos Releases Limited Edition Taco Flavor In Retro Bag That’s From A Time In Your Life When You Could Eat Doritos and Not Worry About Getting Fat


For those of you who follow snack news religiously, the Limited Edition Taco Flavor Doritos is old news since it was released last month. But I only heard about them the other day. Despite it being slightly old news, I decided to post something about it because, to be honest, I really wanted to write the title above.

If you’re a snack historian, you’ll know the Taco Flavor was the second Doritos flavor ever after Toasted Corn, and although I am old enough to have eaten them, I only remember eating the Toasted Corn Doritos. Eventually, the Taco Flavor went away.

The Limited Edition Taco Flavor Doritos follows what Pepsi has done with their Throwback Pepsi and Mountain Dew issues, which is to release them in packaging similar to the original. So if you want to trick your friends into thinking you’re eating something out of a time capsule, now would be the time.

The Limited Edition Taco Flavor Doritos retail for $3.99.

Image via flickr user loop_oh / CC BY ND 2.0

30 thoughts to “NEWS: Doritos Releases Limited Edition Taco Flavor In Retro Bag That’s From A Time In Your Life When You Could Eat Doritos and Not Worry About Getting Fat”

  1. i ate these religiously. And i didn’t eat any other salty snack chip because i was loyal. Between this and Twinkies, which i also ate by the boxful, it’s a wonder i didn’t weigh 300 lbs. when i was 8 years old!! Wow, memories!!

  2. Is this flavor any different from Tacos at Midnight (or whatever it’s called)? I had those this summer and they weren’t terrible.

  3. According to Wikipedia, which knows everything, Taco flavor was released in the 1960s. You’re right, I wasn’t worried about being fat, because I was still approximately 20 years in the making.

    Still, I love the packaging and would cut a bitch to get my hands on a bag.

  4. This is awesome news. They had these in Missouri forever when I was a teenager and they were easily my favorite flavor. Then they just disappeared. The Midnight Taco ones suck in comparison.

    1. Well, not too awesome since they’ll only be around for a limited time. So if they taste like your memories, stock up. Or somehow become the CEO of Frito-Lay and make them permanent.

  5. Also look for retro packaging on Rold Gold pretzel rods.

    Karen – we used to hit up the Hostess outlet – single serves were 6/$1 or 5/$1. I miss the Chocodiles! But I’m not about to pay the ridiculous prices on the Internet for them (they’re still made in Kansas City, MO).

      1. Same here, checked my local 7-11 today. Had to buy a Slim Jim and a pack of cigarettes so I didn’t look like the weirdo combing over a convenience store and then leaving without buying anything.

  6. I bought these Saturday and I started having flashbacks. They are so freaking good, just like I remembered them.

    1. You’re lucky you’ve been able to pick some up. WHY CAN’T I FIND THEM?!? It’s like Frito-Lay is punishing me for something I said about their chips or they’re still on the boat here.

      1. Doritos, I take back everything I’ve said about your insane marketing team and your creepy meat-flavored chips! Come back, baby!

        Seriously though I’m in the same boat.

  7. I got 2 big grabs at a Valero station here in Texas. They tasted a bit bland to me. I use to eat the originals as a kid and these just seemed to not be as flavorful. Maybe my taste buds are just used to the stronger flavors of modern chips. I think I like the Tacos at midnight better and that makes me sad.

  8. Found them at Sam’s Club here in Michigan yesterday. I bought 2 bags and will be going back for more! Just ate some for lunch. Just as I remember. I missed this flavor!

  9. I was so excited when I saw that old familiar bag of taco flavor Doritos.
    I bought 2 bags and couldn’t wait to rip into them…Where are those
    pointy edges? Where’s that rich, spicy taco flavor & color? SMH IN
    DISAPPOINTMENT!!!…Did They think we wouldn’t notice? Did They
    think they could just throw the Nacho flavor chips in the Taco flavor
    “Limited Edition” bags and pass them off as the originals? NOT COOL!

    1. edjunkie and Ladyhawk and Joni are right. These are NOT… repeat… are NOT the original flavor. A somewhat close attempt, but not ‘IT’. Dang, is there no one alive at frito lay that remembers the original recipe ?? It’s got some weird, not taco, after taste. And exactly as Ladyhawk & Joni said,… they used to have a RICH, spicy, smoky, (i’d add) tangy, taco flavor and med-BROWN color, …. and (my 2 cents) in each bag you always got some chips that were sometimes heavily loaded with the taco coating. These,… are not those original chips. The bag design may be the same, but these are not the same chips. I’m disappointed, but at least they attempted.

  10. Why oh Why won’t they bring back the orig, TACO flavor. These are good. Close but the same. Org were not orange more brown and had a smokey spicy flavor NO cheese. WOULD IT BE SO HARD TO BRING THEM BACK, REALLY?
    With a million flavors , what’s one more??????
    Sad. You like something and them oops there it goes. Can reproduce the orig bag, but not that dang chip. Did they lose the recipe???

  11. Ladies and Gents….The Original Taco….”Its Baaaaak” says it right on the bag. I bought 2 bags and I inhaled them in a week. I stopped eating Doritos when original Taco went away. Anyhow, I went back today to replenish my supply, and couldn’t find them. Severe distress ensued. What I did find was a retro-bag with a sombrero on it, labeled Taco. AND ITS THE ORIGINAL ALRIGHT! I was so desperate I opened the bag in the parking lot just to be sure!

  12. I was born in 75 and this flavor is the dorito flavor I grew up on. Love the package! Love the original flavor! All the haters should eat cheetos instead.

  13. I just bought 2 bags of these yesterday thinking that what was inside the retro bag was the retro chips and I was a bit disappointed. Although they were ok, they had a sour cheesy taste not in the original Taco chips. I wish they made them in the original taco flavor. I would be a happy camper.

  14. Not entirely the original Taco Doritos from back when but the best Doritos flavor in production today. I also wish Frito-Lay would put Salsa Verde Doritos out nationwide, they’re too hard to find. They’re in the bright green bag, a nice green chile bite to them.

  15. Found the elusive Taco Doritos in grab bag size at the Dollar Tree store in Florida on April 15, 2011.

    Found the full size Taco Doritos in retro 80’s style packaging at Publix in Florida on April 22, 2011. Back of the package shows that modern packaging is coming soon in the same style of all other current Doritos products.

    Wish they’d keep the retro package…stands out nicely on the store shelf.

    1. Wow, Publix, a name I haven’t thought of in awhile since I lived in the Atlanta metro. Of course, as a juvenile male back in the day me and my friends referred to it as “Pube-licks” which never failed to elicit a Beavis & Butthead snicker.

  16. I came upon these in a convenience store in Knoxville, Tennessee (obesity capital of the world, so of course they would be here) the other day when I needed to grab and go. I COULD NOT BELIEVE MY EYES!!! The taste is just as I remember them, although the color is off. But who cares about the color if the taste is there? My husband just had his first taste. True Doritos love never fades. I’m in triangular shaped heaven. To someone upthead who wonders where the sharp corners, these have them.

  17. I agree that these are NOT the original Taco Flavor as I remember it. What’s missing is CUMIN! That’s what gave it that browner, spicier flavor. Shame on Frito-Lay for lying to us. I’ll admit I still buy these and add my own cumin to the bag.

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