NEWS: Starbucks New Trenta Size To Make Long Company Meeting Attendees Regret Ordering It

You won’t be able to get hot Starbucks coffee in the new 31-ounce Trenta size, just iced coffee, iced tea and iced tea lemonade drinks. Yes, that’s a lot of iced coffee, iced tea or iced tea lemonade to drink. So if you’re planning to tackle a Trenta when it comes to your town, might I suggest training your bladder until then with 32-ounce Big Gulps.

The Trenta is seven ounces larger than Starbucks’ previous largest size — the Venti. Moving up in size and expanding your bladder a bit more will cost about 50 cents more than the Venti.

The Trenta size will debut today in 14 states, including this rock in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, and in California on February 1. (Updated: It appears the Trenta cups haven’t arrived to this rock in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Stupid ships!) Starbucks will roll out the bladder-busting size in all of its coffee shops by May 3.

5 thoughts to “NEWS: Starbucks New Trenta Size To Make Long Company Meeting Attendees Regret Ordering It”

  1. Does this mean when you get one of those complimentary coffee cards because they goofed up, we’ll all be going for obnoxious Trenta-sized frappuccinos for most bang (for free)? It’s so silly a size, I really thought this is a joke but we’re no where near April 1!

  2. people drink 40 ounce malt beer and no one says crap, but starbucks puts out a 31 ounce drink and people go ape? does no one know the concept of displacement via ice? or better yet, has anyone seen what a large drink at any fast food restaurant offers? or even a movie theater? Everyone says “bladder buster” or “stomach buster” but there are fare worse and larger drink offerings the world over that get a pass

  3. I’m an avid starbucks drinker, because I rarely sleep and therefore am rarely functional without a direct IV of caffeine, but this sucks. It’s seriously only iced coffee, not all of their cold beverages, so no supersized frappuchinos, machiattos, or iced hot chocolate etc. so frustrating >:[

  4. I’m a Starbucks fan, but I live in a small town that is an hour away from a Starbucks. Still, once a week I have to travel to the city and I always stop at my regular SB and get my “usual” a Venti caramel frappuccino. I know some people think that the new Trenta will be too much, but if it’s only once a week, I think that’s in moderation right? Anyhow, I’ve just tried a VIA Iced Caramel coffee, and love it, so I’ll probably switch over to a Trenta of that when the cups roll into town (unless they change and let you do Frappuccino’s)!

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