REVIEW: MiO Liquid Water Enhancer (Berry Pomegranate, Fruit Punch, Mango Peach, Peach Tea, Strawberry Watermelon & Sweet Tea)

MiO Liquid Water Enhancer (Peach Tea, Strawberry Watermelon & Sweet Tea)

MiO Liquid Water Enhancer enhances water in two ways. It turns it into a festive color, and it makes water taste less like water. Sure, there are lots of water enhancers on the market, like Tang, Kool-Aid, Metamucil, and Crystal Light, but all of them come as powder.

Ugh, if you’re lazy like me, you probably hate powder, because we don’t have time to stir and dissolve crystals. We’re parched and our thirsts needs quenching right now.

MiO come in an orchard of flavors: Berry Pomegranate, Fruit Punch, Mango Peach, Peach Tea, Strawberry Watermelon, and Sweet Tea. Like plain ol’ water, MiO flavored waters have no calories and no sugar. But unlike water, MiOed water looks FABULOUS, thanks to the following food colorings: Blue 1, Red 40, Yellow 5, and Yellow 6.

Each bottle makes 24 eight-ounce servings, but how much MiO does it take to turn eight-ounces of regular water into MiOed water? Half a teaspoon. But there lies the conundrum. The mechanism that dispenses the MiO from the bottle is activated when the bottle is squeezed. Yes, I just used 16 words to tell you that the MiO comes in a squeeze bottle.

Because the fruity moneyshot is quite violent, it’s hard to determine how much of it is coming out per squeeze. Also, “a squeeze” is subjective. An aunt of mine thinks a 15 second bear hug is just a squeeze, while another aunt thinks a hug beyond three seconds pushes up against her tolerance to how long someone can invade her personal space.

Sure, we could grab a spoon and squeeze half a teaspoon into it, but only squares who also use a Pyrex measuring cup to measure the eight ounces of water needed to make a serving of MiO flavored water would do that.

As I mentioned earlier, when MiO is squeezed out of the bottle, it’s powerful. So much so that it disperses itself in the water, making it unnecessary to stir. This is possible because of physics and fluid dynamics, but let’s just say it’s because of magic. After the magic happens, you’re left with something better tasting than what you began with, and again, it looks FABULOUS.

MiO Liquid Water Enhancer (Berry Pomegranate, Fruit Punch & Mango Peach)

Strawberry Watermelon was the worst tasting of the six. I could taste both fruits, along with a slight floral flavor, but it all was extremely artificial tasting and, at times, hard to drink. It’s a flavor that I think would be more suitable for a kid’s toothpaste or mouthwash, and it makes me want to settle for plain water.

Mango Peach has a strong artificial peach scent. I tasted peach at the front and a little bit of mango at the back. At first, I thought it was as bad as the Strawberry Watermelon, but it grew on me a little bit. Peach Tea has a much weaker artificial peach scent and noticeably lighter peach flavor than the Mango Peach. The tea flavor lingers in the background. It’s not bad, and I like it as much as the Mango Peach. Both have a peach flavor that’s might be too fake for some.

Berry Pomegranate smells nice, but then again, so do midday strippers. It has a pleasant flavor that almost tastes like grape, and it’s not as artificial tasting as the peach flavors. It’s definitely a step better than the previous three. Sweet Tea is the weird one of the group because it’s the only one that’s not fruity. It tastes like sweetened Lipton iced tea, but not as strong. It also doesn’t taste as artificial as some of the others. I like it as much as Berry Pomegranate.

Fruit Punch was the least offensive smelling of the bunch, and it tastes similar to other fruit punch beverage I’ve had. I thought it had a nice fruity flavor, and the least artificial tasting of the six flavors. It’s definitely my favorite of the six.

Unfortunately, not even the Fruit Punch flavor can escape from what’s common found with drinks that contain artificial sweeteners. The sucralose and acesulfame potassium sweeteners leave behind a temporary coating in your mouth for you to enjoy.

According to the bottle and the MiO commercial, you can add more flavor by squeezing a little more of it into the water. But, I found with the ones that already have a strong artificial flavor, it makes them taste even more so, which in turn makes them less palatable.

Overall, I do think the MiO flavors that I enjoy could encourage me to drink more water, which is a good thing since I probably get half of what I’m supposed to drink each day. Although, I squeezed some MiO Fruit Punch into my Pepsi Max and turned it into a tasty fruity cola, so instead of water, I might just be drinking more Pepsi Max.

(Nutrition Facts – 1/2 tsp. – 0 calories, 0 grams of fat, 0 milligrams of sodium, 0 grams of carbohydrates, 0 grams of sugar, and 0 grams of protein.)

Item: MiO Liquid Water Enhancer
Price: $4.29
Size: 1.62 fluid ounces
Purchased at: Target
Rating: 6 out of 10 (Berry Pomegranate)
Rating: 7 out of 10 (Fruit Punch)
Rating: 5 out of 10 (Mango Peach)
Rating: 5 out of 10 (Peach Tea)
Rating: 3 out of 10 (Strawberry Watermelon)
Rating: 6 out of 10 (Sweet Tea)
Pros: Portable. No calories or sugar. Fruit punch is tasty. Sweet Tea and Berry Pomegranate are good. Can add it to other beverages. No need to stir. Colors are FABULOUS. May make me drink more water. Awesome white t-shirt stainer.
Cons: Strawberry Watermelon is the opposite of tasty. Peach flavors might be too fake for some. Midday strippers. Artificial sweeteners leave a temporary coating in your mouth. Hard to measure a squeeze. Making powder dissolve.

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  1. Interesting you didn’t like the strawberry watermelon…that one is my favorite. I have been drinking a lot more water since I picked up a few Mi0s (also have peach mango and fruit punch) But as you mentioned….it tastes pretty good in my Pepsi Max 🙂

  2. Thanks for reviewing these! I saw them in the store the other day while looking for something to add to flavor the bitter chinese herbal brew my acupuncturist creates for me. I balked at the artificial sweeteners, and ended up with the tiny Kool-Aid packets, since they have no sugars or artificial sweeteners.

    I know….I’m boring!

  3. I agree, the strawberry melon flavor is pretty bad. I haven’t tried the others and probably won’t. I like the pour-in packs every once in a while, Wal-Mart’s Great Value brand has an awesome grape and fruit punch flavor that taste like Kool-Aid. Crystal Light is decent as well.

  4. Yeah, it’s not exactly a water enhancer anymore than koolaid. And as with all these artificial sweeteners, they’re worse for you than straight sugar. Our bodies know what sugar is and how to process it properly when consumed in moderation. The taste of artificial is so nasty- I’m glad I read this article so I know that’s what’s in it. I’d rather have plain water with no sugar than this stuff.

  5. Almost bought these yesterday. Now I know which ones to avoid. Going to add the sweet tea one to some sweet tea and see if I can open a wormhole into an alternate universe.

  6. Fruity Pepsi Max, you say? You had me at that. the last line of the article. well done.

    (honestly, though – this is probably the only good review i’ve read all day. bravo!)

  7. sharon..there was a coupon in last sunday’s paper…also a coupon on the target website.

  8. i absolutely love Mio, not just for me but for my kids as well. it’s a great way to get them to stay hydrated without the calories and sugar of other kids drinks like koolaid. Also love that i can take it with me in my purse to restraunts and friends houses. Best water enhancer to date in my opinion

  9. TOXIC!! many people have had reactions drinking this all fluff product.Why not just make another flavor with Stevia and give people a better choice.I swear Kraft is the cheapest company when it comes to ingredients!

  10. I LOVE Tea and I’ve tried the Sweet Tea one and the ratio between the sweetener and Tea flavor is way off balance. My stomach hates the artificial sweetener thats in this product. The more you add for flavor the more you notice the sweetener. I will probably never buy this product again.

    1. I like the sweet tea. I’ve tried a couple other flavors and this one is really good

  11. The additives in this product are reprehensible: Propylene glycol is anti-freeze. It can cause contact dermatitis and kidney damage.

    1. My e-cig uses propylene glycol. It is not anti-freeze and no evidence to show it as a carcinogen (SP).

  12. Nita Bishop…

    Yes, Propylene Glycol is used as a LESS TOXIC antifreeze. The toxic stuff that is generally referred to as ‘antifreeze’ is ETHYLENE GLYCOL.

    Propylene Glycol is widely used as a moisturizer and preservative in food items. Ethylene Glycol is the stuff you have to make sure you don’t let your pets drink. — Notice the toxicities part.

    (This, my friends, is why Naturopathy is something to be wary of. RTFM.)

  13. I tried the pomegranate berry in the market ,liked it,bought it, drank some with water two days in a row and now I’m covered from head to toe in hives. I mentioned it to my son and he went on line and pulled up some complaints where someone had hives for two weeks from this.I’m am so not happy with this product! I’m so uncomfortable in my own skin because it itches,burns and feels prickly not to mention how horrible it looks.
    I have been this way for three days already.Now I have to go to the doctors to get something to treat it because Benadryl did not help to stop the progression of it and each day it gets a lot worse.The pharmacist at C.V.S. said I’ll probably need a steroid to treat it.

  14. hives have finally stopped but i will never put mio in my water again. the only thing that will go in my water is ice cubes!

    1. Protip: If it gives you hives, you’re allergic to it. It’s not the Mio’s fault that you’re allergic.

      But as someone who gets hives for months at a time from acute exposures, I totally feel your pain.

  15. I’ve tried berry/pom and thought it was sickingly sweet, but okay. I’ve also tried the Peach Tea and thought it had a distinct taste of plastic. MiO is actually a petroleum product and the colorants are known as coal tar dyes. Their safety is currently under review by the FDA. The intense synthetic sweetener, acesulfame k, is widely used in industrial food-replacement products, like MiO, but has next to zero safety studies in humans. It is associated with tumor growth in animal studies. Kraft Foods is marketing to a target group of consumers in the 18 to 39 year old segment who are susceptible to expressing self-worth through brand identification. It wasn’t too long ago that Kraft Foods was part of big tobacco and they have expertise in this kind of advertising. The profit margin is huge and the return on investment should be excellent. Kraft Foods also manufactures Cool Whip, Velveeta, Oreos, Miracle Whip, Oscar Meyer, and more. A complete line of tasty foods for the modern western diet and lifestyle.

  16. I love this product, I have even changed drinking soda to drinking this all everyday strawberry/watermelon Mio is the best.

  17. Interesting review, although I have to disagree. I’ve only bought the Berry/Pom and Strawberry Watermelon ones, and the Strawberry/Watermelon is far superior to the Berry/Pom in my book. The Berry/Pom tastes way too grapey for me and I’ll prob give it away to someone.

    Also, I would suggest that if you get it, experiment with the amount you put in. I’ve found that I prob put in half of what they recommend, so it’s just a hint of the flavoring, and it goes waayyyy farther.

  18. Holy cow… LOVE this product, however I will NOT be buying it again! My son (who is allergic to NOTHING) broke out head to toe in hives! Did a quick google and came across this post. The fact that other people are having such adverse reactions confirms my suspicions! How unfortunate… It really increased my kids’ water intake. I’m slowly learning that I need to carefully read labels and really think about sticking wholesome/natural products.

  19. One question only.. can this be mixed with alcohol say.. spiced captain Morgan and sprite?

  20. I have used Mio for months and really like it but about 2 weeks ago, starting getting hives and itched like crazy. Stopped the Mio today. No hives or itching.
    I am not an allergic-type person. In fact, I have had extensive allergy testing and nothing ever reacted.
    Mio, however, is definitely the culprit.

    I’m NOT knocking the product. I really like it and am bummed I can’t use it anymore, but it is important for people that are searching for a reason for their hives and intense itching to find posts that may help them.

  21. i have to say i have never drank water and liked it but now i drink water every day….i havent broke out in hives or anything…my fav one is the orange tangerine….

  22. I once got hives and that was run I drank it every day but when I reduced to once every other day I no long got and hives.
    Try to regulate how much u drink and there shouldn’t be a problem.

  23. I just found Mio here in Canada. I’m pretty happy with it so far. I’m not normally one to drink anything with fake sugar (sucralose, etc) as they tend to give me headaches… but I guess due to how much this dilutes, I don’t get any of these issues (so far). I currently take 1 squirt in 750ml of water… and it tastes great. Interesting to hear the comments about those with hives and other breakouts… I will continue to monitor.

  24. I just started using this. My question, is this product bad for me. Obviously plain water is better for me but can this be apart of my daily water intake??

  25. Hello everyone … On the outside M10 looks fabulous, I however offer caution … The primary sweetner in M10 is ( acesulfame potassium ), Aspertane … Once again, the industry hides behind fancy names to make the public think there’s nothing to worry about … PLEASE, educate yourselves on the effects of ‘Aspertane’, you’ll be shocked … Your children are at risk !!!

    1. There is no aspertame in Mio. Acesulfame potassium is a potassium salt of 6-methyl-1,2,3-oxathiazine-4(3H)-one 2,2-dioxide which is an artificial sweetener that is molecularly nothing like aspartame (which is a methly ester of aspartic acid). Acesulfame K is more stable than aspartame given that its a salt. It does not break down into phenylalanine (like aspartame) though this is only a problem in people with sensitivities and the genetic condition phenylketonuria. However, Acesulfame K has not been studied enough and may cause an insulin release dependency, prenatal development problems and is probably secreted in breast milk in amounts sweet enough to train the infant’s taste buds to crave more sweet foods for the rest of his or her life. So pregant and breastfeeding mommies beware, and diabetics or hypoglycemics use with discretion! I have to agree though that aspartame is dangerous, tastes nasty, and ought to be illegal– potential methanol poisoning? No thanks

      1. One can use chemistry & nickle words to hide the truth but asitin is asitin which is the base of the sweetner for Mio, public beware … Whether is be a methtl or salt it is harmful … Anything that breaks through the blood brain barrier must be controlled and until Mio uses a different driver that does not do that it’s bad for everybody … Here’s the bottom line, why have the makers of Mio NOT informed the public of it’s harmful effects or even put an obvious warning label as does the tobacco industry on their products … Your current labeling is so light and tiny that only 1/3 of it’s users can even read or see it … My suspect is that you are in league with this indusrty & you wouldn’t be trying to split hairs with nickle words unless your paid to do so … Remember folks, if one person is knowingly harmed by Mio, it must be removed from the shelves … Be wise, be healthy …

  26. I like the strawberry/watermelon!

    You’re quite the wordsmith BTW, Marvo. Midday strippers indeed.

  27. I’ve been using Mio for about a month and have tried almost every flavor. I started drinking 2-4 drinks a day recently usually one or two of them being the Energy version.
    In the last week I started getting an itchy sensation all over. It varied…like hives which move but there were no visible marks. I tried to think of what it could be and the only thing I could think of it being if it was food related was Mio. I started googling today and found this article. I am planning to see a dermatologist soon and will ask if this might be the cause.

  28. I am on Herbal Magic and was told to look for sodium in the ingredients. I’m reading on here that although it doesn’t say the word “sodium” it does contain what they call Acesulfame potassium. I just bought the watermelon strawberry and LOVE it!! So knowing that I will drink this because I know that I absolutely will drink more water this way, I’m thinking maybe one squirt a day might help with water retension, health problems and or hives as everyone seems to be breaking out in. I hope this works.

  29. I recently bought Berry Pomegranate to try, used it in my water to drink at work for 2 afternoons (2 bottles). I started noticing I was getting itchy all over, the bottom and tops of my feet, my hands, shoulders etc. No visible hives were apparent but were below the surface. I have to take an allergy pills 3 times a day to control the itchy. Never had an allergy to anything and tried to put the pieces together as to what it must be. Now I know, I am getting rid of MIO as nothing in my diet has changed except for that product. Good bye artificial everything!

  30. I have tried this product and several “off” brands of the same type of liquid water additive (all my grocery chains are labeling their own version). With that being said, I did have a reaction to this product as well. However mine was not hives. My tongue was as if i had burnt it and my throut started to close up too. I triend different kinds hopeing one would be okay, but it always happened. With these reactions i had to give up the search. Next time the closure might not be as slow to close.
    Plain water is just fine:)

  31. I’ve just got to say, that this stuff is completely awful. You’re right on the money with the artificial flavor, it tastes so fake that I really don’t even want to drink it. I have the Strawberry Watermelon one. I really like how it says on the back “contains 0% juice”. This product is, well.. I’m not really sure what it is, as I have never been in the woods and encountered “Acesulfame Potassium”. With a name like that, I can’t imagine this stuff being very healthy. Next time I’ll just drink the water instead of poisoning it with science experiment garbage. Thanks anyway Kraft Foods.

  32. would you please send me some coupons for MIO. I am retired with little cash, so could use some cents odd coupons for the grocery store, Thank you.

    1. Hi Jean,

      We have no relationship with MiO. WE just review products. Also, you should never post your home address like that on the internet (so we removed it from your comment).

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