RANDOMNESS: Introducing Awesome Online Money Making Blog


I know it seems like every year I introduce a new blog and then it dies within a month due to neglect like it was a Tamagotchi in the back of a desk drawer (see The Impulsive Download and Cereal Mashup). But I’m teaming up with a friend to start up another new blog and this time the chances of it sticking around for more than a month are absolutely awesome, because it’s already been around for more than a month.

So what’s this new blog called? Awesome Online Money Making Blog. What’s it about? Well, I guess our About page covers it best:

Ever dream of making money in your underwear?  Awesome Online Money Making Blog is your guide to making your half-naked dreams come true.  We fuck your brain with tips and hints to help you make money online and we give it to you hard.  We also assist you to become better online attention whores through blogging, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and whatever social network becomes trendy over the next few years.  If you can produce shit that no one cares about, we’ll help you make at least one person give a shit and monetize whatever dribble you send out into cyberspace.   If we can’t monetize your blog, then no one will be able to monetize it, and if we can’t monetize it, then you should smash your computer into pieces with a sledgehammer and get a real job.

Disclaimer: We are not online money making experts. You will probably not make any money or gain any fame with the tips we provide you. However, if you do make lots of money using our hints and tips, please let us know so that we can start to call ourselves “online money making experts,” which again, we are not at this time.

So if you’re interested in learning useless online money making hints and tips, check out Awesome Online Money Making Blog.

3 thoughts to “RANDOMNESS: Introducing Awesome Online Money Making Blog”

  1. I sit at home and make money in my underwear all day, so naturally I’ve already bookmarked your new blog. Hopefully it doesn’t die off and becomes as awesome and entertaining as TIB. Good luck!

  2. I am looking to make several BILLION dollars off of a blog, this looks like a good starting point.

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