REVIEW: Colgate Effervescent Mint MaxClean SmartFoam with Whitening

Colgate Effervescent Mint MaxClean SmartFoam with Whitening

Whoa, a toothpaste review! I know what questions are swirling in your head. “Is it bacon flavored? Did I accidentally visit What’s next, advice on my 401(k)?” No, no, and you can’t go wrong with index funds. Occasionally, TIB likes to offer reviews for products that can cleanse your bodies of all the sweets and fats we usually recommend. And since all of our Taco Bell posts already double as laxative reviews and I refuse to try out the Shake Weight until after a third date, I figured a toothpaste review best fits the bill.

According to the Colgate website, the new MaxClean with SmartFoam can clean hard to reach places because it has 30 percent more penetrating foam than regular toothpaste. For the purposes of this review, I guess we’ll just assume that more foam actually is better for cleaning your teeth, even though a quick Google search provides unsatisfactory evidence. I’ll also assume that Colgate decided to use this specific combination of capitalization and spacing in the product title because it somehow makes the toothpaste better at cleaning your teeth, and NOT because they wanted to make me incredibly angry by randomly mangling basic rules of English. A quick Google search on this question also provides unsatisfactory evidence, so I’ll let you decide which of these assumptions is a bigger stretch.

Colgate Effervescent Mint MaxClean SmartFoam with Whitening Naked

MaxClean with SmartFoam had a classically pleasant electric blue color, and the intensity of its mint flavor was pretty standard toothpaste fare. But within 20 seconds of brushing, I could notice a significant difference in foaminess. “30% extra foam” may have been a serious underestimation, as I had a really hard time not letting the foam dribble out of my mouth. After I was done brushing, my mouth felt much cleaner and tingly-er than it normally does. I suppose the toothpaste actually could have cleaned more hard to reach places than my regular toothpaste does; more likely, the overflow of foam just reached a greater surface area around my face and left my mouth feeling zestier more on the outside than within. Even if it’s the second explanation, I think that’s a big positive – in addition to cleaning my teeth, I want my toothpaste to make me feel refreshed after I use it.

On the negative side, the overflow of foam means I probably left dried toothpaste spots all around the sink and annoyed my roommate. Sorry about that, David. Oh, and thanks for buying toilet paper last week. If I wrote for I would probably remember to buy basic household necessities at the supermarket instead of walking around the snack aisles asking the store associates if they know whether the next shipment of Twinkies will include the Strawberry Crème ones. (They never know.)

Anyway, if you’re like me and want your toothpaste to help you feel awake and refreshed in the morning, definitely buy the Colgate MaxClean SmartFoam. If you’re skeptical about the assumption that more foam is actually better for your teeth, find a good scientific answer and let us know. And if you’d prefer for me to go back to reviewing greasy and ridiculous foods, come back in two weeks and I promise I’ll revert to form. Who knows, maybe those Strawberry Crème Twinkies will finally have arrived!

Item: Colgate Effervescent Mint MaxClean SmartFoam with Whitening
Price: $2.50
Size: 6 ounces
Purchased at: Kmart
Rating: 7 out of 10
Pros: Produces a lot of extra foam. Leaves your mouth feeling cleaner (even if it’s not really any cleaner). Index funds for your 401(k). Shake Weight commercials. My roommate buying toilet paper last week.
Cons: Unclear if more foam is better for your teeth. Capitalization and spacing of the product title makes me angry. Leaving dried toothpaste spots everywhere. Creeping out the supermarket store associates.

11 thoughts to “REVIEW: Colgate Effervescent Mint MaxClean SmartFoam with Whitening”

  1. My gums have been sore & sensitive recently. I just realized that it began right after when I started using this new toothpaste. It’s out of my house now.

    1. That would be from the “mini bright strips” (a fancy name for sandpaper) the toothpaste is laced with.

  2. Ok, so here’s my thought. Paste= bad, foam= great! I’m the type of person who shops around and uses all different types of toothpaste. I’ve been trying to find one that will work, and I can honestly say after many different buys, that I found one, and it’s this one. What the OP said is right, a little bit goes a long way so you need not have to use as much. For starters, I have sensitive teeth and I found that most toothpastes even the sensitive ones still hurt (assuming because the “paste” is thick and crunchy, so it’s like sandpaper on your teeth). I use this now regularly and it doesn’t hurt one bit. It is a smooth brush, no grinding sandpaper feeling that you get with toothPASTE. Also, I have a problem with most toothpastes, they make my mouth peel skin after I’m done. This does not make it peel at all. Also on the plus side, if you get those globs of dried toothpaste after you are done, that are stuck to the bottom of your sink, you won’t with this one, as it’s a foam, not a paste, and it dissolves. Also I have noticed that it does my make mouth feel fresher and clean more than most do. All in all this is the best toothpaste I’ve ever used to highly recommend it. Or shall I say toothfoam…

  3. I think the Foam is just for “sensation” . Real foam is from peroxide as used in Colgate w/baking soda and hydrogen peroxide which i “assume” to be the best at cleaning….. as some “old school ” dentists say just use salt ,baking soda and diluted peroxide 50/50 …. maybe just ask your dentist for the facts …they are doctors you know. sincerely.

  4. Finally, a toothpaste that seriously gets rid of white tounge. I’m 🙂 again…

  5. Love this toothpaste, but will not prevent you from making typos unfortunately. I meant to say “gets rid of white tongue” not “white tounge”. I give this product, ????? stars!

  6. This is too funny! Ok, those five question marks were typed as star symbols on my keyboard. I am not sure why they were not displayed as stars…RockORoll!

  7. My father is addicted to cigarettes, so that the teeth are very visible scars brown color of nicotine. Is brown color on teeth my father could be eliminated?

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